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Could you fall in love with someone who doesn't speak your language?

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06/17/12 6:32 am

Sounds like something that mainly happens in movies. Eventually, someone is going to have to learn a new language.

monkeyy Ohio
06/16/12 7:37 pm

I think it'd be hard for me to overcome that barrier because I value communication. I think it's vital for a good relationship, so unless one of us picks up the language super fast……

06/16/12 12:56 pm

Hell, I'd teach her english.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/15/12 5:00 pm

@cowboy: Have you ever heard a blonde man speak Spanish? It's horrifying. A blonde dude speaking german? Tops the list.

cowboy Dawns Highway
06/15/12 1:13 pm

Have you ever heard a young blonde Russian girl talk dirty in Russian? Absolutely.

BigUgly Texas
06/15/12 1:01 pm

Does sex slave count as love? I mean you really don't have to communicate all that well if one of you is bound and gagged.

hentek42 Colorado
06/15/12 8:42 am

If they can't speak mine, then I should be able to speak theirs. But there needs to be a common bond of communication. Otherwise it's just infatuation. Sometimes people get lucky and it turns into love, but that is not the initial sentiment. People who say yes will love anyone that loves them.

06/14/12 9:04 pm

I would learn the person's language as part of our lifetime love journey.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
06/14/12 6:55 pm

@shmily. My point exactly. How hard was it to teach him English, though? I even have a hard time picking out books that are easy enough for my Vietnamese FRIEND'S mom to read.( he speaks and reads English better that she does)

06/14/12 6:04 pm

All you need is love! Love is all you need, love is all you need, love is all you need, All you need is love!

John Lennon Paul McCartney

shmily Carthage, MO
06/14/12 9:11 am

When I met my husband he did not speak English. We were instantly attracted to each other. As we fell in love I taught him English. We have been married ten years and have known each other almost eleven years. It does not matter what language you speak, love transcends all!

Liberatheist Mustafar
06/14/12 9:01 am

@maddog Cavemen had their own way of communicating.

06/14/12 8:26 am

How do you think caveman fell in love? They had no language.

23 Texas
06/14/12 7:48 am

Love is not bound by language <3

06/14/12 7:47 am

Nope, I need to be able to talk to the person in English.

06/14/12 7:15 am

If I really liked someone, I'd learn their language just to talk to them.

06/14/12 6:51 am

Love is a emotional feeling, words are not the only way that you connect with someone. So I could fall in love with someone who didn't speak my language, I could learn it though

BriD Illinois
06/14/12 6:31 am

GrowUp - you're clearly commenting on the wrong poll...Perhaps YOU need to "grow up" & pay attention...! Lol

06/14/12 6:17 am

Of course Americans wouldn't.. HA!

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
06/14/12 6:15 am

Well it really depends cause my native language is English and my 2nd is Spanish. But at time I couldn't speak Spanish too good but believe it or not we were able to communicate ok since I do understand more than I speak n he understood English but didn't speak it too well.

GrowUp Minnesota
06/14/12 5:26 am

Mama three… Yeah it's like Mr. Clinton said it depends on what the definition of is is.

Give me a break, the fact is that liberal Democrats are selfish! Democrats are very generous with other peoples' money, however, when it comes to their own they are selfish pigs!

06/14/12 4:00 am

Wow this poll speaks very poorly for Americans...

06/14/12 12:49 am

@idkwhat: it's not about dating but what if you suddenly fall in love?
I usually date people from my culture and this means white but once I fell in love with somebody of mixed race - it happens whether you plan it or not.

06/14/12 12:43 am

Even If they did speak the same language I wouldn't date anyone that isn't white and if they were white and spoke a different language I wouldn't either

06/14/12 12:31 am

Gute Nacht Optimist.
Buenas noches.
Have a good night.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 11:57 pm

Guten Nacht! Ich Ben Ein Berliner. :) Donka! Moch shnel, Nach Der Toten. Idk how to spell most of the stuff it said,lol. Do u believe in loooove? I'd use a translator if I fell in love with someone from another country!

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
06/13/12 10:51 pm

I've never made an attempt to communicate with anyone who doesn't speak my language... I don't see many too often tho, living in Oklahoma

06/13/12 10:41 pm

Voulez vou qou che avec moi sesoi!

06/13/12 9:49 pm

A good point - you'd have much more in common than language.
But falling in love is less under our control than deciding whom to marry.

06/13/12 9:42 pm

I would prefer to marry someone within my own culture.

giottoblu Connecticut
06/13/12 9:23 pm

Communication is kind of a biggie. If they don't speak English or Spanish, we're gonna have a problem.

06/13/12 8:52 pm

What about those romantic seafaring stories like mutiny on the Bounty where sailors fell in love with Tahitian women or so and took them as wives?
Some of it is true - their descendants live on Pitcairn island I think.

06/13/12 8:43 pm

Only if I could speak their language. If we couldn't communicate then no lol.

06/13/12 8:29 pm

Probably just falling in love has few boundaries, it has happened across cultures, generations and possibly could happen across species - otherwise everybody would find movies like Avatar too ridiculous to be moved by; same with Star Trek etc.
Or a woman falling in love with a robot

06/13/12 8:12 pm

love has no limits. thats the sad truth </3

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/13/12 8:09 pm

One my HS teachers sons went on a mission trip to South America and met a woman he felt terribly attracted to. Their first dinner date included a Spanish/English Dictionary. They got married and are now fluent in each other's language. It can happen I suppose.

06/13/12 8:03 pm

@hazhap1: it would be disturbing for me to know my SO. is cursing me but I don't understand it.
I'd secretly learn the language to know if it's really bad as in: " one day I'll poison you sob and get your money",
Important information methinks though if her demeanor is hostile I'd break up anyway.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
06/13/12 7:58 pm

Where love is concerned, probably. We could just learn each others languages.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
06/13/12 7:56 pm

Weda: I had the opposite take away from the book than Lady did. I found it very helpful

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
06/13/12 7:52 pm

Lol! Look at the gender results! I knew it would turn out that way. I don't care if I can speak with her as long as we make wonderful love together.

06/13/12 7:32 pm

The questions are leading

06/13/12 7:32 pm

Wedaslaves-- I don't know if you read that book but if you really have not -- don't waste your time. It is completely skewed to make a person submit to a worthless partner. Flip forward to end and ate the quiz-- it will tell you that you are the complete opposite of your personality

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/13/12 7:28 pm

Someone mentioned a book about the five love languages. Watch what you do to see what you want. Do the same for others. Watch them to see what they do and will appreciate or understand.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/13/12 7:26 pm

You know that we all speak different 'languages'. We express our care in the way we hope to receive it. My spouse is a bottom line actions person. I am more of a detailed nurturer. I don't hear the nice soft caring whisperings. However, I do see solid actions. Do we speak each others language?

hazhap1 Las Vegas
06/13/12 7:22 pm

I can't even imagine a better relationship!

"Bitch all you want, I can't understand a word you say"


06/13/12 7:19 pm

Doubt it would happen but I would believe it to be possible-- I've already fallen in love with a English speaking cowboy though-ha!