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Should public high schools hand out condoms to students? (UserQ)

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07/28/12 7:39 am

@growup wtf? I honestly can't tell if your messing with us or not

GrowUp Minnesota
07/25/12 11:59 am

How about ... If your kid gets pregnant or causes another to get pregnant, you pay. You don't pay, you go to jail. Second offense, you and your kids are sterilized.

Moral decay and irresponsible behavior led Rome to burn.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/24/12 11:14 am

Figure all the red states objecting. But then complain when teens get pregnants and turn to welfare or get an abortion. Stupid people. If you're embarrassed your kid been exposed to condoms at h.s then you have a bigger problem. Just because you shelter them u aren't stopping Hormones!

07/24/12 9:05 am

I don't think they should hand them out, but have them available somewhere like the counselor's office or something like that.

07/24/12 9:02 am

That's expecting us to go out and have sex. some who are t thinking straight could see it as encouragement. I know because I'm in high school

07/23/12 7:43 pm

Free condoms don't encourage teens to have sex. They just decrease the number of abortions and unwanted children that will inevitably happen otherwise. I'm disappointed in how close-minded people are on this subject. Teens have sex, and teens are stupid. Help 'em out (I'm 19, I know I'm stupid).

cowboy Doors of Perception
07/23/12 8:06 am

@elbow Not my kid. I have confidence that I will teach her better than to be some sex crazed manic begging the school nurse for a handful of condoms. I'm not letting my daughter anywhere around you perverts. Your parents may have failed to teach you better, but I won't let my daughter down like that

07/23/12 8:04 am

You should only make love when you are married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07/22/12 9:36 pm

I say no. Our social security program needs more workers to pay for retirees!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/22/12 7:21 pm

Nadia: Sorry, my sarcastic support of you was confusing. I agree with you and was sort of mocking the idea that we can't call upon the youth of America to be somewhat responsible for themselves.

nadia California
07/22/12 3:43 pm

I never said that they should, if that's what your trying to say. I'm saying if they do that they should be responsible for it. They shouldn't be doing it at all ! They school encourages it, but they should be stopping it all ?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/22/12 2:53 pm

Nadia: They should be doing adult recreational activites like sex, drugs, alcohol, but offer to have them be responsible for themselves. No!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/22/12 2:52 pm

Nadia: We have to train them to not be responsible. We can't expect adults to get condoms or BC on their own, thus why we should pay for their abortions. It's illogical to think that in High School we should be able to give them knowledge and have them apply it to their lives. Unreasonable! :P

nadia California
07/22/12 2:19 pm

What I'm saying is that if they would get some common sense and get their own condoms or birth control or not have sex at all they wouldn't have to get welfare. They school shouldn't have to provide. All the school is doing is saying " hey it's okay to have sex on campus ! "

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/22/12 1:49 pm

@nadia: Ok, then don't complain about welfare.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/22/12 1:49 pm

@stnik: I'm not really sure where you think kids get money from with the highest unemployment of any age group..

nadia California
07/22/12 1:33 pm

They still shouldn't have To give out condoms. If the teens wanna have sex let them suffer the consequences. They government has to focus on the education. What the teens do should be their own problem if they can't be smart enough to use condoms or birth controll.

StNik North Carolina
07/22/12 8:44 am

No- but only because any kid can afford condoms. They aren't expensive. Get you damn birth control. Why must the government be responsible?

briggs1 Nebraska
07/22/12 8:10 am

Here's the facts KIDS HAVE SEX get over it now the question is how are you going to handle tell them no which will make them want to do it more or accept the fact and make sure they do it safe and kids don't care if its against the law which is stupid

07/22/12 8:09 am

there's no virgins in high school by the fine they graduate

07/22/12 6:31 am

I don believe people should encourage teens to have sex but I do feel that condoms should be given so that if teens do have sex it will be safe

nadia California
07/22/12 12:37 am

Plus, of they spend money in condoms they have less to go toward education. The education should be more of a focus.

nadia California
07/22/12 12:36 am

No. All that does is in courage students to have sex. I understand that they want it safe, but handing condoms out doesn't change the fact that students are having that kind of action on campus. It brings a bad name to the school itself.

Flooded Virginia
07/22/12 12:32 am

I think they should be pretty readily available, but schools shouldn't just hand them out, aside from maybe the nurse?

07/21/12 7:54 pm

Kids would be doing it in school cause its there

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/21/12 6:34 pm

If the Abstinance isn't working b/c they are having sex, then by the same logic, isn't the sex ed not working since there are still teen pregnancies, STD's, and high abortion rates? Supporting students who want to wait and supplying students that don't is an obvious balance in education.

