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Show Of Hands February 12th, 2012 12:00am

Do you use Sunday newspaper retailer inserts (coupons, sale announcements, etc.) to help you shop?

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chalie Georgia
02/28/12 8:39 pm

I hate ads in my gmail box on Sundays.

thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 5:26 am

If I happen to have a paper and see something good like price deals on something I need than yeah.. Usually no

02/12/12 11:45 pm

Always. It's practical.

02/12/12 9:29 pm

Lol at under 21. Who'd a thunk

02/12/12 7:10 pm

I saved $83 using coupons and sales today!!!

mamita Alabama
02/12/12 5:14 pm

I love coupons. Every little bit helps. Wish I could get coupons like those on extreme couponing.

dbrat East Coast
02/12/12 2:59 pm

I save a couple of coupons here n there but most r useless

lou1 Washington
02/12/12 2:01 pm

In my area, the only foods with discounts are the ones that will kill you in the long run. Sorry, but if I'm going to kill myself early with canned and packaged food-like substances, I'm going to make myself pay full price.

nance6 Arlington VA
02/12/12 1:52 pm

Would have expected more income disparity; maybe with more votes...

Priceless Kentucky
02/12/12 12:43 pm

chefsusie our Kmart has had deals on buy pound hamburger get pasta and sauce free, etc

hvp828 Carolina girl
02/12/12 12:24 pm

chefsusie, our paper's coupons have ones for milk & eggs all the time.

taijiki Florida
02/12/12 12:09 pm

And to the person who said it doesn't help. I get 95% of everything free, more usually. I cook for dinner parties, games birthdays ect constantly and never have to buy extra because I already have it. And I normally feed 10 people for about 8 bucks ( meats suck )

taijiki Florida
02/12/12 12:06 pm

I pay 150 bucks a months for groceries and have a stockpile that could last me 2 years comfortably and about 5 years of canned ect after that if it was needed. Kinda just happens when you coupon.

02/12/12 12:03 pm

Yep. I have a full stock of health and beauty aids that I've bought for free (tax only) or nearly free thanks to coupons and sales. Grocery coupons don't work out quite as well around here.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
02/12/12 12:02 pm

I love coupons. Southern is amazing.

d2acc1 Ohio
02/12/12 11:31 am

4chan makes better coupons than any paper

02/12/12 10:37 am

I can't get coupons off my iPad. That's my Sunday paper.

02/12/12 9:50 am

Ive tried but I end up buyin things I don't need. 

Comet? Tennessee
02/12/12 9:37 am

Sometime I look for the coupons in newspaper but NEVER look the job b/c it was a BIG WASTE of my time!

02/12/12 7:04 am

Complete waste of time. Coupons are only for overpriced name brand items, which I never buy anyway.

RJF88 Georgia
02/12/12 2:49 am

It's the simplest form of data mining

02/12/12 2:20 am

if I see a decent one I'll use it. may as well

cato Santa Barbara, California
02/12/12 1:46 am

I only get the la times for the coupons.

chefsusie California
02/12/12 1:28 am

Coupons are always for processed foods. Never for milk, eggs, veggies, meat. Complete waste. I can buy tp, pt, soap in bulk at Costco.

02/11/12 11:16 pm

I give my coupons to my daughter, an aspiring coupon queen!