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Should city police organizations relax their enforcement of land-use ordinances to avoid conflicts with Occupy protesters? (UserQ)

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RCIfan Ohio
11/25/11 12:25 am

Lutang I think you maybe challenged.

bboy791 Washington
11/20/11 3:41 am

There all a bunch of hippies and druggies

11/20/11 2:10 am

LuTang - You CANNOT just camp in Central Park nor any other park in NY not designated for camping. So they need to go home (preferably to their own state) and protest during the day.

11/19/11 11:03 pm

KReed ... there you go again being unreasonable ... don't you understand that the consumers of OWS can't be expected to live up to the standards required of the producers (Tea Party, etc) live by? There's little mention of the fees paid by Tea Party organizers, and the orderliness of the activities

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 7:27 pm

I disagree with almost everything OWS represents. Also I think it's crazy to think authorities should not uphold the law for a certain group of people. With this said, the video of the cop pepper spraying peaceful protesters on the ground was appalling.

kreed Kentucky
11/19/11 5:10 am

First of all Lutang you have made some of the dumbest statements I have read on this app. Also, Included in their list of demands is a home, and for someone else to pay off all their debts. It's painfully obvious that they do not represent 99% America.

homeagain NWA
11/18/11 5:25 pm

So, I still have no answer to my question. Does that mean no one knows the rest of the plan or that there isn't one?

11/18/11 9:54 am

...and when you grow up and get a job and a 401k, you'll be investing in the stock market too! Like those evil rich people. Did you learn that in your special ed business course?

11/18/11 9:49 am

JohnnyMick: it's also what they use to open news stores, expand, and hire new employees, thereby creating jobs.

I learned that when I was two.

I'm glad you're paying attention in school though.

11/18/11 1:31 am

Guatama- companies increase profits by selling more... Not screwing over employees. That's why there are bonus's, incentive programs, ext...

homeagain NWA
11/18/11 12:55 am

But how are they going to accomplish that?!? They got attention now what are they going to do with that power? I understand the anti corruption and proequal taxation but how is that goal going to be accomplished?

11/17/11 10:37 pm

and to suggest people work for free is actually the dumbest thing I've ever heard on this app

11/17/11 10:36 pm

libsh8usa.... profit is the money you make after deducting expenses, one of which being employee salaries. so profit is the money that the companies and rich invest in the market and trade on illegal inside info because they're privileged. I learned that in my CONSERVATIVE business class

11/17/11 6:18 pm

occupy protesters should be peaceful

11/17/11 9:19 am

Why are the under 50k answers so much different than the over 100k answers? Cuz they're too busy protesting to finish work on their Ph.D.'s?

11/17/11 2:46 am

Geeez. You conservatives make judgements without ever reading anything??? No wonder why you all love The Patriot Act and elected Bush twice. Lol.

11/17/11 2:46 am

Homesick. They want the rich to be taxed higher. They want corruption out of gvt. They want the financial institutions to pay for more of the load since they make a ton of money off the backs of their workers. Go to and view the darn list yourself.

homeagain NWA
11/17/11 12:01 am

Thank you timefortea. I just wonder if that is in their plan...

11/16/11 11:22 pm

Anyone can write a bill, you just have to get someone in congress to introduce it. Your best bet if you want to write a bill is to mail it to your representative (the one you vote for every two years).

homeagain NWA
11/16/11 9:15 pm

Sorry, sometimes I use you guys as a meaner version of google (google doesn't laugh at me).

homeagain NWA
11/16/11 9:04 pm

Or do they think that telling the 1% they are immoral they will stop caring about profit and change their practices out of the goodness of their hearts?

homeagain NWA
11/16/11 9:03 pm

Okay, but do they have a defined aim for what a bill would be? Do they have a goal? What is that goal? How do they plan to reach that goal?

11/16/11 8:29 pm

Here's further proof I'm a centrist and libertarian and not a "socialist liberal"...

Zuccatti Park is private property. The second the owners want the OWS out. Then they have to leave. Peacefully assembled or not. It's private property. Period.

Go to central park or something if you want to camp.

