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Show Of Hands January 21st, 2013 12:00am

Do you have a visible attribute that is distinguishing enough that a stranger would identify you by it? (e.g. "remember that guy with the lip ring?" or "officer, I swear she had six fingers..." or "pass this to the guy who looks like Yoda", etc.

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01/27/13 11:00 am

small, circular birthmark on my left leg.

01/26/13 5:43 am

only that I'm the really tall guy

chupavisor New York
01/25/13 7:07 am

I have a visible attribute only when I'm with my twin, then people remember me... twice!

kingpacman23 KCCO
01/24/13 6:57 pm

They don't call me cinnamon buns for nothing

01/24/13 6:00 pm

Long, dark curls. They're really hard to miss.

01/24/13 2:35 pm

Who would be told that they look like Yoda anyway? ????

equery Wisconsin
01/23/13 10:27 pm

Maybe out East. Not in Wisconsin.

equery Wisconsin
01/23/13 10:26 pm

Dimples would be the only thing..

01/23/13 9:30 pm

My hair is yellow like piss

01/23/13 8:53 pm

I used to have highlighter blue hair but now not really I have a different taste in fashion though

HPNerd Hogwarts
01/23/13 3:08 pm

Michael Jackson?!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/23/13 2:02 pm

And a girl? Wow.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/23/13 2:01 pm

He didn't mean like that. He meant something that would stand out in an arbitrarily average crowd.

ashleyk Florida
01/23/13 1:16 pm

None of those. I got them naturally when I was 3.

01/23/13 12:18 pm

Anyone who says no to this is fooling themselves. Everyone is visually distinguishable somehow.

...unless you really do think all black, Hispanic, Italian, etc. people look the same.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
01/23/13 12:16 pm

Yep. My naturally platinum blond hair!! It's easy to see me in a crowd when everyone else is darker!! Even the fake blonds have darker hair than I do!!

01/23/13 11:10 am

Yes. I have a mullet. Been my hairstyle since the mid-80's. I'm just suited for it. My hairdresser says I'm the only client she's ever had that can pull it off.
Even though it's a style that people make fun of, I frequently get compliments about how nice my hair looks.

01/23/13 9:44 am

Yes. I'm the guy with no tattoos.

01/23/13 8:47 am

I'm 5'9" and 12 years old.

arste New York
01/23/13 8:33 am

Your a gay democrat in Connecticut. Just go over the border into Vermont and nobody would ever find you.

01/23/13 7:15 am

I've got a lip ring and gauged ears. Green eyes are also uncommon.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/23/13 5:40 am

Oh man, that really was a much better way to say green...

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
01/23/13 5:39 am

chlorophyll-explosion eyes.

WhatsThatSmell Florida
01/23/13 5:29 am

Yea...I'm a dude that stands at 5'2". However, just as that makes me "stand out", it also makes it easy to miss me.

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
01/23/13 2:30 am

* I "am" a big, "tall" woman, that is. Wow! Embarrassing iPad tpos!

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
01/23/13 2:28 am

Six-foot tall, 250-pound lady y'all! I kinda forget I a big, all woman till I see a tall gal in a crowd and then, when I get near to her realize I'm taller.... (My hubby loves it -- I'm his Christy Brinkly and he's my Billy Joel. But without BJ's substance abuse probs!)

cynthisa Heartland U.S.A.
01/23/13 2:25 am

Dancer? Figure skater? Or gymnist? (Poor you!)

valeriejo ramble on
01/23/13 12:47 am

SUPER long hair (that's healthy not scraggly)

01/22/13 11:39 pm

When your pretty with a phat butt everyone remembers you haha

chile safer than congress
01/22/13 11:21 pm

Business up front, and party in the back

chile safer than congress
01/22/13 11:18 pm

Besides the hunch back, wandering eye, and speech impediment, there's no reason I would stand out in a lineup.

EarlyBird Portland
01/22/13 10:08 pm

FIAT - purple eyes is what made Liz Taylor famous :-)

EarlyBird Portland
01/22/13 10:06 pm

FIAT - where the hair is short around the ears but the back is long :-)

AMCG a Hoosier in E TN
01/22/13 10:01 pm

Right now I have blue hair extensions. Other than that, nothing major unless I'm in a bikini and my surgery scars show

chinesa72 Missouri
01/22/13 9:36 pm

Long red hair and freckles.

lemondrop37 70118
01/22/13 9:33 pm

My hair is dyed bright pink. Definitely a defining feature.

jess1cas Tallahassee, FL
01/22/13 9:12 pm

Unless you're talking about my husband and me at the same time, no. He's 6'5" and I'm 5'3".

01/22/13 8:52 pm

I have super curly hair with kinks in it - and it's always very poofy. I'm short, but people can pick me out of a crowd with the sight of my mop of hair.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/22/13 7:15 pm

You mean the hairstyle with like a 4 inch tail at the back?