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Show Of Hands January 22nd, 2013 12:00am

Would you rather be a little-known billionaire, or the President of the United States?

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EmWalt Meet Jim the Duck
01/27/13 7:51 pm

After all the campaigning, he is actually pretty poor. He's just living in a big house.

01/27/13 10:35 am

The options are "power" or "money". The president has both. Why would anybody pick just money?

01/25/13 8:52 pm

But Citizens United says that money IS power! Hooray for shadowy super-PACs with totally anonymous and not-at-all-shady donors!

01/25/13 5:36 pm

Little known millionaire! I can be like Finch on Person of Interest :)

01/25/13 4:51 pm

Billionaire. I would donate to charities for the betterment of living conditions in many places.

01/24/13 9:28 pm

Little known ..., think about how comfortable your life would be without people constantly being in your face about your next move for the US, like if you were president, I would go crazy if I was president. At least I would only deal with people trying to use me for my money, I can handle that.

01/24/13 6:04 pm

Omg I had a spell error with a spell check

01/24/13 6:03 pm

But who doesn't like fame? I said money too but a lil game here and there ain't bad!

01/24/13 6:02 pm

Ooh ohh! Take me to the free world with you please!

01/24/13 6:01 pm

Gimme da money

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/24/13 3:17 pm

I say this because most Dems always says those rich guys keep the poor man down, and those rich guys need to pay more money, & that rich guy needs to pay more in so the unsuccessful ones can have a chance. The rich guys are greedy. It's unreal how dems think,until the roles are reversed. Hypocrites

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/24/13 3:07 pm

If more Dems became rich,found out how much they are getting taxed by their team, they would change views quickly.Then me being a low to medium income repub, I can blame the Rich dem for keeping the poor Repub from being successful & tell that rich greedy dem that they need to pay their fair share.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/24/13 2:49 pm

What world is free. I would like to know.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 1:09 am

Money!! With half the country always hating you would it be worthwhile to work so hard for so many in such a thankless society? I say no.

01/23/13 11:00 pm

power. more so that I could help fix America

01/23/13 7:10 pm

Take the cannoli, leave the fame!!

katerina13 stuck in the middle
01/23/13 6:53 pm

LOL. This was a no-brainer!!

01/23/13 3:29 pm

The power of being President is not worth it. I cant even imagine having to deal with that amount of stress.

01/23/13 10:36 am

Money means I could have the president as my minion.

arste New York
01/23/13 8:36 am

I'd take leader of the free world. Besides, you'll have the same amount of money as president.

MarciS Formerly mjs83
01/23/13 7:28 am

In a lot of ways you'd have more power as a billionaire bc it's your money and you can do what you please. You could do a lot of good. The president is limited (and should be to an extent) in what he can do. Plus half the country will always hate you as president.

01/23/13 7:13 am

President anything to get Obama out or keep another one like him from getting in.

dude2339 John 3.16
01/23/13 6:51 am

Wasn't Bruce Wayne a billionaire? I'd rather be Batman than POTUS...

person778 somewhere on planet earth
01/23/13 6:19 am

Soooooooo true. A billion in cash could potentially influence the president more than he (or potentially she) could influence you.

innate1 Georgia
01/23/13 4:31 am

Like most if it your suggestions. Except degrading the 2nd amendment. I would like my ability to own weapons and ammunition deter the threat of tyranny.

01/23/13 2:40 am

The president is merely a puppet. Give me the money!

01/23/13 1:32 am

Being president doesn't even give you that much power. And it's a stressful job.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
01/23/13 1:19 am

I couldn't handle being president of thie country. I'd rather be a billionaire with my own private island and have all my family and close friends with me.

01/23/13 12:21 am

Haha, using a billion dollars for lobbying will give you more influence than the president.

fourwinds box of rain
01/22/13 10:12 pm

Billionaire. Besides, look how ridiculed our current president is. Who the hell would want that?

01/22/13 9:57 pm

who cares about being the president? MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Malekithe Throwing the flag
01/22/13 9:50 pm

"With great power comes great responsibility"
-----Uncle Ben

Malekithe Throwing the flag
01/22/13 9:47 pm

Vegans are EVIL!
Plants are defenseless.
Pick on something with mobility, you monsters!!!

01/22/13 9:33 pm

Power and the money, money and the power, minute after minute, hour after hour...

hapiotter2 Utah
01/22/13 9:19 pm

Why bother with being Pres if you can be rich without people bothering you?

bigevs44 Washington
01/22/13 8:57 pm

Being president sucks, I feel bad for them, republican and democrat alike. Being rich and out of the spotlight is way easier

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
01/22/13 8:55 pm

The pres can't do that even on a good day! Are you insinuating that the billionaires and millionaires didn't work for their money and somehow don't deserve it? You don't get to decide such things and you NEVER will......... Comrade

innate1 Georgia
01/22/13 8:34 pm

Terrible question. The money controls the power, and very specifically the POTUS. Easily researchable.

01/22/13 8:31 pm

I would never want to be the president of the united states.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
01/22/13 7:58 pm

Do u know how many plants died to make your salad? Plus they fill u less. Die PITA die!

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
01/22/13 7:54 pm

What good is money without power. It's only good bc people have come to the understanding it is.Power gets you money and power is a lot harder to get.

01/22/13 7:47 pm

What good is money if you're just going to get taxed big time and come down to everyone's level