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Show Of Hands November 7th, 2012 12:00am

With the Presidency, the House, and the Senate all remaining under control of the same parties, will DC remain gridlocked or will they all find a way to work together?

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Think Lovin Life
11/14/12 5:24 pm

MrO doesn't know how to compromise.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
11/13/12 12:17 pm

Highly unlikely to happen, but America needs to just tell ALL political parties to f@ck off, and return this country to the ORIGINAL intent of the Founding Fathers; FEDERALISM.

11/12/12 3:29 pm

Why does everyone blame the repubs? Both parties are refusing to work together.

11/12/12 6:38 am

And i hope it stays gridlocked.

11/11/12 9:49 am

Why Calibama- you are a socialist. Rich FatCat? A small business owner trying to make payroll, is a FatCat? Wow. These are the people that will be most affected, and when unemployment numbers keep rising- don't go crying about it.

gogators Florida
11/10/12 8:01 pm

Reptexan have you been asleep the past several days

11/10/12 12:12 pm

Obama forces the gridlock. The republicans have no choice

RedneckDriggers Confederacy
11/10/12 10:56 am

Lets hope we can get all 3 branches straight Republican.

11/09/12 3:53 pm

The house is elected every two years to be more in tune with the people..... To say they have to do as Obama or you liberals want, is asking them not to represent the people who voted for them.

11/09/12 12:27 pm

Means test soc security. REAL cuts to the military. Bush tax cuts expire. Public option for health care. No special income categories... A dollar is a dollar. End the worthless " war on drugs". Reinstate Glass-Steagall.
It's a start.

ScrewU Gone
11/09/12 6:27 am

Less than 30% of eligible voters is not "America."

flyberg Northern Kentucky
11/08/12 9:53 pm

Got some gd optimistic democrats using SOH.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
11/08/12 8:00 pm

Yea those republicans did have some plans for my freedoms being denied. Thankful Obama won!

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
11/08/12 7:38 pm

You're American. Want to understand stripped liberties, go to Russia, Iran, and other countries where votes don't matter. Thank goodness America respects the votes of its people.

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
11/08/12 7:37 pm

I think our house majority leader has not heard America. Republicans lost the presidency, plus seats in both the house and senate. It's time for compromise. I hope the republican house starts representing Americans and stops representing extremists, the reason they lost so much.

BadWolf The Library
11/08/12 2:35 pm

Go sit in the corner.

DrReid Ever present.
11/08/12 2:30 pm

I think you mean DEMOCRATIC party. And you are wrong, only the republican party said its top priority is to make Obama a one term president. Now that have failed it is time to work on actually attempting to work and compromise democratic legislators, make solutions, it is all about attitude.

11/08/12 2:08 pm

Thank God for Gridlock... at least they have a harder time stripping us of our liberties that way.

BadWolf The Library
11/08/12 11:52 am

I'd be more worried about how dumb gridlock is if you were actually doing some about it

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
11/08/12 11:29 am

I'm praying for gridlock.

GoldenRay On SSBB
11/08/12 10:48 am

We are hoping the democrats wake up.

ScrewU Gone
11/08/12 10:01 am

Sometimes the parents have to say NO when the kids want cake for dinner...

ScrewU Gone
11/08/12 10:00 am

The Republican controlled house has passed more than 40 "ideas" too be this country forward. The Democrat controlled Senate won't even DEBATE a single one of them. They wouldn't put Obama's FY2012 budget up for a vote.

The DEMOCRAT PARTY needs to stop being the party of "no."

ScrewU Gone
11/08/12 9:57 am

So he was the 1st pres to get more than 50% of the popular vote? Really?

Lol. What a tard.

11/08/12 9:13 am

Until republicans put forward their own solutions that can be actually seen and debated about, there will be gridlock.

To just say no without giving a viable solution is just being petty and childish.

angiebrite Gallifrey
11/08/12 7:53 am

There been a lot if talk about "the fever is breaking" and good golly I sure hope it's true

ebolaman south texas
11/08/12 6:42 am

IMO, the role of the federal government is to protect the liberties of its citizens, NOT provide "free" healthcare, education..etc, or to "defend" our freedoms by occupying and overthrowing other countries and creating a never-ending war on "terror". The more gridlock in these directions, the better

11/08/12 6:35 am

oh optimistic vermont.

11/08/12 5:16 am

I hope the republicans can hold off most of osama's stupid ideas. It's not the republicans that don't want to work. It's both parties that haven't agreed with more than Half of osama's ideas

pashn4rshn Virginia
11/08/12 4:50 am

I really hope they can cooperation. But since they are representation of us, and we can't even get along in a stupid app like SOH, then I'm pretty doubtful.

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
11/08/12 12:53 am

I'd give Republicans the benefit of the doubt, but their own votes show how selfish they are. Pathetic.

smacc DunningKruger
11/07/12 10:55 pm

No, not invalidated.

1SpecialSong New York
11/07/12 10:52 pm

How about Obama ACTUALLY ATTEMPT to be bipartisan and maybe MEET with the Republicans for the first time in 7 months? (Argument Invalidated!)

timeout Boston Strong
11/07/12 10:39 pm

The Republicans can't afford to screw this up AGAIN. They'll be thinking about 2016 believe me. They need to come to the table and compromise. Give up on this no tax ever bit and pass the job bill. Pass the Buffet Rule. Put more money into education and job training. They just can't keep doing this.

donyewest Georgia
11/07/12 10:03 pm

I hope they can work together because the cliff bandaid affects me greatly: taxation and my research job. I voted GJ but I worry about what was mandated and feel it unfair. I work FT and am in accelerated eng. grad school (20-30hr/week), avging 4-5hrs of sleep, sacrificed luxuries...all at stake now

BadWolf The Library
11/07/12 9:53 pm

No sweetie, this is talking about government in the United States. Good try though, maybe try again after nap time.

11/07/12 9:40 pm

Ever heard of the 22nd amendment?

11/07/12 9:29 pm

There will be more cooperation now that republicans know that Obama won't be a one term president and Obama has nothing to loose, but there will still be gridlock.

thelowend imitation is flattery
11/07/12 9:26 pm

government - you think our problems are bad? just wait until you see our solutions...

NotAsheep Nevada
11/07/12 9:06 pm

United we stand, divided we fall.

jwil California
11/07/12 8:51 pm

"I'm not playing because you don't follow MY rules" screamed the little brat.

scottstots Georgia
11/07/12 8:23 pm

I think he should go on welfare and live the high life like the poors

CallMeMatt Lancaster, PA
11/07/12 8:02 pm

Haha I don't know about that Vermont...
I'm still feeling gridlock!????

11/07/12 7:58 pm

Your attitude is what's wrong with this country. That is why our country can't get s*** done. You conservatives hate Obama more than you love this country.

11/07/12 7:42 pm

Scott, you may have to bag your own groceries, and that's fine. But the kid who loses his job loses more than money - he loses an opportunity for work experience. You seem very happy to make this kids decision for him. In a free country, shouldn't that be his choice - not government's?