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Show Of Hands January 22nd, 2013 12:00am

Once you fall asleep at night, do you usually sleep until morning without waking up?

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01/26/13 11:39 am

If only... Maybe if I didn't have something big or nerve wracking coming up...

jennk Louisiana
01/24/13 9:01 pm

Thanks!! She is perfect! 9 pounds 14 ounces!! And her name is Dove Stana! She's our sweet little Dove and is worth all the lack of sleep :)

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
01/24/13 7:55 pm

We sleep with 2 Biewer dogs and one is a Puppy. Never through the night.

01/24/13 7:29 pm

Yeah, except those darned *things* teenage guys get once in a while :(

01/24/13 5:58 pm

Well congratulations with that!!! Got any names in mind?

01/24/13 4:08 pm

And I was looking forward to some more sleep at 2...there goes that lol

01/23/13 11:41 pm

Negative ions from being surrounded by the ocean will relax and lull you to sleep -- pure Aloha!

01/23/13 11:38 pm

LOL & before each kid, you had something else keeping you happily occupied. ; )

01/23/13 11:35 pm

When I read the Bible or study, I will usually fall asleep quick. Thank God, I guess, huh?!

01/23/13 11:33 pm

I take Tylenol PM and it helps.

chickenwrangler Texas
01/23/13 11:13 pm

That's what we do too until around 18 months, then the first part if the night is in their bed, followed by the rest of the night in ours....until they sleep through in their own.

chickenwrangler Texas
01/23/13 11:11 pm

And not for many nights to come! Congrats!

01/23/13 8:35 pm

Congratulations! Hope she's in a hurry.

susanr Colorado
01/23/13 5:37 pm

As you get up in the middle of the night for yet another bathroom trip... =:-)

I'm part of the other old people group. I'm 66 & sleep soundly all night.

FollowYourBliss Never Happy, Ever After
01/23/13 5:31 pm

Definitely will be, and I'd still laugh at these poll results haha

01/23/13 4:20 pm

On a few, but mostly rare occasion the dogs wake me up so I can let them out to use the bathroom. :0)

01/23/13 2:49 pm

The hard part is getting to sleep :/

susanr Colorado
01/23/13 1:39 pm

You'll probably be there one day too.

kianiwaters Somewhere Over There
01/23/13 1:26 pm

Co-sleeping/bed sharing family and my youngest is 6 months and exclusively breast fed. Because his stomach is so small and breast milk is digested so easily he nurses 3-4 times a night. But because we cosleep, he nor I have to really wake much. But I'm still aware.

dude2339 John 3.16
01/23/13 6:47 am

Used to before we got cats. Now the cats and the baby keep us up.

jennk Louisiana
01/23/13 4:54 am

Not tonight! I've been in labor with baby number 4!! Hopefully we'll meet her soon!

01/23/13 2:38 am

Get up to drop a deuce or something.

01/23/13 12:43 am

There's a track right next to my place so it keeps me up every now and then at night..

chickenwrangler Texas
01/23/13 12:40 am

I did before kids, now not so much.

ksterk16 Oregon
01/22/13 11:56 pm

Thank you. And I have been taking so many pictures :)

lindiihop Michigan
01/22/13 11:13 pm

I used to be a very sound sleeper. But recently, my dog wakes up and wants to be let out of my room anywhere between 5 and 6:30 AM. I guess my body anticipates this happening because I'll wake up in the middle of the night to grab a snack or something. But once I let her out, I could sleep forever.

01/22/13 11:00 pm

My twins are 2. Good luck to ya... I haven't seen the light at the end of the sleeping tunnel yet!

01/22/13 10:57 pm

It gets better and you will miss these days. Write stuff down and take lots if pictures.

smacc DunningKruger
01/22/13 10:42 pm

Wow, no wonder so many of you are so grumpy.

sunsweet Sweet yet blunt
01/22/13 9:59 pm

LOL. I would if my kids let me. In short, NO.

stephygurl Virginia
01/22/13 9:48 pm

lol I think I would kill my husband in his sleep, at the very least kick and elbow him and steal one of his pillows. :-)

01/22/13 9:17 pm

If I fall asleep at midnight in the middle of doing homework, I usually wake up at three am (unintentionally) and I just push everything off my bed and go back to sleep

01/22/13 8:34 pm

Well, just bc I said yes, I'll wake up every hour tonight, probably. But usually I do sleep all night and wake up for a few seconds here and there when my dog kicks me or I'm cold/hot

01/22/13 8:30 pm

Impossible currently... 3 kids 2 or under. Normally, yes!

01/22/13 8:07 pm

11pm to 1201am is fairly easy

BroM Western New York
01/22/13 8:06 pm

What if we always wake up for a minute or two, but are too tired to remember it?

01/22/13 6:30 pm

All islanders sleep well, Puerto Rico Hawaii Guam Virgin Islands
Why would that be ocean sound or just plain paradise!

emt816 Virginia
01/22/13 6:25 pm

i wish- im lucky if i sleep for 4 hrs

01/22/13 6:15 pm

I usually drop like a stone into sleep in like 10 minutes and stay asleep through the night. Maybe once every couple weeks I wake up in the night or a bit early to go to the bathroom but that's it. Sometimes I wake up an hour or so early and fall back asleep. I love sleep, and I get lots of it :D

homeagain NWA
01/22/13 6:13 pm

I tried that. He throws his to the ground in his side of the bed then steals mine.

stephygurl Virginia
01/22/13 6:06 pm

I have found that the best solution to this problem is two blankets.

susanr Colorado
01/22/13 4:54 pm

I can relate. I used 2 or 3 alarms when I absolutely had to be somewhere relatively early, and at least one had to be across the room so I had to get out of bed. Not really an issue now, except at the beginning & end of trips, etc.

01/22/13 4:54 pm

I have been unable to sleep at night for some unknown reason.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
01/22/13 4:38 pm

In my twenties I had four alarm clocks in sequence scattered around the room to force me to get out of bed before tuning them off in my sleep or just sleeping through them. Now that I don't have a reason to be awake during my preferred sleep periods, it takes something really annoying to wake me.