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hentek42 Colorado
06/12/12 12:58 am

82% happy, that's pretty solid. Bound to have 18% of people in a bad place, whether its their fault or not. Hard to blame the US, considering happiness really must come from the individual. I for one, am happy. Not rich, don't have any tricks. Just content.

BelleReve Nevada
06/11/12 10:53 am

Specify, please...happy this moment? This month?

SquidHeDs Illinois
06/10/12 8:05 am

My friend made this question, so I'm happy. Plus it's summer. I don't worry about the govt because I believe squids will rule the world. They won't eat you if you believe!

dbrat East Coast
06/09/12 11:28 am

wow happy country, generally yes I am happy tired sometimes but happy

06/09/12 8:44 am

The only way i can be happy is by day dreaming the life i can never have.

06/09/12 8:43 am

Im not happy because im single and college life is so competitive especially here at Berkeley.

iwishyoulovedlife Cruithne, the second moon
06/07/12 2:06 pm

My best friend doesn't want to live. No, I'm not happy.

rachael101 New York
06/06/12 6:03 pm

im not happy .my family is causing me alot of pain in my life

derpty Wyoming
06/06/12 4:22 pm

I like unicorns, rainbows, flowers, and magical ponies. OF COURSE I'M HAPPY!

Rhymez Alaska
06/06/12 2:59 pm

@chica you know TGG was a fiction book, yes?

06/06/12 4:45 am

I live my dream every day. Of course I'm happy.

06/06/12 4:26 am

Yahh I get blown errrr day

06/05/12 8:39 pm

Money can't always but happiness. An example would be The Great Gatsby. ;)

BluejayV Life is Cinema
06/05/12 6:29 pm

Pompous? Haha. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong. Look at the Happiness Index, find America, look at the whole of our country, and tell me im wrong.

JDoe Its a gift
06/05/12 6:16 pm

BluejayV - As one of those Americans, I'm happy we have someone pompous enough to speak for all of us. (What a goof)

BluejayV Life is Cinema
06/05/12 3:40 pm

Suicide rates are higher. Divorce rates are higher. Certain diseases are more common. Crime has steadily been increasing. The usage of antidepressants and illegal substances is at a recent high. We're the wealthiest nation of our kind. But this isn't Qatar... Money doesn't buy our happiness.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
06/05/12 3:35 pm

America is one of the only countries where more money makes you slightly happier than others who don't. But money is never tantamount to happiness. America is a funny country when you look at happiness.

BluejayV Life is Cinema
06/05/12 3:28 pm

As an American, when we say "happy", we mean content, positive, neutral. Not happy. Although some people genuinely are. In countries like Bhutan, happiness is actually a policy. Here in America, we would find the idea of a happiness policy ridiculous and childish.

06/05/12 12:42 pm

@spudman so you'll think I'll never know pain and discriminate me for saying I am not happy. I have Stephens johnson syndrome and will have extensive surgery.

06/05/12 11:12 am

Interesting income filters. Maybe money does buy happiness. ;)

Financially I am not in a great spot at the moment, but yes, I am happy. I have a wonderful husband and daughter and that is more important than money!

06/05/12 9:54 am

I work in a level one trama hospital. So I know everyday above ground is a good day. Have a good one :)

Towrecovery Lockport IL
06/05/12 8:29 am

Someone just put me out of my misory

FaceMoose Over There
06/05/12 6:33 am

Not really. I have a terrible job that takes up so much of my time that I'm having trouble finding another. I barely squeak by each month. We've had a bunch of things go wrong recently and we can't afford to fix any of it.

06/05/12 6:27 am

Does not like having to pay too much in taxes make me unhappy? Oh well, I live in FL & we have a law called 'Stand Your Ground'...!

06/05/12 6:03 am

Spudman - You're confusing "making you stronger" with "making you more bitter". You're getting all wrapped around the axle comparing yourself to others.

I agree with the advise you were given of finding help. Life can offer great joy and it's twisted to sit in your own self pity.

06/04/12 10:56 pm

As for the husband, is relief close enough to happy?

06/04/12 10:55 pm

guess I should say no,because my Dad died suddenly last month and I left my husband of 25 years last week. But I have to say I am more peaceful and content than I have been in years. I loved my Dad and I miss him,but I am sure glad the cancer took him I'm ten days not two years.

BadBadger Georgia
06/04/12 10:05 pm

spud, I hope you get the relief and happiness you deserve. I'm just saying that playing one-upmanship with yours and others pain, isn't a great way to start. Good luck.

06/04/12 9:57 pm

spudman, speaking from experience and meaning no offense, you should seriously try to find a good therapist.

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 9:52 pm

... to make others want to kill you. I'm sure any rational person would agree, including yourself, Badger.

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 9:50 pm

Never said I was. I am proud of my pain in a sense. It makes me stronger in the long run. But it still makes me hate lesser pains that I could get over in a day at most. Having everything you value thrown in your face is enough to kill you. Whining because your life is too privileged is enough...

BadBadger Georgia
06/04/12 9:46 pm

As bad as it may be, you aren't the only one who deserves a little happiness.

BadBadger Georgia
06/04/12 9:44 pm

spud, I'm sorry for your trouble, whether you care or not, but you're sounding more bitter than unhappy, and a touch prideful of your pain. 'Mine's worse than yours, so yours doesn't count' won't get a lot of sympathy.

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 9:38 pm

... and people who care about you enough to at the least discuss something that bothers you. Smile, you lucky waste of breath. If you don't, you dishonor those who can't. That makes you deserve to be unhappy, though god willing you aren't.

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 9:35 pm

... living in a cheap motel for the week because of that. Or when you can relate to something comparable. Then I'll accept yours as pain. Your parents grounding you from seeing your friends for the weekend does not constitute unhappiness. You have the love of a family that should be unwavering...

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 9:33 pm

When your wife of ten years doesn't want to have children with you because they might inherit Asperger's, and she thinks it would be too stressful for your relationship. When she threatens to leave because you think the child's wants should come before yours and your wife's needs. When you're...

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 9:25 pm

I said 'majority'. As in 10-20 year olds who think life sucks because their daddy didn't touch them enough.

06/04/12 9:16 pm

Yep, just graduated, moving to Boston in a few months for college, I'd say things are going well for me at the moment.

swimguy Illinois
06/04/12 8:33 pm

@spudman how can you know if people have felt pain? Who are you to judge? I lost my father at six, and I'm sure a lot of others have felt pain too.

lindyj New Hampshire
06/04/12 7:45 pm

I'm not quote Sheldon Cooper

06/04/12 7:42 pm

@spudman. Wow That's Bold

spudman Ohio
06/04/12 7:34 pm

Hmm? Am I supposed to say "hey, what's wrong?" to all the no-voters? "I'm here for you!" "It will get better!" PA below me: shot of vodka and a revolver will fix you right up. Majority of you have never known pain. The fact you call yourself unhappy makes me want to vomit.

pateach2 love my son
06/04/12 7:23 pm

Not right now In general sure but not right now.

06/04/12 6:35 pm

Gut reaction was yes, but then I was like, who am I kidding? No, not really happy.