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Have you ever had a full set of encyclopedias (the physical books) in your home?

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Weave77 Indianapolis
03/28/12 10:42 am

So, Wikipedia bookmarked on my computer's internet browser AND a Wikipedia app on my iPhone doesn't count...?

03/25/12 7:50 am

I love how they have to specify not wikapeadia

03/24/12 4:47 am

When I was like 8 years old....think my mom sold them in a garage sale finally

03/19/12 7:58 pm

my mom still had them until recently.

03/19/12 7:57 pm

we had an old world book encyclopedia set growing up. the copywriter was in the 60's, this was the 80's and 90's. I used the to write many reports and projects. as long as it was history and not science I was ok.

03/18/12 6:24 am

Still do. We have the Encyclopedia Americana. And it has all the Annuals up to last year.

03/18/12 2:21 am

Yes... Funk & Wagnall's (two full sets), the Book of Knowledge, and assorted grocery store sets.

03/17/12 4:09 pm

all of my encyclopedias went from A to R. we got them free from the grocery store for buying food. we never bought enough to get a whole set.

aperson123 Texas
03/17/12 12:48 pm

I think i've had maybe two, and i just sold them in a garage sale :)

03/17/12 11:08 am

does the Internet count? then yes

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/17/12 6:07 am

I got Childcraft for my children too I like to snag the old red covered ones at the Goodwill. Nothing like reading nursery rhymes to a small child. As a child I read about Jane Addams , Helen KillerJenny Lund and many others. also read the regular world books.

03/16/12 9:28 am

Age filter....the Internet era...

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
03/15/12 10:28 pm

We used to when I was younger, but once we got our computer with decent Internet, my parents sold the set at a garage sale. I was devastated though because I loved to read them. :(

BadBadger Georgia
03/15/12 6:50 pm

Speaking of plagiarism, do you guys know about It's a reverse image search engine. Let's you submit images to try to determine origin or authenticity. I've caught some cheats with it.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/15/12 6:29 pm

@ P4P... No kidding!!! Then again, it's a lot easier to catch plagiarism today too.

LovBuffalo New York
03/15/12 5:30 pm

Three sets actually: The World Book Encyclopedia set, The Brittanica Encyclopedia set, and The Childcraft Encyclopedia set. Who knew they'd become obsolete. However, there is nothing like delving into such an informative volume as an encyclopedia book. ... fond memories ...

03/15/12 3:26 pm

I do feel spoiled by the internet. I can't imagine not having instant knowledge at my fingertips. It's weird to think that if I wanted the answer to something, I'd have to really search for it. Makes me grateful!

BadBadger Georgia
03/15/12 3:08 pm

And the only pictures of rockets were paintings by Chesley Bonestell.

BadBadger Georgia
03/15/12 3:06 pm

Our family got its first set when I was 8. As I recall, most of the airplanes pictured in it had 2 wings. lol

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
03/15/12 2:29 pm

Dad had a Funk & Wagnalls set. It's gotta be well over 30 years old by now...

BadBadger Georgia
03/15/12 12:56 pm

hvp, I did too. My dad started at the beginning of our Britannica and read all the way through. Took him a while, but I was impressed.

03/15/12 12:21 pm

Plagiarism of an encyclopedia used to take effort. You had to actually transcribe the information you wanted to steal. Now, all you have to do is copy and paste. Kids these days have it waaaay to easy.

03/15/12 9:32 am

We had a set that I loved! It makes me sad that now kids think Wikipedia is the same thing. It's not--it's open sourced and not appropriate to use as a research source.

squib Northern New England
03/15/12 3:41 am

Growing up I lived less then a block from the public library so it would have been a waste of money and now in the digital age they aren't needed.

03/15/12 3:14 am

Oh!!! Dating us I see! :)

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/15/12 3:04 am

We had a new set of Collier's encyclopedias when I was a kid. I can remember how excited I was about them and what a thrill it was to sit and read stuff. I especially liked the human body one, with the colorful plastic overlay pages that had each of the body systems on them.

03/14/12 9:10 pm

1970, 8th grade. Collier's.

cowboy Doors of Perception
03/14/12 8:20 pm

Did anyone else love the smell of them? I don't know if it was the paper, or what, but I'll never forget that smell.

03/14/12 8:00 pm

Yes. We've had a full set in the library for years.

beadg Virginia
03/14/12 8:00 pm


hvp828 Carolina girl
03/14/12 7:28 pm

as a child, I loved just opening up a random page to see what I could learn that day.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/14/12 7:16 pm

Used to read them when I was a child. Flipped through till something caught my interests.

blutuesday California
03/14/12 6:22 pm

Love that episode of Friends where Joey can only afford the one "V" volume of tge encyclopedia, sold to him by Penn Jillette's salesman character.

03/14/12 6:19 pm

digital era out them out of business

blutuesday California
03/14/12 6:16 pm

Oh, middlOroad...just saw your library comment. Cheers!

blutuesday California
03/14/12 6:15 pm

Nope, that's what the library was for, where I come parents couldn't afford a set and I don't have kids. We do, however, have the OED; it's one of the first gifts I ever gave my hubby, when we were dating.

03/14/12 6:05 pm

The Compton.
But that was before I discovered Wikipedia.

03/14/12 5:29 pm

That is what the library used to be for. I have not done research for info in an actual physical library in a long time.

RunN2Poles The Room of Requirement
03/14/12 5:19 pm

Grew up with an outdated 1961 World Book. We used it more to hold down blankets when we made forts, than for actual information.

03/14/12 5:09 pm

Of course, I grew up in the 80s. My parents had a couple of pretty outdated sets of encyclopedias I used to do my homework.

03/14/12 4:38 pm

We did in the ninties but the Set was a Funk and Wagnell's from the sixties.

musicnerd RHIT
03/14/12 4:35 pm

We have a set, but it's not complete. No one knows where the P volume went.

03/14/12 4:29 pm

No. And unless Wikipedia is shut down, it won't happen.