11/16/11 8:27 pm

Homesick. People don't write bills. Congress writes and votes on bills. Lol.

homeagain NWA
11/16/11 6:44 pm

Can someone tell me if they are trying to get something done or just raise awareness. Do they have like a bill all written out that fixes the problem? Or are they just complaining and hoping someone else will fix their problem? I'm still unsure of exactly what they are trying to accomplish.

11/16/11 4:41 pm

I'm not saying it's unjustified- it's just how capitalism functions.

11/16/11 4:41 pm

Profits are increased not by raising the cost of the product (since it can only be raised so high). It's raised by reducing labor cost. So actually, profit increase is to the detriment of the worker, since that means the cost that's being paid to them is less for the sake of the profit.

11/16/11 4:39 pm

Libs- please at least use correct terminology. The money used to pay employees is labor cost, not profit. Profit is the money made after labor cost for those with stakes in the company- in companies with stock, the shareholders, in private companies, the owner(s).

11/16/11 11:11 am

Yeah, profits... that damn money they use to pay their employees.

Profits are evil. Employees should just work for free.

11/16/11 10:08 am

To think that corporations are patriots that will stick around when the country has gone completely to shit is ludicrous. They will just jump ship in order to maintain their profit margin.

11/16/11 10:06 am

The 99% aren't the bullies, we're the victims. The bullies are the corporations who use their corporate personhood (giving them the same rights as a living breathing citizen) to take control of our country and buy our politicians.

11/16/11 9:20 am

Rules are made for a reason and should be upheld. Give in to bullies, and you break the system.

11/16/11 8:42 am

@Swanson.. tea partiers don't camp out for weeks on end, they have jobs. and most importantly, tea partiers clean up after themselves.

polarized Tennessee
11/15/11 7:04 pm

Jopat if you really think all socialist are Neanderthals you should go to Norway or Sweden or better yet read about Jesus...the most famous socialist ever I believe.

11/15/11 6:48 pm

Swanson: HAHAHAHAHA democrats= communist socialist Neanderthals of course there is the right but not forever and not at the detriment of the rest of society. Seen the latest photo today of the guy in Seattle taking a dump? it was a grand idea now it's just filth, disease and death, you lose!

11/15/11 6:19 pm

Hahaha republicans = fascists. There is a right to gather peacefully even if you don't agree with them. The swat teams don't bust up your tea bagger meetings.

11/15/11 4:56 pm

she'll should have been a hell

11/15/11 4:55 pm

lutang being a person that has a lot of opinions I evidently got your response confused with another. and yeah I'm she'll of a lot like Michele I have no respect for liberals either.

11/15/11 10:48 am

The people are protesting corporate greed and the fact that what those guys did to create the housing crisis was legal.

But OWS is like ObamaCare. A great idea with terrible execution. Therefore something badly needed now will be looked upon with scorn and we won't get the positive change we need.

11/15/11 10:45 am

Jopat. Why in the world would you think I would be talking about MLK when I mentioned "original tea party," " OWS"' and "new tea party..." but never said one thing about civil rights???

You really are like Michele Bachmann. Wow.

polarized Tennessee
11/15/11 10:02 am

I feel sorry for those sitting out there trying to show who is at fault for the 2008 collapse and unsuccessfully it seems trying to make a more fair world. I give with the people who use this app.

11/14/11 11:20 pm

A real leader brings people together not try to pit one American against another. the rel enemy out there are the stupid legislators that bow to the will of any group that has an agenda.

11/14/11 11:19 pm

IMO the OWS has no coherent voice and have nothing in common with the early tea party. They are an instrument of a president that has no idea how to handle this economy and has created this BS division amongst fellow Americans.

11/14/11 11:14 pm

How many bankers and hedge fund Mngrs have been prosecuted? it's a crap law but they did operate within the law such as it is.

11/14/11 11:10 pm

lutang: of course I remember early American history. I thought we were discussing what happened with MLK. That being said these people are protesting against the wrong people nyway. our government allowed this to happen through legislation.

11/14/11 10:08 pm

the law is the law. we are only citizens to one another by respecting our laws.

Jzz California
11/14/11 9:55 pm

any way the legal counsel for the mayor of Oakland resigned today. apparently he didn't like the way she is handling the occupy movement. there was a violent group. but they seem to have been ousted. at least quite a few of the protestors help clean up the mess of the violent ones.