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Show Of Hands July 30th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think Mitt Romney's choice of VP running mate will have any influence over the outcome of the election?

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leftocentr Oregon
08/03/12 10:08 pm

Romney is an idiot. His VP will not matter.

BericD Texas
08/03/12 10:02 pm

It really won't matter who Romney picks. He is a terrible candidate. Less than 100 days to go, and nobody has any idea why he's even running for president. He has no policies, no ideas, and he's hiding from reporters. What a disaster. President Obama will win easily.

ishady 86451132020
08/03/12 9:57 am

An angel came to me and told where some golden plates were buried that said Romney will pick Rubio.

08/02/12 10:18 am

I think he will pick a snoozer in comparison to Palin. They will likely pick someone who is a good communicator or a policy buff. Won't help overall because of the ideological cul-de-sac Republicans have found themselves in due to the Tea Party.

08/01/12 5:12 pm

RJ1969 - at least he's not a Muslin. Don't bother responding to me. As far as religion goes, I believe that very few people can change how they were brought up.

08/01/12 5:08 pm

When i first heard Condoleezza Rice was on the list of possibilities my heart soared. We haven't had a good VP in office since before Clinton. That Lady can get the job done!

08/01/12 9:55 am

?the liberal media and kool-aid drinkers will sat him/her alive. The Republican whiners will be out in force. The rest of us will be thinking; December cannot come fast Enough because yes his pick does count. Look what happened with Palin..they ate her alive, spit her out and beat her up..

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/01/12 7:39 am

Of course it will. Romney's not much to look at. Not that the Traitor-in-Chief is either. But Romney's VP could make him more palatable. I'm still pulling for Ron Paul to win the convention though.

08/01/12 6:05 am

He answered a total of 3 questions while in Europe from reporters 3!!!!! What a joke the world laughed at him

NYevo NY
08/01/12 6:00 am

The Republican polling on this is very revealing. When you have a good candidate, you dont put so much weight on who the VP is.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/12 8:36 pm

upward consolidation of wealth? if that were true we could look up facts on that subject......

let's see.....

oh. it's true. crap.

scottstots Georgia
07/31/12 8:31 pm

@roybiker except when it's an upward redistribution of wealth, then the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/12 8:25 pm

Have you ever looked at the Book of Mormon? You don't even realize how very different his religion is, do you?

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/12 8:25 pm

his choice should be a white male Protestant. his mormon religious views need to be balanced out with someone Christians can accept, given that he and other mormons do not believe that Jesus Christ is God.

07/31/12 7:03 pm

Yes I think if chooses a running mate that appeals to moderates that could be huge

GrowUp Minnesota
07/31/12 6:31 pm

MrO plays class warfare knowing that even taxing the wealthy 100% would not fund his out of control spending.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/31/12 6:28 pm

jk ... which lie ... what cheat? Mr Romney has nothing over MrO when it come to lying and cheating. What is clear is that we can not afford another four years of MrO.

No budget for four years, no recovery, no net jobs, no closing of Gitmo, harsh new regulations that cause businesses to pull back.

07/31/12 5:47 pm

The problem with redistribution of income is that it not only makes the rich poorer, it makes the poor poorer.

strategery Oregon
07/31/12 5:28 pm

Those worried about the rich getting richer ought to just get rich so they can stop self loathing themselves. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, and produce something someone else thinks is worth buying or shut the hell up.

07/31/12 4:12 pm

If he picks Sarah Palin or Donald Trump or Ron Paul as his VP it will definitely have a bearing on the election.

07/31/12 3:53 pm

Mitt Romney's business model was to make a success out of a failure. Barack Obama's political model was to subsidize failure.

adalla Virginia
07/31/12 3:40 pm

Andrewv - completely off-topic comment aside, how can you possibly describe Romney as "scary?" What in the world do you expect him to do to harm you? He's a very successful, pragmatic business man... Not an idealistic amateur like they guy we got now. HE should scare you...

