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Do you believe in love at first sight? (UserQ)

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FrostedMin California
04/07/12 9:32 am

I'm a romantic, but info not believe that. There's no way to tell if you would love a person by just seeing them, they could be wearing a cross, a nice polo, tan pants, and dress shoes, but inside they could be a horrible person. Trust me, I've been there. ._.

04/07/12 7:32 am

I believe in lust at first sight, but it can turn into love. it has worked for us for 42 years.

04/07/12 4:29 am

No I believe in lust at first sight tho lol

04/06/12 6:58 am

yes im certain that it happens ll the time, what do you see when you turn out the lights, i cant tell you but i know its mine

04/04/12 6:32 pm

i had love at forst sight when i saw my crush then he liked me and we went to the school dance together

04/04/12 12:09 am

ill think i know him when i see hiim about 90 ?/? of the time when i have a feeling about something im rite

04/03/12 9:16 pm

A crush? Possibly. True love? No.

04/02/12 1:44 pm

THE SECOND KATNISS14 IS ME ON MY FRIENDS ACOUNT!!!! and yeah, what i said b4 about the luv at first sight

fmm Philadelphia suburb
04/02/12 11:43 am

lust at first sight, yes ...... love, no .......

03/31/12 7:04 pm

50% of marriages end in divorce, yet people still believe in love at first sight... You can get lucky and happen to love someone the first time you see them (Helped along by sexual desires) but that's it.

Ethan182 Missouri
03/31/12 3:25 pm

No. That shit's why my parents are in separate houses.

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
03/31/12 12:39 pm

I believe in lust at first sight. No one can love someone they don't "know"! The most beautiful person can become hideous because of their attitude. I've found someone (at first unattractive by appearance) to be more attractive after knowing them to be a good hearted person.

BadBadger Georgia
03/30/12 11:44 pm

It's telling that 5% more men than women say yes. That's what happens when 5% more women get breast enlargements than men that get hair transplants.

03/30/12 7:26 pm

I believe in gut instincts but some of us are not ( outwardly only) attractive enough for love at first sight. You gotta get to know someone.

03/30/12 6:35 pm

For Ryan Reynolds, Mathew Mcaughnaouhey or Brad Pitt - maybe. Any other prospects would have to pass a DNA, drug screening & criminal background check! Haha

purpleness Iowa
03/30/12 5:05 pm

@mr.coyote I feel bad for you....

03/29/12 8:59 pm

If you were to think "I love this girl" Everytime you met a new girl, would it be love at first sign when you're finally right?

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/29/12 7:10 pm

Love doesnt exist. Its all a bunch of bs

03/29/12 2:31 pm

Love is not a true emotion. What we feel at first is lust, which only transforms into love after diligent care & attention.

dreamer23 Anchorage, Alaska
03/29/12 12:27 pm

I believe in love at first sight because how do you explain your gut feeling about someone and you end up right all along. Sometimes you just know.

03/29/12 10:45 am

I don't believe in love, let alone at first sight.

03/29/12 5:34 am

I believe in love at first meeting. Saying you fell in love at first sight means you think the other is extremely attractive which is just lust.

03/28/12 9:26 pm

I believe in love at first sight...second sight, third sight, etc. Love can be at any time. C'mon, you mean to tell me that this question actually passes through?!

03/28/12 9:24 pm

I'm thinking more guys believe in lust at first sight. not really love

03/28/12 8:59 pm

more guys believe in this? thats shocking.

swimguy Illinois
03/28/12 8:30 pm

that is infrpering that love is souly based on looks

03/28/12 7:13 pm

Kandykane, well Adam was kinda desperate, he was screwing his rib after all :/

03/28/12 4:27 pm

Attraction at first sight yes.
Love, no.
You have to know somebody to experience love.

aperson123 Texas
03/28/12 4:07 pm

if y'all u were meant to be, your fate will chose and it would be technically be "love at first sight!" so its not impossible to have love at first sight!

Adonis New York
03/28/12 1:22 pm

Lust at first sight. Love,,,,never,

mamita Alabama
03/28/12 1:00 pm

I'm not sure cause to me love at first sight would be based off looks and not personality and all that. Just my opinion. Maybe after talking with each other but not just walking by or seeing someone on tv or whatever.

MrsBombdog Colorado
03/28/12 10:35 am

Love is a behavior choice. When you meet someone and you think it's love, it's actually because you WANT to love them. The real thing takes time and work, but so worth it.

MrsBombdog Colorado
03/28/12 10:26 am

A true feeling takes time to develop. An Impulse is fast, intense, and will go away as long as it isn't fed.

MrsBombdog Colorado
03/28/12 10:19 am

Love is not that rush of emotion or the pain when someone is away= Infatuation. Hollywood has everyone believing that. Love is an action word. Eg: The decision you make to back them up or do something for them when you are angry with your spouse. You do it anyway. Sounds boring but it's amazing.

samy12386 Illinois
03/28/12 9:21 am

I believe in lust at first sight

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
03/28/12 7:21 am

Happens to me everyday.
I love beautiful girls as soon as I see one.

spero42 Warrington, PA
03/28/12 6:05 am

Graciebug, you misspelled "most of the time."

graciebug Kentucky
03/28/12 4:15 am

Maybe all you non believers just haven't experienced it. I believe sometimes people settle and never really connect with who they should be with.

graciebug Kentucky
03/28/12 4:13 am

It wasn't lust. It was almost cosmic. Our eyes met. I just knew we would marry. After I met him no one else mattered.

graciebug Kentucky
03/28/12 4:12 am

Experienced it myself. Been married 4 years this April with a beautiful daughter.

03/28/12 2:04 am

I believe in LUST at first sight. I can also believe in love after first conversation. But who a person is, is so much more than their physical appearance. Until you know more about who they are, you can't know if you love that.

03/27/12 9:18 pm

Happened to us....married not even 11 months after we first met.

03/27/12 8:32 pm

Hugs at first sight, maybe-

03/27/12 8:23 pm

it happened tp my parents. they met then 6 months later got engaged, then another 6 months and they got married. they will have their 42 anniversary in december.