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Do you leave a tip for the housekeeping staff when you check out of a hotel?

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01/27/13 11:58 am

I've never stayed at a motel or a hotel or anything. So... no.

01/26/13 1:08 pm

How about you try? A little tip goes a long way to someone who works hard for very little. I was brought up to always tip.

pashn4rshn Virginia
01/26/13 9:02 am

my true answer would be sometimes. if I stay a week or more or been especially decadent in my demands, then I tip.

01/24/13 9:32 pm

The hotels I say at aren't very clean when I get there, so ... No.

01/24/13 12:50 pm

OH, and especially if we made special requests that were taken care of nicely/promptly!

01/24/13 12:48 pm

Yes, unless the service was poor or the room wasn't in good shape.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 1:25 am

I leave a tip if I stayed more than one night and service was exceptional.

01/24/13 12:27 am

Why is everyone so 'tip happy'? Earn the tip - don't simply expect that you deserve one.

TheJudge1971 New Mexico
01/23/13 2:36 pm

My mom used to clean hotel rooms and she really appreciated a tip, so my wife and I always tip.

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/23/13 9:33 am

Look up the definition of 'diction' in the dictionary. How is my diction incorrect?

01/23/13 7:48 am

That's true! It all depends on where you are! I would assume maybe that's the case since California has a higher cost of living. In Oklahoma it's really cheap to live so that might be why paychecks are less.

01/23/13 7:09 am

Of course! My mom taught me that.

chile safer than congress
01/23/13 5:24 am

Yes, just like a tip to fast food worker would also be a lot more meaningful, as its unexpected.

Roadside motel = fast food
Moderate hotel = sit down restaurant

01/23/13 3:56 am

Don't word your statement like you did and then wonder why someone would assume you don't tip. Terrible diction on your part.

01/23/13 2:54 am

Keep in mind that in California, waitstaff make minimum wage plus tips. I didn't even realize it was legal in other states to ever pay below min wage until an out of state friend told me so.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
01/23/13 1:22 am

Most hotels I stayed at housekeeping didnt do a good job but I guess cause I've never been at a good hotel. I've been in some I decided to just leave it was so nasty.

01/23/13 12:24 am

I once accidentally tipped a convenience store clerk two tens thinking they were ones... I didn't want to be mean and ask for it back.

01/23/13 12:15 am

5 bucks probably means more to the roadside hotel worker than it does the big city Marriott worker...

01/23/13 12:14 am

Never have but I will now ..i feel bad that I haven't done this's a chance to make someone else's day !! Tipping is like Gift giving if you give someone an above average tip it makes you feel good and it makes them feel good!! Isn't that what life is all about! Be happy people

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/22/13 11:44 pm

Hey newman987, where in my post did I say that I did not tip? And why do you think that it is okay to resort to name calling in a discussion like this? Elbow82 said it very well, our system is broken. Japan's is best. The employer should pay a fair wage.

chile safer than congress
01/22/13 11:16 pm

Cheap roadside motels = no

Most hotels like Marriott types = yes

Usually leave a few bucks each day. It improves the quality of service in most instances. If it declines, no more tips.

01/22/13 11:07 pm

Come on, we're talking about housekeeping. When I'm at a hotel I put the private tag on the door and if I need towels I'll get them myself. I'm not tipping someone for something so trivial. I don't live there; I'm a guest there.

01/22/13 10:25 pm

This is like going out to eat if you can't afford to tip you can't afford to do it.

01/22/13 9:36 pm

But that doesn't provide incentive for the most personal of jobs to provide good service.

elbow82 Veganland
01/22/13 9:32 pm

I agree with moonshot, but that doesn't mean I don't tip. I do, but I prefer systems like those in many other countries (Japan, for example) where workers are paid fairly and tipping is discouraged, or like Italy, where service charges are simply added to the bill.

01/22/13 9:26 pm

And are you aware most restaurants don't even have to pay minimum wage because of tipping? I give 25% tip because of people like you who short change the people relying on the tip. If you're not going to tip, just stay home.

01/22/13 9:23 pm

Jobs like that rely on tipping. You tip based on the quality of the service performed. Hotels will never pay the wage needed to make tips unnecessary because someone will always do that job for minimum wage. No education needed and you don't even have to speak English. It's Business 101, you dolt.

hapiotter2 Utah
01/22/13 9:10 pm

Good luck with that. Maybe you should become a waiter or cleaning person and prove to the rest of us how you can make a big corporation pay you a living wage. I'm waiting ...

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/22/13 7:58 pm

Of course I tip at restaurants, unless it's really not deserved. They are paid under minimum wage because of tips.
There is no reason to tip someone for doing their job.

satiricalnick meh
01/22/13 7:14 pm

Do you know anything about the "new deal"? Yeah, maybe you shouldnt have slept in your us history class.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
01/22/13 6:46 pm

From you, Nicky my boy, it means soooo much

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/22/13 6:37 pm

Never heard of such a thing.

01/22/13 6:35 pm

Yes...I'm not a stingy asshole

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
01/22/13 6:20 pm

I am actually for social programs and don't mind my money going towards them.
I don't like "failed programs" that just go on and on. I believe in teaching a man to fish not just giving him fish.
And I give 15% of my income after taxes and 15% of my time to social causes. So get off your high horse

moonshot More often I know nothing
01/22/13 6:10 pm

It's the employers job to compensate the employee, not the customer. Tipping should be reserved for exemplary service only. When it becomes expected as part of the compensation package, then something is broken in the system. This is true for ALL businesses, including restaurants.

Liberty 4,032,064
01/22/13 5:04 pm

Nice and subtle, haha.

askmenething Buffalo, NY
01/22/13 4:21 pm

I had never even heard of or thought of tipping the housekeeping staff until my most recent trip. There was an envelope for tips in our room.

andrewv SC
01/22/13 4:05 pm

They're overworked and underpaid. A few spare dollars can go. Long way.

01/22/13 3:12 pm

I do daily.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
01/22/13 2:27 pm

Whenever I receive bad service and tipping is appropriate I leave 2 cents. That way they know that I did not just forget.

caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/22/13 1:50 pm

Ur supposed to leave a tip whoops

zourn Texas
01/22/13 1:28 pm

If I'm staying multiple days in a hotel, I leave the do not disturb sign up the whole time. I don't need clean sheets and a new towel everyday, and I'd rather they stay out of my room.
And the fancier places I've stayed (~$200/day) they wouldn't accept tips.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
01/22/13 1:28 pm

Hmm, I thought it was building stuff for WW II that did that

Liberty 4,032,064
01/22/13 1:26 pm

I've never even heard of this, and I work with a guy that I swear tips everyone, even the shuttle van drivers at the airport parking lots. Haha.

peacefullife Land of Moss
01/22/13 12:18 pm

Dream - the pee and TP was there when we checked in. :/