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Do you leave your phone charger plugged in when it's not in use?

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mdgomm Pennsylvania
11/10/12 4:22 pm

I try not to as it runs electricity.

kjos PNW
11/04/12 12:04 am

My phone charger is always plugged into the wall. Lol. Kidding, just taking the question over-literally. Trolling.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/03/12 12:11 pm

Bigddy 1 the use is so tiny it won't turn your meter ,so what

11/03/12 11:54 am

I love this cent'sless topic. If i am paying my bill, on my own without govt assistance, then i am not wasting anything. I will do what i want with my power. I have about 4 phone charges laying around the house, all plugged in.

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/02/12 7:44 am

I think that's a great idea to cut down on meat consumption. Good call goldy.

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/02/12 7:42 am

This is a great solution. I need to do this.

11/02/12 4:30 am

We have 4 iPhones, two iPads, Four kindles. So us too.

11/02/12 4:26 am

Mines been plugged in for three years!

PetePuma Oregon
11/02/12 1:03 am

Phone chargers, much like tablet chargers, are circuited to draw very (and I mean very) little power unless actively charging. Even cheap knock offs have this. You waste more energy with that flat-screen stuck to your wall. It draws significant power, even when on. Much, much more when on.

goldy California
11/01/12 11:19 pm

Or everyone could just eat a salad instead of a hamburger for lunch one day a week. Much more efficient, carbon-wise. Bonus: better health!

BAL North Carolina
11/01/12 8:33 pm

No I unplug it. I'm afraid that thing made in China will burst into flames whenever I leave it plugged in for too long.

11/01/12 8:32 pm

It's not a power drain if you have it on a switched outlet or switchable power strip. I've got all my electronics plugged into power strip that is plugged into a switched outlet. Can turn off all electronics with the flip of a switch as I leave the room.

cbbfle Nashville, TN
11/01/12 8:09 pm

3¢ *24*365= $262 a year. What could you do...

cbbfle Nashville, TN
11/01/12 8:05 pm

Especially the USB plug... Never goes in the first time...

cbbfle Nashville, TN
11/01/12 8:03 pm

An active person running a table saw for a minute blows away my iPad's usage in a whole day. I do both, so my point is rather null....

cbbfle Nashville, TN
11/01/12 8:00 pm

Love mine. I wish they were standard.

11/01/12 7:24 pm

Can you say power vampire?

LOLdayl Ohio
11/01/12 6:13 pm

Very, very true

FastFusion nj
11/01/12 5:43 pm

It's a transformer. The primary side is always conducting electrical energy when it's plugged in. Best to put it on a switched outlet.

11/01/12 3:50 pm

It drives me crazy when people in my house do it... Biggest waste of energy

BriD Illinois
11/01/12 3:06 pm

I try not to.

11/01/12 3:03 pm

@ Scranton. That $0.03 is for items in my house such as clocks, tv, cable box. All powered down to be in standby. Do you unplug all you clocks when you leave you house and then reset them as you need them? I have tested my chargers and they use nothing measurable if left plugged in but not charging.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
11/01/12 2:59 pm

Also, we live in an area where utilities are included with the house, there aren't energy shortages, and power is generated by hydroelectric.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
11/01/12 2:56 pm

Mine stays plugged in behind the nightstand. I don't bother unplugging the coffee maker, or the TV during the day either.

opinoner homaha
11/01/12 2:34 pm

It's one of my pet peeves

11/01/12 2:16 pm

Yes, but the amount is small compared to the amount used when charging the device

11/01/12 2:15 pm

This is simply not true.

11/01/12 2:14 pm

I don't unplug, but I should. Obviously chargers use energy even when they are not charging, it's a small amount but it adds up over millions of users.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/12 12:35 pm

Yes, but it's very small. The no-load drain of most modern adapters is less than 0.5W, with the best of them at less than 0.03W. Mine stay cold when not charging, and four combined draw less than 1W, so I'll guess it uses more energy (calories) to unplug them than energy (kWh) saved by doing so.

rare_sense North Carolina
11/01/12 12:33 pm

No it doesn't. Electricity doesn't disappear into thin air. A phone charger (or any electrical cord) is nothing more than an extension of the outlet. Much like a garden hose with the faucet left on. If you don't squeeze the sprayer, water will not be released.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/12 12:17 pm

Actually, you'll want to look up "phantom LOAD" or "energy vampires", or maybe "phantom energy load". If you're a worrier, thinking too much about the term "phantom ENERGY", which is normally associated with the term "Cosmic Doomsday" ,will keep you awake at night.

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/01/12 11:45 am

It's true and not because of the light. It's because the device is still drawing energy from the outlet. Your charger doesn't turn off when something isn't plugged in (typically). Likewise even your TV or other gadgets draw some amount of energy when off and plugged in. Look up "phantom energy."

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/01/12 11:43 am

Yes many items like cell phone chargers draw energy even when your device isn't plugged in or when your device is on standby. So do items turned off like a TV. Look up "phantom energy" sometime. It's a commonly used term for this.

11/01/12 11:38 am

My husband freaks out if we do because he says it is still using energy. Is this true? I suppose if it has a light on the charger and the light is on though no device is plugged in, it would use a tiny bit of electricity, however, what if it doesn't?

EarlyBird Portland
11/01/12 11:29 am

After reading these comments, I'm really confused. When a charger is plugged into the wall but not being used, is it wasting energy?

EarlyBird Portland
11/01/12 11:24 am

Buddy - you're right. Guess it makes me pretty lazy :)

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/01/12 11:18 am

Even one person's small amount of waste adds to the grand total of billions of people's energy use (and waste) in the world. A little bit of effort millions of people over will equal a larger collective of energy savings.

Scranton Pennsylvania
11/01/12 11:15 am

(to fxdwg) The issue is that 3 cents/hr for one person means $30,000/hr for every million people doing this in the world. Our individually small wastefulness adds to a total. This is just as true with other waste. I don't always remember to unplug but anything helps in light of a collective effort.

11/01/12 10:41 am

Chargers stop taking electricity when not in use, so it doesn't matter.

11/01/12 10:20 am

Mine is never warm to the touch.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/12 10:03 am

If you typically use the same outlet in your house to charge a device, and leave the wall adapter plugged in for convenience, there is an alternative. USB wall outlets, some Energy-Star compliant, replace a household outlet with one that includes USB charging ports. Google USB wall socket.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
11/01/12 9:19 am

With the technology in newer chargers, this is now unnecessary.

bigdaddy1 Nashville
11/01/12 8:57 am

Not true. The transformer in the 'wall wart' is still drawing electricity. That is why it is warm to the touch.