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Show Of Hands January 14th, 2012 12:00am

Would you rather be thought of as having a "big heart, but not super bright" or a "big brain, but cold hearted"?

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01/21/12 8:57 pm

Big brain. Many with big brains are only perceived as having cold hearts because their actions are often misunderstood by those with little brains. Often those with big brains hurt people in the process of helping more people than are hurt.

QConserv California
01/20/12 9:22 am

Ugh, intelligence is so undervalued in this country. *sigh*

nyc93xo New York
01/18/12 1:39 am

nothing worse than someone who is cold hearted.

01/17/12 5:39 pm

what is wrong with being smart and kind? the most dangerous people are stupid and mean.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
01/16/12 9:22 pm

Having a big heart is only gonna make you weak and sad

mlow106 Michigan
01/16/12 1:13 pm

Wow I Almost wish I wasnt that bright and ignorant of the world around us, life would be so much less stressful

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/16/12 9:01 am

I for one, would be curious to know our resident genius' age and occupation.

jakersw22 Michigan
01/15/12 10:21 pm

@valeriejo an IQ doesn't measure how much you know or how smart you are, it just measures your potential ability to learn..

01/15/12 9:34 pm

Valerie pointing out make believe "IQ" numbers doesn't show how smart you are. No test can truly show how smart someone is. You could be completely stupid and get a good number. Or smart and trash it.

01/15/12 7:36 pm

Big heart, so I can trick everyone with my frozen heart once they believe I'm harmless.

01/15/12 7:30 pm

Big heart and big brain

valeriejo ramble on
01/15/12 9:46 am

@vokilowat, I actually have quite an intelligent brain.. I have an IQ of 160, I just happen to value my personal relationships more than I value anything I've accomplished with my smarts.

01/15/12 9:06 am

I'm a big hearted cold hearted neutral brained person :-). yup, that's me!

01/15/12 8:20 am

I guess I can be thought of a smart person, but I always wonder how happier I would be if I was not as smart.

01/15/12 6:52 am

I am already kind of cold-hearted with a big brain. that sounds conceded, but I'm really not trying to brag. I would want to be kinder though.

01/15/12 1:44 am

...ctd but I tend to hide it and my extreme rationality/realist attitude doesn't help...but only less than 2% of the population has my personality type so of course ppl will misperceive me...not too many like me out here (I always thought I was an alien)

01/15/12 1:44 am

I'm considered cold hearted now w/ a big brain. Id love to be the opposite b/c my fact over emotional driven personality makes ppl feel that I'm emotionless...I hate it cuz the truth is I have the biggest heart ever and I'm actually pretty sensitive...

Rosebud Ohio
01/15/12 12:35 am

Ill take being dumb enough to enjoy myself. A good mother isn't cold hearted- the same with a teacher. And thats what my life is about. So I'll take the heart please... And coming from a (not to brag) person who's smarter than the average bear.

01/14/12 9:55 pm

Oh, you people are just dumb. Guess how I voted!

Nerdz Texas
01/14/12 9:34 pm

I'm known as the second option

01/14/12 8:17 pm

I'm already thought of as having a big brain and no heart, so the answer was easy for me.

01/14/12 8:00 pm

@JDoe, I like your thinking :)

Metal4life California
01/14/12 8:00 pm

I personally don't like to be known as the smart one. It gets really annoying, so I rather go with the big heart one

01/14/12 7:56 pm

Dont lie to yourselves people.

Vokilowkat California
01/14/12 7:05 pm

@ValerieJo, Says someone with no brain. You can still enjoy life while learning about it. But if a problem occurs then wouldn't you want the brains to fix it before it gets worse?

ab32 North Carolina
01/14/12 5:23 pm

@hatemenow. thats just the comment comin from a promoting the lazy democrat

01/14/12 3:23 pm

HateMeNow, the saddest part about that is that in most cases it is true

alleywood Minnesota
01/14/12 3:19 pm

I'm already known as the big brain, cold heart person...I'd like to stick with that.

HolyBabble Mississippi
01/14/12 3:15 pm

Option #3 - Small brain and cold hearted.

That's called being a Republican.

JDoe Its a gift
01/14/12 3:03 pm

there's a huge difference between having a big heart and being known for having one. what I'm known for means way less to me than what I actually am. Worrying about what I'm known for is too self-centered.

01/14/12 2:27 pm

Id rather be thought of as big heart but rather be big brain

01/14/12 1:42 pm

I like your comment Valeriejo, you too Phorz, and isn't that nice? Ultimately, intelligence is great, but it in no way guarantees the finer things in life.

01/14/12 1:13 pm

It seems most of you have what you wanted.

valeriejo ramble on
01/14/12 1:07 pm

@Wycliffe, the people who want big brains do not currently have enough of them to know that there is more to life than just being smart.

EJC Wisconsin
01/14/12 12:30 pm

Unfortunately, I am told I'm smart but have no heart. I disagree.

01/14/12 12:24 pm

Ultimately, people just want to be loved.....Even the brainy ones.

01/14/12 11:47 am

@ Wycliffe, not at all true. I am actually of above average intelligence, but warm-hearted and loving enough not to ever want to be thought of as otherwise.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/14/12 11:44 am

There are a lot of stupid people out there that could care less about big brains. And many of them liberate the brainy of their possessions.

01/14/12 11:35 am

I already know which way I'm thought of, and it's not big-hearted.

Wycliff Huntington Beach, CA
01/14/12 11:26 am

the people who want to have heart are just not smart enough to want anything more..

Quinnipiac Here
01/14/12 10:49 am

lol, i am what i am. deal with it.

dotnetdev Georgia
01/14/12 10:47 am

thats a tough one. i love ppl with big hearts, but the country would be much better off if we had more ppl that voted with their brains. liberals have good intentions, but tend to ignore reality when deciding how the economy works.

01/14/12 10:16 am

You have a life-threatening illness. Do you want a warm-hearted lovable doc or the smart surgeon who's got no bedside manner. I'd choose to be useful to society rather than be just lovable.

01/14/12 9:47 am

Geniuses such as Tesla, Einstein, Edison, etc. all had limited, superficial if any personal relationships. Their intellectual contributions are enormous and unparalleled, but I would prefer the depth and fulfillment of a warm heart.