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53202 Wisconsin
09/03/11 10:11 am

The hypocrisy of **SOME** religious people never ceases to astound me. The hateful words espoused is one breath and "love thy neighbor" in the next.

lacuna Pennsylvania
08/31/11 9:15 am

Moving back to the question: according to Dr. Kinsey, only 1/6 of the population is purely heterosexual, while 2/3 have varying degrees of bisexuality, and the final 1/6 is entirely homosexual, while a statistically insignificant portion is either a- or pansexual.

08/28/11 7:00 pm

What I don't understand is why it needs to be a government issue anyway. Let the people marry whomever or whatever the heck they want. Problem solved.

23 Texas
08/28/11 9:40 am

That article can be found on btw.

23 Texas
08/28/11 9:39 am

Actually, the Bible doesn't really say anything about homosexuality as we know it today. Check out “What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say about Homosexuality.” You'd be surprised.

David01127 Ohio
08/27/11 1:24 pm

People forget that the bible mentions adultery more than homosexuality. Jesus himself spoke out against, more than anything else, judging and the Pharisees, who the moral police of their time. Most of the people, other than the disciples, Jesus spent time with committed numerous sexual immoralities.

08/25/11 7:35 pm

The way I see it is that anyone who sins and does not accept the gift of grace from Jesus Christ goes to hell. If I lie, cheat on taxes, gossip, even think about the opposite sex in the wrong way w/o forgiveness and repent, I'll be standing right next to the non-heterosexuals.

superbill Georgia
08/25/11 6:50 pm

Unnatural- animals do it
Against the Bible- not everyone is Christian
:| I am trans and I totally support gay people. I think people should be able to marry the same sex. It does nothing to anyone. Some of you people are idiots.

musicman Colorado
08/24/11 6:39 pm

To the person who said you are not born gay. You must think it is a choice. When did you choose to be straight?

musicman Colorado
08/24/11 6:24 pm

Read Love Wins! Great part about hell.

08/24/11 8:12 am

I'm not trying to offend anyone or anything but there is a such thing as hell the bible says it. So you can't really call yourself a christian if you don't believe in hell. The bible also specifically states that homosexual actions are wrong... So don't say that it says it's ok because it doesn't

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/22/11 4:58 pm

But there are several that do mention marriage and call it a sin to marry an adulterer or fornicator. Just mental food to chew on!

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/22/11 4:56 pm

Folks my point in asking the question last night was that there are at most 5 verses in the bible that make mention of homosexuality. None of them condemn anyone to hell. They also make no reference to marriage. There are dozens in the bible that discuss adultery and fornication no hell ref either,

Soitgoes Missouri
08/22/11 2:22 am

The Great Spaghetti Monster protects us from the stars so long as I never put my blank in another man's blank.

08/22/11 2:19 am

BO: I rather like to believe that if there is a hell, it's not a put of fire but a crowded room full of ignorant bastards like you making accusations at each other and becoming infinitely more offended and infuriated for eternity.

c00kies California
08/22/11 1:36 am

honestly, I'm 12 and I'm smart enough to know that you should just be who you are. who gives a damn about heaven or hell as long as you yourself are satisfied with who you are...I hate people who define others by their religion, race, or sexuality.

SATAN Alaska
08/22/11 12:20 am

@Purple @Rearden they were unaware it was a biological phenomena.

08/21/11 10:50 pm

I am a Christian and I do not believe in hell.

08/21/11 10:40 pm

@BO, you really feel like what youve been taught is true? You know even some active christians dont believe in hell. Consider the fact that youre wrong and i will die and rest in peace, With no consequence for my actions. I bet it bothers you to consider that.

It seems like ive struck a nerve here.

08/21/11 9:48 pm

Frank- eggs are unfertilized. Had to point that out. It's akin to a period.
Also to go off topic again, anyone who's pro-choice have and raising their own child? Or chosen adoption for their child?

