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Is the experience of déjà vu just a trick your brain plays on you, or a hint that the property of time may not be as simple/linear as it appears to be?

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ishady 86451132020
08/03/12 1:01 am

Deja vu. That feeling you're about to elect that same old rich guy fùck up as president?

adalla Virginia
07/31/12 7:31 am

"Do you ever get a feeling of deja vu?"

"Didn't you just ask me that?"

Rosebud Ohio
07/30/12 11:19 pm

It could be either. But we already know time is more complex than we understand, at least right now. And it's relative. So I vote time.

misterzero West Virginia
07/29/12 6:46 pm

I wouldn't say it has anything to do with time at all. I always see trivial things that I previously dreamed.

07/29/12 5:38 am

Are hallucinations simply the veils being lifted on alternate dimensions? Come one people, the human mind is a complicated piece of machinery, but it's still just a glorified monkey brain!

OMG, I totally knew I was gonna say that!

versteckt Florida
07/29/12 1:06 am

Brain is putting the current experience into long term memory instead of short term memory (which gets transferred to long term memory during sleep). That's why it feels weird.

07/28/12 10:01 pm

Not psychology or magic. New question please.

07/28/12 9:09 pm

There is a glitch in the Matrix

07/28/12 1:24 pm

I have a degree in psychology, and psychological research shows that the chemicals in your brain explain the déjà vu phenomenon.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/28/12 9:10 am

Then you watch a sequence unfold. The longest for me was about an hour long of totally random events. The warnings have grown to include others experience and specific events as a third person. I have tested scientifically and can't find fault with results. I can't explain why or how but it works

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/28/12 9:06 am

I can understand the explanations. However, when your dream and reality are completely the same and you remember remembering this dream in your dream... Then you take note of all the random things totally out of your control that are about to occur. Tell a third person as an external witness.

07/28/12 8:42 am

@trance you must have misunderstood him. Einstein definitely believed that time is real. It is the 4th dimension.

trance742 Ohio
07/28/12 8:20 am

Einstein even said that time is an illusion

BadWolf The Library
07/28/12 7:30 am

The human brain searches for patterns whether they are there or not. It's not magic. Move on.

hippiedude fields of green
07/28/12 7:12 am

It happens to me with little things. I could be having a dream an talking to somebody and the next day have that exact conversation. Its never been to the point that its actually saved my life like in the final destination movies.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
07/28/12 5:02 am

"ugh. People believe in things that don't exist! What's wrong with this country". That's how I feel when the god question is asked.

07/28/12 4:01 am

It has something to do with the left and right side of your brain. One side receives the info seconds before the other.

07/28/12 12:32 am

Deja vu happens when the neurological systems responsible for short & long term memory overlap. The brain perceives something you are seeing now as a past memory. It's just an odd hiccup of the brain.

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 11:55 pm

@Tony : weren't original enough so far - now with Kndle, I don't even see this option.

JaredBena Florida
07/27/12 11:43 pm

My questions never get picked :( And actually think they're pretty good :(

07/27/12 11:32 pm

It's a trick, but that's not to say time is linear because clearly it is not. Not in our relativistic 3brane anyways.

Tony SOH Founder
07/27/12 11:18 pm

@pretorian send in your ideas! it ain't easy coming up with 6+ truly original questions every day. :)

07/27/12 10:47 pm

How could it be a hint

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 10:30 pm

@Apex: lol no, this app presents the same kind of questions in a slightly different manner all the time.
Wait - haven't I said that before ;)

Apex swimming in the sky
07/27/12 9:58 pm

Wait i thought we did this poll already i could of sworn.... Freaky

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 9:38 pm

Free will may indeed be an illusion but giving up the concept means we have no responsibility for our actions - including those that led to abandoning the concept.
If free will isn't , we could just let things happen - but no we couldn't, that would be an act of free will :)

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 9:32 pm

Btw if time is an illusion and in the 4 dimensional reality all world lines are already there, past, present and future, then we still have to be travelling on these branched lines if we want to keep up the concept of free will.

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 8:52 pm

Here it is - not to be taken too seriously but a way to show how you can explain things differently and still reach the same results:

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 8:42 pm

What we call reality is our perception and goes by majority agreement.
Google the definition of a lamp as a dark sucker - it's funny to see perspective ;)

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/27/12 8:41 pm

Just because we cannot comprehend, explain or duplicate these things at will, does not invalidate them. Our intuitive sense carries more wisdom than we realize. Why does so much science fiction become science fact? Is it an educated guess, creative desire or glimpse into the future?

pretorian Florida
07/27/12 8:40 pm

We can only perceive the world through our senses, never directly.
We then form models and if those seem to explain our world satisfactorily and make reliable predictions we keep that explanation, but all filtered through our senses.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/27/12 8:32 pm

Our science theories only describe the world as we know it. When we observe new patterns we try to formulate theories that best describe all conditions and results. When we discover enough new evidence and can formulate a new theory to describe our world, we abandon it and move forward with new one

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
07/27/12 8:11 pm

Ugh. We are in a bad way. 47% of people believe in things that don't exist.

Tanman9000 Tennessee
07/27/12 8:09 pm

Time's not linear.It is a 4th dimension & varies with acceleration and velocity.Discovered: einstein's theory of relativity. It was created by God for man.God's not limited by time.The Bible is an eternal book that existed outside of time.Thus, it is the only book that writes history bf it happens.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
07/27/12 7:41 pm

My 9 year old son said he was from the future. Said he was getting a "futurey" feeling. I knew exactly what e was along about.

kermie gaytopia
07/27/12 7:19 pm

Good grief. This is why so many people believe in god/s. We have no intellectual filter.

07/27/12 7:10 pm

Time doesn't even exist, it was made by man for convienence.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/27/12 6:08 pm

@Tony two of the most entertaining and oldest modern Olympics sports, Sailing and Shooting, are missing from the showdown.

07/27/12 6:07 pm

You know- wibbly wobbly, timey wimey

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/27/12 5:56 pm

Bad reincarnation joke. The scariest one was a specific warning given as I fell asleep and again just before waking. I did not want to phone the FBI but also did not want people's lives on my head. Later I found that I was not the only one to call in that day. We are protected by more than we see

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/27/12 5:45 pm

Yes I reincarnated call sign because wetheslaves was truncated. However, I can see that I am not the only one to dream a fully immersive experience months or years before it actually occurs.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/27/12 5:40 pm

Early bird do you feel like you have read my comments before?