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03/30/12 4:03 pm

DALLAS!!! duh, im 100% a texas girl

03/30/12 4:03 pm

DALLAS!!! duh, im 100% a texas girl

03/25/12 5:43 pm

Chicago has better asses... Lol

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
03/24/12 9:15 pm

Chicago :) I like more of a big city really urban feel. Midwestern cities have a lot of that. (Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee)

03/24/12 4:45 am

Being a misplaced Texan living in Illinois....definitely Dallas over Chicago. Would hang my TX flag today if my hubby would stand it..

Overmind Texas
03/22/12 4:12 am

Texas is the only state who's flag is allowed to be held at the same height as the American flag.

03/22/12 3:59 am

Dallas since most of my family is from Arlington or Ft. Worth and in Dallas

03/21/12 10:09 am

Texas is better and so is Dallas Chicago sux

03/20/12 6:40 pm

The map does say it all....Chicago! Best city to live in, hands down.

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/20/12 6:30 am

Q: How do you save a drowning Texan?

A: Throw him an anchor.

veritas1 Panda
03/18/12 9:02 am

@ntvtxn. Wow! You didn't mention the 2011 NBA CHAMPION Dallas Mavericks?!?! *Shakes head* Next poll: Dallas or Würzburg, Germany.

And Dallas is a liberal city. The majority voted for Obama. High black and Hispanic population. But Ft. Worth…redneck.

03/18/12 8:02 am

Wow, I would say that those who voted for Chicago have never spent any time in both cities.

03/18/12 7:34 am

And the High Five! Let's not forget the Cotton Bowl! FIVE time Super Bowl Champs! I can go on- bit you need an area as BIG as TEXAS to brag all of its high points!
Dallas & Chicago are both nice- but one isn't in Texas!

03/18/12 7:30 am

@katniss- That's cause we're Texans!

03/18/12 7:28 am

@Veritas- the sun is great! Women w/ tan lines!

03/18/12 7:28 am

One is full of raving liberal democrats, the other has gun-toting rednecks- hurray for DALLAS!

03/18/12 6:08 am

Some cities have places that you should not go during the night time, Chicago has places you should not go during the day time.

veritas1 Panda
03/18/12 12:43 am

@Zack. I agree with exception to your "the weather is freakin' amazing" part. Tell me that three months from now at noon when I will be working outside…all day…in the Texas heat…

veritas1 Panda
03/18/12 12:41 am

@Sweetie. Of course not! It makes you a true Tejana (pues una gringa...pero todavía una Tejana).

@katnisa. I read the first two. Never got around to reading the third. I stopped reading non-school fiction books a whole ago. I'm more excited for the Dark Knight Rises this summer!

03/18/12 12:12 am

Lived 1/3 of my life near Chicago (in IL) and 1/3 of my life in Dallas. I prefer the Texas state govt over IL ... by a long-shot. Chicago is a lovely city; but Dallas has the same level of offerings in dining, entertainment & sightseeing ... and is lovely too despite the heat.

RJ1969 SoCal
03/17/12 9:50 pm

I click ads for tony. you should too!

katniss Dallas, TX
03/17/12 8:09 pm

Haha I like how so few voted for Dallas but those that do defend it with so much heart! :)

@zack100 I ABSOLUTELY AGREE (except it can get a tiny but humid occasionally ????)

katniss Dallas, TX
03/17/12 8:07 pm

Everybody click an ad for Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ????????????????

katniss Dallas, TX
03/17/12 8:02 pm

@veritas... You better believe I'm excited! My sister is reading the series and we were on a long car ride today so I read a huge part of Catching Fire to her while she drove today!! Haha so pumped! You?

emmbeedee Arkansas
03/17/12 7:12 pm

I've been to both and have to pick Chicago.

RJ1969 SoCal
03/17/12 7:11 pm

brought to you by the Texas tourism board and the Dallas chamber of commerce.

Zack100 Tatooine
03/17/12 6:48 pm

We also have the cowboys, mavericks, stars, and rangers!!! Plus the ever awesome cowboys stadium without the gigantic screen!! We have zoos, aquariums, museums, and a giant ball tower!!! GO TEXAS AND DALLAS!!! DONT MESS WITH DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zack100 Tatooine
03/17/12 6:45 pm

Gets loads of humidity and fog!

Zack100 Tatooine
03/17/12 6:45 pm

The weather is freaking amazing as well!! Texas is the only place you can have sun, rain, snow, and hail all on the same day!! Plus mild winters definitely cancel out the hot summers! And who says Dallas is HUMID???? I wanna punch you because Dallas is not humid! Chicago is off of lake Mich and....

Zack100 Tatooine
03/17/12 6:41 pm

Dallas has everything!!!!! Chick-fil-a, blue bell, the state fair of Texas, a new frickin awesome bridge, a wide variety of culture, the best burger in Texas, homestyle food and hospitality, a sizable population, and my favorite DALLAS JESUIT!!!!! as you can tell I am from Dallas!!!

03/17/12 1:15 pm

Not everyone from Texas is conservative. Some of us can think a thought.

03/17/12 1:13 pm

@dedoo Dallas is my least favorite place in Texas. I avoid it as much. As possible. Used to live there.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
03/17/12 12:37 pm

I love the states that are blue on the map in support of Dallas.

Dallas has a significant and amazing car scene. Dallas it is.

03/17/12 12:13 pm

Minneapolis too.
Btw, visisted to those cities several times.
Just trying to back up answer with examples.

03/17/12 12:10 pm

Ive been too and enjoyed both cities but to compare'em?
Dallas, just another sprawling city in middle America.
Chicago, has more uniqueness.
From Omaha, Ne sooooo yeah, boring.
Btw been to above 2, San Fran, Houston, Louisiana, Orlando, St. Louis, Salt Lake, NYC, Colombus, KC...

03/17/12 11:01 am

thats right everyone in Texas better be saying Dallas

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
03/17/12 10:56 am

I'm an urban Texan that rides a Peruvian with an English saddle. Does that still make me a redneck?

WildWeasel Texas
03/17/12 9:34 am

Dallas is home to nice folks. Chicago is also mostly nice, but plenty of people are angry South-hating liberals. Sorry, that's DC. My bad.

veritas1 Panda
03/17/12 8:27 am

@katniss. Lol. I had no idea. Well…now I know. You excited for the movie?
@Barbear. Dallas is NOT a conservative city. Austin, Dallas, Houston, all liberal.

03/17/12 7:59 am

@veryfancy,83 in chi today

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
03/17/12 4:26 am

I am a huge fan of the conservative state of Texas but Chicago is my all time second favorite town. The museums! The architecture! The pizza! The stores!

veryfancy Houston
03/16/12 10:12 pm

live in Texas, and gotta go with Chicago. but only May-September.