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/21/11 9:14 pm

@Purple or Bo, can you tell me where it says all gays are going to hell? I'm pretty familiar with the bible, and I missed that one......

08/21/11 7:58 pm

at least you and your fellow SoH buddies can burn together

08/21/11 7:56 pm

you know what hell is like, right? its a pit of fire , or a lake of fire, where people like you will suffer FOREVER, for infinity, without end, nothing to stop it. imagine walking down a tunnel where you think the end is near, but IT NEVER ENDS ever your not gonna get out of hell

08/21/11 7:53 pm

@seanthyman you can think that way, and go to hell for sure but please dont state it here it makes me want to puke


08/21/11 7:11 pm

See how the devil is such a bad guy. He accepts people who make a different lifestyle choice than others.
God on the other hand wants his way or the highway.

Damn God is a douchebag by those standards

08/21/11 7:10 pm

I love ripping on Christians. Its not that everything youre taught it wrong, but a lot of stuff written in that bible of yours is down right stupid and dated.

The devil is evil and god is good. Notice that if you change or add a letter to either word it becomes its counterpart.

And i fail to

08/21/11 7:06 pm

@purple. Well hey, hell cant be so bad if they at least accept gays. Id fear going to America far more than going to an all-accepting hell :-)

Strawberi Michigan
08/21/11 6:56 pm

It clearly states in the Bible that homosexuality will send you to hell.

SATAN Alaska
08/21/11 2:48 pm

@AllYouChristians being gays is a natural biological phenomena and they obviously didn't know that 2,000 years ago

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/21/11 2:10 pm

@Nika I posted some thoughts on this much earlier. As a Christian, I agree there are a few verses that call out homosexuality. There are a lot more that call out fornication and adultery. As a faith we spend very little time demonizing pre/extra marital sex though. Why do you think that is?

08/21/11 1:31 pm

Let's be real: you CANNOT be born gay. Being gay isn't wrong, it's the act of having sex with someone who is the same gender as you (it says so in the bible). Gays deserve rights but as Christians, we can hate homosexuality, but is our job to love no matter what.

08/21/11 12:11 pm

I asked my boyfriend lying behind me and he said no. :p <3

08/21/11 12:10 pm

Why the fuck is everyone arguing about abortion?!

08/21/11 8:47 am

So technically I would be pro choice but I do think that abortion comes at a terrible price. Also all for some government funding for stem cell research if we actually had any $ to spare.

08/21/11 8:45 am

Wow didn't expect to come back to an abortion debate. Again I have conflicting feelings about this. It is not a choice I would ever make but I also don't think anyone else has a right to tell me what I can do with my own body. I support roe v wade in that sense. I also dont condemn anyones choice.

08/21/11 7:52 am

Funny how long conversations can stray from the original topic.

Taryn Nevada
08/21/11 7:52 am

Why are people discussing abortion on a sexuality topic?

08/21/11 2:23 am

wait, I've got it...let's breed a "superior" human race and kill everyone that is "different" than us. Sound familiar? Hitler would be so proud of you. Remember, he thought "God" was on his side as well....

08/21/11 2:19 am

"If homosexuality was natural, they could reproduce." What? seriously? hey everyone, God loves us all as long as we abide by society's's a proven fact. So should we use abortion or homosexuality as population control?

FrankZappa New York
08/21/11 1:34 am

How about a chicken, when are you eating an egg, and when do you start eating a chicken?
Thin line getting thicker?

08/21/11 1:29 am

I don't condone or would suggest abortion, I'm just focusing on the facts here from a non biased perspective ...

08/21/11 1:28 am

@ Chaz, does a embryo have human rights?

moosey Texas
08/21/11 1:15 am

What I find amusing is that nearly everyone assumed that if one said no to this question than you must be bi- or homosexual. What about asexual? Aces are completely different and encompass a whole other branch of lifestyles and choices, but no one ever seems to count/consider them.