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Show Of Hands October 22nd, 2012 12:00am

Should Halloween always happen on October 31st, or change to always take place on the final Friday of October? (UQ)

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10/29/12 6:43 pm

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▒ 95%

svenalexander Land of the Ents
10/29/12 10:30 am

People will always make plans to celebrate Halloween around weekends regardless. No need to change traditions

JynxAllen Tennessee
10/28/12 9:17 pm

Friday would make Halloween more profitable for people running businesses.

10/27/12 2:45 pm

As a college student, keep it on the 31st. This way we can celebrate the weekend closest and the actual day

alec Georgia
10/27/12 10:24 am

The point is that it's day of the dead- another holiday that has been ignored for religious reasons and commercialized. Just like valentines day, st Patrick's day, Christmas, and even ground hog day (it has a heavy religious background).

Rigby4 Suburban
10/25/12 7:32 am

It may not be a day that YOU celebrate, but to many people, it IS a day of worship.

Rigby4 Suburban
10/25/12 7:25 am

Would you ask a Christian to celebrate Çhristmas on the Monday? Pagans will continue to celebrate Samhain after sunset on October 31 no matter what

KatieYou Minnesota
10/24/12 11:20 pm

I hate change, but this seems to be for the better, I could get used to it, I got used to the Cookie Monster eating veggies.

10/24/12 8:21 pm

It should be moved to the 13th :D

10/24/12 6:27 pm

Apparently most of you don't treat Halloween like a national drinking holiday . . Friday for me!

iloveu Michigan
10/24/12 5:25 pm

Why change the day of Halloween


10/24/12 4:08 pm

Correction, there is no religious background to Halloween to people who aren't religious.

My family and I dress up as our patron saints instead of monsters or demons.

10/24/12 11:43 am

Please. There's no more religious background to Halloween.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
10/24/12 9:15 am

no one alters trick or treating days to take place on a sensible night; that takes too much cooperation. I know there's meaning behind the date of halloween but for most people it's about dressing up and getting candy or going to parties, so it should be on a night when you can stay out late.

10/23/12 8:30 pm

Oops leave my non secular days alone

10/23/12 8:27 pm

Trick or treat should fall on a weekend and is a municipal decision that should bear in mind the safety of the participants (kids). Halloween,Samhain, All Saints or All Souls day falls on the last day of October and the first of November. Leave my secular days alone.

snuffulufugus Missouri
10/23/12 1:45 pm

Did the Halloween Committee say Halloween was corrupt because the drunk people couldnt pass out candy! Do schools think: Hey, Halloween is terrible because kids are not paying attention the next day? No

10/23/12 8:15 am

It's been done before. See: Christmas.

10/23/12 7:11 am

Most people who celebrate Halloween are children and drunk dressed up young adults so why not have Halloween so the children and the older children can both stay out later than normal and eat candy and drink booze!

10/22/12 10:19 pm

Change so trick or treating is on last Friday

scazman Utah
10/22/12 9:10 pm

Keep Halloween on the 30th, but have Trick or Treating on Friday. As a parent of a sugar-crazed kids, they need a Saturday to come down from their high.

beamie Michigan
10/22/12 9:00 pm

Not only boring, but parents teach children to not talk to strangers, go to there houses or take candy from them; except for one day?!?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/22/12 8:02 pm

Halloween, or Samhain has always fallen on October 31. It's a huge deal for many, like Christmas is for some. You can't just "move" it arbitrarily to a different date to accommodate the TV schedule.

10/22/12 7:37 pm

Halloween is "all hallows eve" which means the "the eve of all saints" so it by definition has to be the 31st because it the night before the feast of all saints.

10/22/12 6:21 pm

It's an actual holiday, guys and gals. As in, a day on which people celebrate. It should not be "moved" any more than Christmas or Independence Day should.

njguinness75 Jersey
10/22/12 5:41 pm

Does everyone who writes first win a prize for showing they have nothing better to do than state they're first and make no argument either way

10/22/12 5:36 pm

How is it boring? It's probably one of the most fun in my opinion

10/22/12 5:11 pm

Friday Halloween would be a godsend on my street considering we pretty much throw a block party.

dadstad Texas
10/22/12 4:58 pm

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Millions have survived mid week festivities.

ATLhawksfan Georgia
10/22/12 4:44 pm

No way because my birthday is on Halloween!!! 31st!!

ning99 Neverland
10/22/12 4:26 pm

I feel Halloween should be the 31st, but trick or treating should be Friday. The only reason we celebrate is for trick-or-treating, and everyone would be happy if we had it on Friday. It's very upsetting when you have to trick or treat on a school night.

commonsense America isnt racist
10/22/12 4:14 pm

Honestly, Halloween is for kids.
And I'm pretty sure they don't give a crap what day its on as they'll be getting bags FULL OF CANDY! Lol

10/22/12 4:11 pm

Halloween is my favorite !

iwishyoulovedlife Cruithne, the second moon
10/22/12 3:58 pm

That's different. We get off work for the fourth of July. No one gets off work on Halloween.

iwishyoulovedlife Cruithne, the second moon
10/22/12 3:56 pm

I know hundreds of parents who scream when Halloween is, say, a Wednesday. The kids then go to school the next day on a sugar rush and unable to focus on school. Friday is the perfect day for Halloween.

10/22/12 3:44 pm

Does anyone celebrate it as hallows eve? No it is a day to dress up get wasted, handout candy/receive candy etc, not a day to pray.

10/22/12 3:43 pm

You do realize that the equinox is the day that night starts to be longer than day? Not halfway between them.

10/22/12 3:39 pm

But...were in north America. Not Europe.

10/22/12 3:38 pm

Um no? Then it wouldn't truly be independence day.

CAModerate California
10/22/12 3:06 pm

FRIDAY!FRIDAY!FRIDAY! It's better for the kids, better for the parents and better for the places that throw parties. It's an excuse to dress up collect as much candy as possible and have fun. I could care less about the historical/religious connection.

dabrat East Coast
10/22/12 3:02 pm

Leave it alone, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Awesome San Antonio
10/22/12 2:39 pm

Then I wouldn't get off school for All Saint's Day.

opinoner homaha
10/22/12 2:36 pm

Come on you know you want it on Friday

commonsense America isnt racist
10/22/12 2:31 pm

And yet it's still catholic. : )

chinito Florida
10/22/12 2:28 pm

They should also make the 4th of July to be the 1st Sunday of July!

ZacharyFL FL
10/22/12 2:22 pm

I think the 31st Actully is some sort of holiday but the actual day for going out and trick or treating should be a Friday because this Wednesday thing sucks