Mr.logic California
07/21/12 6:23 pm

@ Palindrome
That's a joke, right? Honestly, people are so sarcastic here I can't distinguish a joke from an honest belief.

elbow82 Veganland
07/21/12 6:16 pm

Cowboy - Liberals don't like the idea of kids having babies and dropping out of high school, or of kids spreading STDs. The sex is going to happen either way, it's just a matter of whether it'll be protected.

DeathSheep Michigan
07/21/12 5:23 pm

I don't think they should e handed out. But they should be taught how to use them instead of the abstinence training which is obviously not working

cowboy Doors of Perception
07/21/12 1:08 pm

Why do Liberals love the thought of children having sex? And you want me to put my daughter in a prison with you perverts? I don't think so.

07/21/12 10:38 am

Condoms are less than a dollar each. If you can't even spend that, you shouldn't be fucking.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/21/12 10:29 am

Each side has it's extreme point: Just Do It! vs Be A Saint! There needs to be a balance. Not all teenagers lose their virginity in high school. It's not like it's impossible. It's just not popular because "everybody is doing it." Which isn't true. HS is a perfect time to learn responsibility

palindrome California
07/21/12 7:49 am

Mhmmm yep, teenagers are very good at delaying gratification and are well-known for making sound decisions that can affect them for life. Puberty gives teens a heightened ability to make smart decisions

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/20/12 7:55 pm

palindrome: That's because you don't mind condoms being handed out like breath mints. :) To me the abstinence training doesn't say anything more than, "You aren't ready for the consequences of Sex and you aren't ready for the emotional/psychological aspects of sex. Why don't you hold off a few yrs

palindrome California
07/20/12 7:42 pm

I think it says, hey. Don't forget to gear up so you're penis doesn't melt away or you get her knocked up.

This argument about condoms encouraging crime is as full of fallacy as the argument that guns encourage people to go on killing sprees

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/20/12 7:26 pm

Palindrome: Something in between. The condom-dispensing machine idea says the exact opposite: "You are horny and there's nothing you can do about it but have sex. Don't try to be response for your urges, just go for it!"

There should be a goal of responsibility and acceptance. Not either or

palindrome California
07/20/12 6:52 pm

imagine what it would be like if kids were told, you know, the truth about sex and safe-sex measures were made available like condom-dispensing machines at the site were the vast majority of teens congregate. It's just the smart thing to do.
... Or, we could just keep telling teenagers to hold it in

palindrome California
07/20/12 6:50 pm

I totally get what you're saying. But.... Right now, teenagers are having sex. Because of a conservative culture that chooses to ignore the issue and tells horny, imprudent and, basically summed up, teenagers to "just resist the urge!" - the burden on welfare increases as more poor-choices are made

07/20/12 4:43 pm

Hbbhb, that's stupid. Do you really think poor kids aren't going to have sex because they can't afford a condom? The only thing that would happen with your thinking is another baby being supported by welfare.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/20/12 3:09 pm

an outcast or outdated social reject. As a society, and in schools as well, we treat high schoolers like they SHOULD be having sex. It's one thing to accept that things happen and prepare, it's another thing to treat it like it's the norm and anyone not partaking is a social reject. Make sense?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/20/12 3:08 pm

Palindrome: My issue isn't with the education. Though I don't understand why teaching students about STD's and other risks can't be taught along side an abstance message.

Take our culture. In the majority of movies/TV the character that hasn't had sex or doesn't want to have sex is treated like

Nerdz Texas
07/20/12 1:29 pm

It might encourage them so no unless it is that class that teaches you about that sort of thing

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/20/12 12:40 pm

I am amazed that anyone would say that a public school could give out condoms.
I am so strongly opposed to this because schools should not be involved with condoms - in any way.
This is not their function.
Schools have zero right or ability to involve themselves in this issue.
Stay Out.

hbbhb Pennsylvania
07/20/12 10:18 am

Poor kids can't spend on condoms? Don't have sex then... Simple

ryoungcrna Florida
07/20/12 9:16 am

At what point do parents start taking responsibility in this country???

cowboy Doors of Perception
07/20/12 8:21 am

@RogueMom It still sounds like a waste of money. So basically schools have someone with a thermometer, know how to do CPR and hand out condoms to children. Sounds real tough...

palindrome California
07/20/12 6:20 am

We can't keep acting like its not happening and ignore the problem like we did with AIDS during the 80's