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Show Of Hands November 24th, 2012 12:00am

Many state governments are considering a new per-mile tax on hybrids and electric cars, to make up for lost fuel tax revenue. Good plan?

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tdaddy Kentucky
12/01/12 10:46 pm

Not true. I think the government should take all my money, just so long as they provide the services I need when I need them.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/01/12 10:44 pm

Not a good idea because then the very people who went "electric" to save the environment are then being punished for doing the right thing. Just raise cigarettes taxes since smokers continue to pollute the air.

EarlyBird Portland
12/01/12 8:44 am

When you're trying to persuade people to buy a product they otherwise wouldn't be interested in, adding an additional tax is probably not a good idea.

11/30/12 7:20 pm

HAHAHA, the ONLY tax the liberals are against! Of course when it is THEIR money they don't want the government to take it...interesting...

Wizeburger New York
11/29/12 3:06 pm

Most people just buy hybrids to save money. There goes that

11/28/12 4:16 pm

The money saved is put back into the economy with spending elsewhere. The revenue isn't lost entirely.

rb928 Northern Kentucky
11/28/12 1:37 pm

You pay a premium to buy these cars. That's enough additional tax revenue; they don't need more.

purplemonkey New York
11/27/12 9:30 pm

wtf...why penalize someone for wanting to reduce fossil fuel use...fking govt!!

11/26/12 10:16 pm

Just like punishing the successful for making money

catey Pennsylvania
11/26/12 8:31 pm

So in essence you would be "punished" (unless you like losing money) to save the environment. Great idea. (note sarcasm)

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 4:46 pm

You can get a federal tax credit of up to 7500 on the purchase of one, not sure about states but Im sure some have incentives too.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:19 pm

It's not different at all. Taxation discourages activity, be it hybrid vehicle use, investments, work or smoking. This is the point that conservatives have been trying to make for years! Taxing income and capital gains discourages work and investment!!!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:15 pm

Just like how lowering taxes on investments encourages investing? Hmmm...

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:11 pm

Pubic roads? Like bunny trails? Or is it the treasure trail that leads to the jewels?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:08 pm

That's stupid. You want to punish people for owning a vehicle. Should we also punish them for going to work as well since that's the primary reason most folks own a car? Oh wait, we do. It's called taxes.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:05 pm

If gas tax dollars actually only went to roads and bridges, I might be game. But they don't. They get squandered on stupid stuff that has nothing to with transportation.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:03 pm

Besides that, don't some governments already subsidize hybrids? Just remove the subsidies instead.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 4:02 pm

Hell no! If this is enacted, more people will be stuck with a choice of "more expensive", or "most expensive" for travel choices. We pay enough. It's time for government to tighten its belt for a change.

11/26/12 3:46 pm

Stupid that even some republicans say yes. I know it's spite, but c'mon guys, less tax everywhere!

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 3:40 pm

although with both plug ins and hybrids you still will have to change the battery eventually... I still feel like the best solution is lighter cars and cleaner burning biofuels (if we can find an effective one.)

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 3:39 pm

The lithium battery ones are the worst IMO. Hybrids at least use a little less gas and self charge, and the plug ins would make a difference if major power sources were cleaner but not sure how realistic that is.

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 3:37 pm

But I agree plug in cars and hybrids don't make a real difference at this point. The lithium is toxic and the mining is not only polluting places but many mines use slave and child slave labor. Plus as you said plug in cars are still running on power plants many of which are major polluters.

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 3:35 pm

The environment which the majority will never support. If we don't start moving towards proper renewable energy we will fall behind the rest of the world and remain reliant on them.

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 3:33 pm

Assuming that we reach the 12 billion population point predicted, and that 6 billion of them will be living in major population centers and wanting to live the way only about 2 billion people live now. we will not be able to pull enough fossil fuel out of the earth to meet demand without wrecking

mmjman Emerald Valley
11/26/12 3:27 pm

"Just poking fun at a pothead". Or in other words making an insulting assumption about someone over the Internet and debasing there opinion because they support legalization of marijuana. Again the majority of legalization supporters are not potheads. Only 7% of the country are "potheads".

11/26/12 3:06 pm

For all of you saying "no" do you even understand why they would do this or why there is tax on gas? It's to pay for road repairs, sand & snow plowing, etc. if electrics don't buy gas and not pay taxes, they are getting a free ride.

Patimen California
11/26/12 2:45 pm

Wow... A tax republicans prefer more than democrats. Bunch of hypocrites.

11/26/12 10:43 am

Apparently these states don't understand the long term economic benefit of fossil fuel taxes.

11/26/12 10:20 am

I am SO sick of the emotional response. Let's give logic a try in 2016 and vote libertarian.

11/26/12 10:18 am

Besides, "raise the tax on gas" is idiotic. You libs keep talking about conservatives want to help the rich people and screw the poor!?!?!? With the average price of a hybrid above $30k, and 99% of cars being standard gasoline vehicles, who do you think that tax would hurt most? Libs........

11/26/12 10:09 am

Wow. You cannot believe how much I don't care. I was just poking fun at a pothead.

11/26/12 10:07 am

Dlscwbys: glad you have an interest, even though your quotes indicate doubt and project a demeaning, elitist is a great place to start. From the mining of lithium, to the hybrid battery life, to the plug-in green cars (which may as well be called coal-powered), it's a scam. Sorry.

11/26/12 10:06 am


ladyniner81 I need chocolate
11/26/12 7:30 am

more ways to screw the average TAXPAYERS.. damn cap locks..

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
11/26/12 7:00 am

anarchy I would be very interested to see these "studies" you are referencing.

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
11/26/12 6:59 am

Then how about a flat tax on owning a car? Why should we punish people who are trying to be fuel efficient?

11/26/12 6:48 am

Mitwister: actually, the last few studies I've seen have them being *less* green than a standard vehicle.

11/26/12 6:47 am

The world will never run out of fossil fuels. The laws of economics won't allow for it.

11/26/12 6:38 am

Scarcity is a fact... But it doesn't justify theft.

smacc DunningKruger
11/26/12 4:10 am

Doing good should not be taxed. Vices are a better target. That is the way it should be.

smacc DunningKruger
11/26/12 4:07 am

Of course we aren't.

11/26/12 2:14 am

Lol.....I'm pretty sure this would mean that I would be taxed for moving around

badattitude no place like home
11/25/12 11:35 pm

What makes no sense is your post. Could you please proof read before you post?

trav Instagram, travisdover
11/25/12 10:27 pm

Raise the tax on gas, not on hybrid cars! So backwards, someday the world will run out of fossil fuels.

11/25/12 9:31 pm

Haha! Can't win for losing!

yoggsaron Las Vegas
11/25/12 8:44 pm

This is why we can't have nice things!

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/25/12 8:44 pm

I wonder if any members of congress are looking at this. If you can get past all the name-calling there are some good ideas in here.