07/31/12 3:36 pm

Given the disastrous reign of Barack Obama, it really doesn't matter.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/12 1:56 pm

I hope he picks Palin or Bachman. They're hot! I would totally intern for them.

07/31/12 1:33 pm

The choice hurts more than it helps.

07/31/12 12:52 pm

If either of the Pauls were his VP, he might actually have a chance

andrewv SC
07/31/12 12:48 pm

Mitt Romney is a scary person and the fact that he has so much support is disheartening for America.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/12 11:37 am

who is the bone head who said Rubio was born in Cuba? Ever use a computer before?

RJ1969 SoCal
07/31/12 11:26 am

I guess that makes it a third then.

scottstots Georgia
07/31/12 10:00 am

@jk I agree, we won't see any major changes no matter who is elected. The rich will get richer and the rest of us will battle for their scraps.

jk473 Connecticut
07/31/12 9:33 am

Doesn't make a difference because he is a lying cheating sob. F him and his running mate. The same for obumer too. Either way we losr

07/31/12 9:08 am

not possibly, yes it will

scottstots Georgia
07/31/12 7:52 am

I would like to hear MR's position on the issues. Maybe what we're hearing is real, but it seems manufactured and orchestrated to me. I know he's the "anybody but Obama" candidate, but I think that only goes so far. He's clearly moved to the right on every issue, but I don't think it's sincere.

adalla Virginia
07/31/12 7:22 am

I love the hard spin the media is putting on Romney's trip. They clearly see Obama having an advantage in foreign policy and don't want to cede any ground there. Neither statement he made was really a "gaffe," and who cares if the mayor of London or the Palestinians don't like to hear the truth.

07/31/12 6:47 am

@roy, you do know that the Utah games were concise red a GIANT pork barrel project right?!?! Soooo much so that McCain was even pushing for congressional investigation!!! So much for "limited government"

07/31/12 6:44 am

To say "no" would be naive.. While McCain had no chance to begin with, his pick CLEARLY affected voters!!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/31/12 5:43 am

The english can have the obamas. They are so stuck up. It's ok to dish America, but don't say anything about them! Really!

07/31/12 4:23 am

Roy kier comparing the Olympics to the biggest economy in the world is a joke

07/31/12 4:22 am

Texan guy both houses of congress?? Lol

07/31/12 4:21 am

Mdb - lol why won't the republicans let Obama tax the wealthy at the same percentage as Reagan did?

07/31/12 3:29 am

"That's the logical interpretation one can draw from a rally amid conditions that otherwise would demand a selloff, Morgan Stanley chief U.S. equity strategist Adam S. Parker said in an analysis that asserts there is no other reason now to like stocks than a Romney win." CNBC

Rosebud Ohio
07/30/12 11:43 pm

There's no one he could pick that would improve his chances? What if he convinced Paul to be his running mate? It'd be a win for the Paul supporters, as he has an extremely unlikely chance of winning the election...

Rosebud Ohio
07/30/12 11:31 pm

How could it not? The vp becomes president if something happens to the president. Aka, if it doesn't matter, then you shouldn't be voting... It's kinda a big deal.

07/30/12 10:36 pm

Exactly Veritas. He would end up breaking our alliances with everyone, leaving us to fight a world war alone, which he started. He is the wrong type of Patrician to lead us.

07/30/12 9:26 pm

Only if he catches the Palin Syndrome, but I don't think that will happen. He will pick a safe running mate, nothing flashy.

veritas1 Panda
07/30/12 9:04 pm

Mitt's foreign trip just shows how incompetent he would be as President.

He manage to piss off our closest allies to the point that the mayor and Prime minister made public statements essentially ridiculing him. Even Murdoch's papers hate him now.
And he did it again in Israel. Can't wait for more

07/30/12 8:54 pm

Actually Marco Rubio was born in Miami. I think that is still in the USA.