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Would strict enforcement of our existing immigration laws be racist? (UserQ)

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07/05/12 12:41 am

Depends on how it is enforced. Of course I want our law enforcement officers to carry out the law professionally, even if it means them to be really strict about it.

But no unreasonable use of power of course.

EarlyBird Portland
07/03/12 3:01 pm

They should have been strictly enforced all along.

mohawk204 Utah
07/01/12 11:48 am

How is enforcing a law racist? If a German enters the country illegally, it's against the law. The same goes for any other nationality.

bigpapa000 Nevada
06/30/12 8:03 pm

It wouldnt because there are already millions of people in the united states and it couldn't support immigrants entering the country every day or our economy itself could collapse

BadBadger Georgia
06/28/12 1:18 am

Maybe you are more American than I because you love the UN. LOL

BadBadger Georgia
06/28/12 1:16 am

You and I are both Americans, neither one more so than the other. The difference is, you don't understand the definition. The idea that one person can be more American than another is ignorant.

BadBadger Georgia
06/28/12 1:11 am

And are you suggesting that I, an American citizen, should "get out" if I don't agree with you? What a pompous ass you are.

BadBadger Georgia
06/28/12 1:11 am

dangetdoe, I find it very difficult to take any of your gibberish seriously.

I have read this interesting, but somewhat flawed, and completely ineffectual document. What's your point? It is irrelevant to the discussion.

06/28/12 12:10 am

We use the word "American" too loosely. Every American feels privilege about their rights. Don't forget as American we sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Don't know it, look it up. In addition, before calling yourself a citizen, serve your country, volunteer your time , or get out.

06/27/12 9:56 pm

It's easier just to violently kill or violently capture the commies so their evil plans to manipulate Liberty on Alaska shore are stopped, and the inevitable may discourage a certain environment from poisoning as certainty called freedom. AMERICA

06/27/12 7:16 pm

Zod i just goggled your states requirements and you had to show proof of your identity there were 5 docs I think they would use BC was what now?

06/27/12 7:09 pm

I have never heard a state not requiring a proof of age document of some kind to get a license. Usually BC or Pass Port. So Zod you just show up tell them you are old enough give me the license?

rtsguy California
06/27/12 7:02 pm

Understandably it's perceived as racist, the law in Arizona states that if you have reason to believe someone is illegal you can hold them. if Canada's economy went to crap would we make a wall in the north? Would we stop illegal Canadian immigration? My stance is enforcement of the law

PAdave Washington
06/27/12 4:40 pm

Every other country in the world takes its immigration seriously - only in America an you come in illegally - splurge in the amenities, and then get amnesty and a free ticket to be a citizen

GrowUp Minnesota
06/27/12 10:58 am

Democrats… is it racist if white people breath?

cobra302 Massachusetts
06/27/12 5:24 am

Part three
about safety of the general public then continue to be one of those people that call racism for all the wrong reasons.

cobra302 Massachusetts
06/27/12 5:24 am

Part two
there to protect citizens of the country. Speeding is dangerous and there are laws to deter fast and dangerous driving. If you feel it is racist to give speeders tickets and also don't care

cobra302 Massachusetts
06/27/12 5:23 am

Part one
It's not an issue of racism, it's about protecting our borders. Public safety is the focus of keeping illegal people out of the country. Often times people can get killed when immigrants gain illegal entry into other countries. The law is

06/27/12 4:06 am

It works damn well for the Israelis.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 3:32 am

And it took less than an hour for someone to prove my point.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 2:40 am

And don't even get me started on the cute little way people have of disparaging others by attaching "tard" to the end of someone's political party or philosophical/social organization.

Children may be cute, but childishness is not.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 2:31 am

It's a goddam shame that this hateful-sounding word rolls so easily off the tongues of so many. It is an unfortunate by-product of the dissolving respect that Americans used to show more of for their fellow man.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 2:19 am

If you don't have the courage of your convictions enough to make your opposing point in an honest way, but instead, roll all your hate up into a single, dishonest, phlegm-like word, and spit it right into people's faces, you are absolutely worthless as a human being.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 2:09 am

If you fall into the second category, you are worse than a racist. You are a misanthropic, cowardly sociopath. (Look it up, you ignorant f***er) It may not have the same hurtful sting as the sound of "RACIST", but it is far more accurate.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 2:09 am

or they know exactly what it means but don't give a shit because they are full of pure hatred for those who they disagree with and will stop at nothing (including lying) to be as insulting as possible.

BadBadger Georgia
06/27/12 2:08 am

I am disgusted with the fast and loose way some people throw around the word racist. Either they have no idea what it means (because they are simply ignorant or just plain stupid),

06/26/12 11:12 pm

Every other country in the world does it

06/26/12 10:32 pm

We are not talking about our past. I'm am mentioning people who referenced slavery. Im afraid of the future too. It's enough we have had it with just about everything America has done to us.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do FOR YOUR COUNTRY." -President John F. Kennedy

06/26/12 10:25 pm

I think racism is the epitome of what a person perceives as inapplicable.If we are going to move in on hard working immigrants who chose to live a different lifestyle,then it's common sense we should also attack our own citizens with larger tax reforms.Should I mention Obamacare? You vote communism?

06/26/12 10:14 pm

US are just a bunch of Americans who have forgotten what America is there for. God protects America because it is the shinning city on top of the hill of the greatest mountain know to human history. Lazy, does not mean you are part of the Kingdom of God. For America is the safe haven of Kingdom come

burnsey89 Louisiana
06/26/12 10:13 pm

It's not racist just because most of the offenders are of the same race. It's racist if it is a law that seeks out a race.

06/26/12 9:18 pm

Not racist, just mean in my opinion.

06/26/12 7:10 pm

I agree with HollyBabble again.. That's a record 2 times in one day!

06/26/12 7:08 pm

Strict enforcement of slave laws was racist do saying that being a law make it not racist makes no sense....

06/26/12 5:16 pm

strict enforcement of the law is racist? Do you how many white Europeans are illegal immigrants here?

montie AnCap and proud
06/26/12 3:57 pm

It's the NAACP that makes everything seem racist.

Topgun California
06/26/12 3:12 pm

People who say yes don't understand the law at all.

06/26/12 2:32 pm

If we only had the boarder laws when the first settlers came over life would be a lot more different. Not necessarily better but much different.

06/26/12 2:20 pm

Nope. I took the test. It's not just Mexicans, but like Filipinos & Japanese here. My family is from Japan & we all took the US test. Wasn't that bad.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/26/12 12:59 pm

nvr2L8 no, I did not show my birth certificate the first time or any of the other 3 times. I was never in violation - these were obtained consecutively, each time except the first as required after moving into the state. In WA, as many others, citizenship/legal alien is not required for a license.

06/26/12 12:44 pm

Zod: did you show your birth certificate the first time? Most states will take a drivers license since the original state asked for your BC. If you drove a commercial truck you would be in violation having multiple licenses.

06/26/12 12:39 pm

Sounds like our school system where we dumb ourselves down to the stupidest kid so he won't feel bad about himself. If it was an issue important to you I guarantee you would be bothered to take action.

06/26/12 12:37 pm

and can't prove who you are don't beoch if you get detained for a while because you couldn't be bothered.

06/26/12 12:36 pm

Hollybabble sounds like you have a lot of personal issues. We are just saying that under the circumstances of 13 million illegals in our country a form of ID is a must in today's world. You haven't bothered is pretty damned lame! So when you get stopped for jaywalking and you tell them your name

HolyBabble Mississippi
06/26/12 12:26 pm

So apparently according to Conservatards I'm not a legal citizen since I don't carry a DL or BC.