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Show Of Hands January 22nd, 2013 12:00am

At night in the Winter, do you set your thermostat to under 68 degrees, or 68+?

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PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
01/29/13 1:24 pm

Oh dang, 72-74... In the summer though we keep it high so it works out anyhow.

01/27/13 7:19 pm

During the DAY we have it at around 64.

BiscuitJone Florida
01/26/13 10:32 pm

You know what? Suffocation is a scam too! Put your head just a little deeper in the sand.

susanr Colorado
01/26/13 10:24 am

Not sure what that has to do with room temperature, Nick. But it's sometimes true, yeah. Not for any of the three elderly people I know who knew they were dying, though.

satiricalnick meh
01/26/13 10:18 am

Set it to 8008 and laugh some more.

satiricalnick meh
01/26/13 10:16 am

Old people also give their stuff away because they know theyre gunna due soon.

satiricalnick meh
01/26/13 10:14 am

Why pay a higher bill when you have perfectly good blankets?

opinoner homaha
01/25/13 9:11 pm

I live in Nebraska... under 68 is not an option

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/25/13 3:37 pm

It is odd that in the summer 68 is cool and nice. However, in the winter 68 is freezing.
I keep the t-stat at 70 year round.

xxclixxx Rhode Island
01/25/13 2:55 pm

YEAH PELLET STOVE 78 all day and night!

01/24/13 10:42 pm

At night, after 10pm when we're most likely going to bed shortly we turn ours down to 64. No need to sleep in an overly warm house and pay out the ass when we have perfectly great down comforters and such to keep us warm. :)

ltsmith WV
01/24/13 5:50 pm

64-66 in the day. 62 at night

01/24/13 5:43 pm

In floor heating temp changes very slowly so I keep it at 68 which means its 64-66 in the rooms

susanr Colorado
01/24/13 2:17 pm

You're not going to die just because your room temperature is under 68 at night - or even in the daytime, for that matter. I'm plenty warm at night under a down comforter at 65°.

Br@ndon Your Soul
01/24/13 11:35 am

Do old people want to die?

susanr Colorado
01/24/13 2:00 am

I had no control over the heat in my last apartment. I hated it. I had to keep a window open at night or I couldn't sleep well. At least it was included in my rent so I didn't worry about the cost - just the wastefulness.

01/23/13 11:49 pm

We don't control our own heat as we live in an apartment co-op. but I pick lower as I do sleep with the AC on low in the winter.

Bekka Just relaxing...
01/23/13 9:28 pm

I like the house to be cooler when I sleep.

scrubby New York
01/23/13 6:59 pm

I love your state to and will move there within two years , it was 9 degrees this morning... I hate it

EarlyBird Portland
01/23/13 5:08 pm

Me too! People think I'm nuts because 68 is way too hot.
I'm most comfortable at 60.

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
01/23/13 4:57 pm

@Jlove The sad part is that I live in SoCal.

susanr Colorado
01/23/13 4:50 pm

I have a bunch of knitted afghans that my grandmother made. One of those over the legs plus a sweater if it's a little chilly and I'm pretty toasty.

01/23/13 4:42 pm

68+! Well, only because heat is included in the rent ;)

01/23/13 4:02 pm

We keep ours set at 68 year-round and our A/C cools almost 24/7/365. Our heat doesn't even work!

hvp828 Carolina girl
01/23/13 3:54 pm

72 at night, and usually 74 or 75 when I'm home during the day.

Loadmaster Sacto
01/23/13 3:27 pm

Acclimation to climate. California things warm is different than Maine does.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
01/23/13 2:34 pm

68 is way too warm for me. 58 is much better.

not_even Boston, MA
01/23/13 1:36 pm

It was 8 degrees this morning when I got up. All I want is spring at this point.

panamera Vermont
01/23/13 1:27 pm

My thermostat for heat (oil) is always off. My Hearthstone Woodstove heats my house perfectly. I love it. It was -16 outside when I woke up. My house was at 70. It's the only way to afford being warm.

halsnobordrgrl CT
01/23/13 1:02 pm

it's kinda weird how the colder states set it lower and the warmer states set it higher. Unless I'm misseeing this.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/23/13 12:29 pm

It's so beautiful here you should come on out and see it.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/23/13 12:04 pm

Yo, sweet Queen! Sounds NICE there! The Northwest is the only quadrant of this Country I've never been, yet the area I've most wanted to check out! The Washington/Oregon areas specifically, and I don't mind the rain!☔

01/23/13 11:46 am

I like it cold in the house at night but we have little ones that shuck their blankets. I set it at 69 so they are comfortable. If I was alone I would turn it way down.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/23/13 11:37 am

Yesterday was T-shirt weather here today it's rainy.

01/23/13 11:32 am

@gonzo - Indeed, my comment was meant to be lighthearted. I appreciate your taking it in the spirit in which it was offered.

Temps are a pleasant 20ish degrees today. Feels great after the arctic blast earlier this week when daytime highs couldn't climb above single digits.

Stay warm!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/23/13 10:58 am

Well now @JLove, seein' you're from Illinois, I willingly accept your lighthearted incredulity! Lived in the Midwest for a time, so know it'll never be as cold for as long here, as it is there. I do live in Northern AZ, some nights recently in single digits. More cold's on its way, so happy baking!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/23/13 10:46 am

That would be 14deg F before you razz me again;-)

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/23/13 10:44 am

The irony is that I am still wearing shorts and short Sleeve shirts. It was -10deg c this morning when I ran errands in my shorts? Go figure.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/23/13 9:45 am

Under. Too expensive to put it higher. Slept with 4 blankets last night and was still a little chilly. Guess that's what happens when it's 6 degrees out and windy.

01/23/13 9:07 am

60 at night...64 during the day...winter...summer open windows.