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Should public school staff pay attention to the contents of student lunches brought from home, and replace unhealthy ones with more nutritional school meals? (UserQ)

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02/26/12 7:12 pm

no!!!! I am aa kid,and from a kids view, that sucks.

thedani New Jersey
02/26/12 4:37 am

I put yes, since children should get healthy food, but that would be pretty intrusive for schools to do that.

02/23/12 10:39 pm

That would just be taking away our free will to chose what we want our kids to eat or not.

Whitboy7st Wisconsin
02/23/12 5:42 am

Schools are probably just as unhealthy

02/21/12 9:27 pm

keep ur fucking hands off my kids lunch. too much gov't is ruining this country

02/21/12 3:25 am

It's none of there beeswax

02/19/12 9:14 pm

I doubt the school would make better food choices.

02/18/12 11:46 pm

No it's your body your life your choice. If you are aware of what you are feeding your child that's your choice. everyone is entitled to live their life their own way even if it is self destruction. sounds like a pack of homeless hungry bums to me.

02/18/12 8:15 pm

school lunches are not nutritious at all! They are pre-packaged, pre-cooked, processed foods often just reheated in microwaves! The beverages are usually milk or canned juices high in high fructose corn sugar imported from China or Taiwan.

dlyliny1 New York
02/18/12 5:06 pm

Hmm...maybe the DHHS agent was hungry & didn't want 2 eat greasy chicken (beaks & feet) bits. "Hey, that kid's turkey 'wich & banana look good! 'Wait, kid, don't touch that ''ll kill you! Here, eat some nice nuggets & tots. I'll "dispose" of that evil sandwich and banana for you (heh heh)'"

dlyliny1 New York
02/18/12 4:53 pm

@perot, fluffernutter & jam! Yum! Luv "thinning the herd"! Recently asked friends why they think so many kids now have food allergies. When I was in school, that was as rare as an honest pol. Her DH said "Survival of the fittest. Kids w/ allergies were weak & didn't live to "school age"!" Scary ;)!

dlyliny1 New York
02/18/12 4:20 pm

Are we sure this is an initiative that came from the Fed gov't (vs from the state powers that be)? I ask bc a lot of folks here r blaming Obama admin but I'd be surprised if he/they are spending time on such minutiae. Of course, I may be wrong bc since when did anything the gov't do make any sense?

Flooded Virginia
02/18/12 2:45 pm

if the parents pack their 3 year old a moldy sandwich, then yeah, school should substitute something in. but kid brings a bag of cheetos? none of their business

02/18/12 8:03 am

Have the words "nutritional" and "school meals" ever collided in the same sentence?

stiney Arizona
02/17/12 10:34 pm

How about just making healthy options available and affordable

02/17/12 9:17 pm

I think this violates the right to privacy, the Constitutional one, but the moral one too. Schools shouldn't step in unless parents are giving their kids things like "Asbestos O's", otherwise it's not the school's place

02/17/12 2:54 pm

nanny state to the nth degree!

02/17/12 10:06 am

Besides, public schools should educate our young! Period.... That's what we pay all those taxes for... Not be the food police, health freaks or sex geeks. Schools are for math, English, history, you get the pic. Parents have a responsibility to "Raise" their children. Government STAY OUT OF IT!

02/17/12 9:58 am

The government is already doing this people.... Over 90% say no here, yet this is happening is schools and preschools ever day. Welcome to a socialist government and a nanny state. Now even your four your old can tell you that you don't know how to pack a healthy lunch. The beginning to the end.....

02/17/12 8:02 am

@pinkyyousu hell yeah I agree

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/16/12 9:41 pm

Heres the news story with update at the end
The inspector was a DHHS employee, not school staff.

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/16/12 9:26 pm

If you haven't heard, this question comes from a current news story. It is a government program and agents doing this and they aren't giving out any information now. It's not about fat or hungry kids. It's about government intruding even more into our lives.

02/16/12 9:21 pm

How about the school system forcing high power amphetamines on children under the disguise of ADHD. Seems like a marketing scheme to me.

02/16/12 8:57 pm

Why aren't more parents outraged at the government for allowing this to happen? Surely it happened to more than just one child.

cowboy Doors of Perception
02/16/12 6:54 pm

And the DHHS or the school still won't identify the government agent that replaced the 4 year old's turkey sandwich with chicken nuggets.

cowboy Doors of Perception
02/16/12 6:42 pm

@sevrandy What would make you fatter? A turkey and cheese sandwich or chicken nuggets? Hmmm I'm not a dietitian but it seems to me chicken nuggets was the unhealthy choice by the government agent. The parent actually did the right thing.

02/16/12 6:36 pm

It's not ok for a parent to make there children fat. It is wrong. If you poison someone you go to prison, but if you slowly poison them with food it's ok?

02/16/12 4:41 pm

It's not the home lunches they need to worry about. School lunches are actually much more unhealthy.

02/16/12 4:34 pm

wow thats pretty nazi. what kind of question is this?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/16/12 4:13 pm

It's already happening. We need to put a stop to it. Because school employees are state employees, checking a kid's lunchbox is a blatant, Fourth Amendment violating, un-Constitutional search and seizure. If it happened to my kid, I would be suing the teacher, principal, school, district and state.

02/16/12 3:42 pm

the school lunches are so much more unhealthy than what is brought.

02/16/12 3:22 pm

I think that school teachers should bite a big one

02/16/12 2:06 pm

That's the worst idea ever

02/16/12 1:20 pm

public schools are full of gay

DamageInc California
02/16/12 12:45 pm

@RJ - if you knew anything about the story you would know that you can't depend on the school system any more than a dumb parent. The school took the kid's turkey and cheese sandwich and banana and replaced it with chicken nuggets.

cabooseftw Illinois
02/16/12 10:29 am

It's the important things that we can agree on. Who care about the debt or economy?

02/16/12 9:44 am

Glad we can (almost) all agree on something: kids' lunches.

02/16/12 7:55 am

@quick22, I think teachers already do that. Plus, kids are nice, they usually share. But most schools have free or reduced price lunch systems, so malnourishment at school shouldn't be a problem for most.

02/16/12 7:54 am

Unless the kid is bringing in drugs or something, no. Really? Yes, kids are obese mainly due to horrible parenting, but the school lunches aren't much better. We should be allowed to eat whatever we want. This is a dumb idea.

kandykane California
02/16/12 7:13 am

Only if it's an extreme case, like the kid is seriously sick from not eating right, then I would give him some money to go get a school lunch, or send a note home to the parents.

elbow82 Veganland
02/16/12 7:06 am

I think actually replacing food is going a bit far. If it were up to me, I'd want everyone to be eating healthful vegan food, but I understand that it would be impossible to actually do that.

02/16/12 7:05 am

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I voted no but its sad that ppl make they kids fat

02/16/12 6:45 am

It comes down to the health of the kid. If I saw a student come to school hungry everyday and who looked sick from being malnourished they of course I would say something. But if it's a fat kid eating McDonalds that's his parents choice even of I disagree with it. But they should be aware

02/16/12 6:41 am

I said no but what if you as a teacher saw a skinny kid come in everyday with a plaice of toast or a day old burrito from taco bell?At some point it's a teachers job to say hey this child is not getting nourishment at home. But that is an extreme case. It should not be left up to personal preference

02/16/12 5:12 am

It's called responsibility- something democrats have no idea about- easy enough to see in the way they want to take care of everyone.