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MiKEY2012 Florida
09/28/12 10:59 pm

No way!! Learn something new everyday! Huh.

09/23/12 10:01 pm

My dad won $20,000 last year on a scratch off and also hit 4 out of 6 numbers on lotto drawings a couple times. Luckiest guy I know. It's an extra couple bucks he has to spend and he also donated some of his winnings. Just not to me lol

Chopper2 Georgia
09/23/12 7:44 pm

Once or twice a month... only when I feel I'm going to win is when I play

09/23/12 3:26 pm

Nope, it's a tax on stupidity.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/23/12 12:13 pm

I bought a $1 scratch off ticket and won $100 one time.

bnnt Los Angeles
09/23/12 8:39 am

Lottery and gambling is for people that don't understand math. They're both a complete waste of money.

EarlyBird Portland
09/23/12 7:30 am

I don't understand why people call the lottery a tax. Please explain.

09/23/12 6:30 am

Db4of4, but I understand what you are saying. Most of the wealthiest of people in America, you would never guess it is them. And, I also agree, often those who look rich are mired in debt and only focused on appearances.

09/23/12 6:28 am

Db4of4, for that I apologize. I am not judging people on how they look, truly. I live in the city of Dallas, and the spot where I stop to get gas near my work is not populated with potentially middle-upper income people. They are homeless or one step away. There is no mistaking this assessment.

09/23/12 6:23 am

Tcby... Your statement seems to judging people's economic status based on how they look... Around here some of the rattest looking people are richer then those who are dressed to impress. Usually the impressers are just maxed out credit card bills attempting to keep up with the Jones.

sukiemac Michigan
09/23/12 6:13 am

Never bought one. I work to hard to throw it away.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/23/12 2:41 am

The income filters are interesting. Not quite what I expected...

09/23/12 1:49 am

Also, studies show that zip codes in poorer areas sell four times the amount of tickets.

You would be much smarter, and better served, to invest your $5 (10, 20 ... whatever amount) each week in a growth stock mutual fund. You will eventually get your jackpot.

09/23/12 1:38 am

Zod & Ket, you are statistically more likely to be struck by lightening FIVE times than you are to win the lottery once.

Ket, then you don't buy your tickets where I get my gas. Otherwise you would understand what I see and know to be a fact.

09/23/12 12:37 am

Never have, not sure why though. I guess it just never crossed my mind. It's interesting to see all the commenters' interpretations of "regularly" btw.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/22/12 9:36 pm

tcby even in the cases where your generalization is true, a dollar for a day or two of false hope is probably well spent in an otherwise hopeless week. Play a ticket and you might win and change your life. Don't play and you certainly won't win. Pretty cheap for the psychological lift.

gearheadgirl California
09/22/12 9:10 pm

I play because it is fun, and I surely don't fit into your poor, lacking food and shelter category.

gearheadgirl California
09/22/12 9:09 pm

@Tcby Nice generalization. You know this how, exactly? Where do you get your statistics? You're making assumptions and broad generalizations about an entire class of people. Sometimes it's those small games of hope that bring light to someone's day. Socioeconomic class is one piece of a huge pie.

tdaddy Kentucky
09/22/12 9:09 pm

@rbrown1 the reason they don't have this app is because they spend money than could be used to pay their iPhone overhead on lottery tickets instead.

tdaddy Kentucky
09/22/12 9:03 pm

No. The money for was supposed to be spent on education yet they still make kids solicit money from their parents friends and neighbors (making them feel smaller than pissants if they don't contribute); so, no, I don't buy lottery tickets because there's no honesty about what they do with the money.

dbrat East Coast
09/22/12 8:20 pm

Not regularly but I do buy one a powerball tic for tonight - wish me luck!

09/22/12 8:05 pm

Zod, it is a game of chance that is mostly played by poor people that would be better served spending the $ on food, shelter, clothing, etc. The lottery sells hope. And there is no hope in the statistical odds of the game. It's sad to see the less fortunate lined up to play when I stop to get gas.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/22/12 6:17 pm

The lottery is not a tax. On anyone. Period. It's a game of chance, completely voluntary, no more a tax than bingo, the casinos, or a raffle. It isn't unethical or immoral, and doesn't target the poor or uneducated. If you don't like it, don't play, but don't hate on the folks that enjoy it.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/22/12 6:02 pm

The lottery is a tax on people who can't do math, and I don't like to pay taxes.

09/22/12 5:57 pm

I'm not invested in the redneck retirement program.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
09/22/12 5:35 pm

@jms I agree with that. There are better things to spend your money on than a ticket that has a win-lose ratio of 1,000,000:1 and almost never wins anything.

emsies Seattle
09/22/12 4:04 pm

He was quite the fatalistic dream crusher. I loved him. One of my favorite teachers.

emsies Seattle
09/22/12 4:04 pm

My 6th grade math teacher had a "lottery book" that showed the chances of winning the lottery. The chances of winning the lottery are the same as him picking a random dot in the book and then you, with your eyes closed, picking the same dot in one try. It was 70 pages, each with 1,000 dots on it.

lmurder MDK
09/22/12 3:43 pm

Only when the jackpots are over 100 mill. Scratchers...weekly

09/22/12 3:14 pm

Evidently people who are in line in front of me at convenience stores don't have this app. I'd guess there would be way more than 9% of all Americans.

arste New York
09/22/12 2:25 pm

Yes. I probably should call the addicted hotline on the back.

monkeyy Ohio
09/22/12 2:15 pm

So is gambling. There's absolutely no point in doing it.

monkeyy Ohio
09/22/12 2:14 pm

No. The lottery is a waste of money.

09/22/12 2:11 pm

Not Really Interested In Gambling Unless Its Cards Or Dice #Truth

09/22/12 1:36 pm

Haha interesting income comparison

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/22/12 1:21 pm

Not regularly on a calendar or recurring basis, but anytime the jackpot is $100M or greater, I'll usually buy a ticket.

09/22/12 12:54 pm

Depends on how you define regularly, I'll buy one if I see the prize is getting big, or I'm feeling lucky or whatever but I never spend more then like $10 a month. And that is counting scratch offs that I get multiples at a time when I get em

09/22/12 12:49 pm

Rarely and only a few of those scratch tickets - chances to win something are about 1 in 4. It isn't much but you know and get paid in cash instantly. I think $20 with a $2 ticket was my highest win. I know you lose in the long run but it's just for fun - you won't feel the $2 you spent.

09/22/12 12:48 pm

No. I have probably spent $50 on lottery tickets over the last 10 years.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
09/22/12 12:46 pm

I can do math. I play 8 dollars a month. That's 96 dollars a year. That's 1,920 dollars over a 20 year period. Starbucks every morning, a gym membership you barely use, a brand new car with 0 miles are for people that can't do math. Hell I've lost earrings that cost more than 1,920.

Quinnipiac Here
09/22/12 11:46 am

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09/22/12 10:51 am

If I don't play, I'm not wasting my money on a useless venture. The lottery is for those that can't do math.

snafu Washington
09/22/12 10:42 am

I buy a ticket or two once in a while, less than every 6 mos.

timeout Boston Strong
09/22/12 10:32 am

No, it's a losers game. I knew a guy at work who bought 10 to 20 scratch tickets a day. Not to mention the daily number, weekly/biweekly games. These are games that pray mostly on the poor. But a ticket once in a while don't hurt. Like the regulars say, if you don't play u can't win.

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
09/22/12 10:27 am

Only when I'm feeling lucky.
Lost my dollar both times.

09/22/12 10:27 am

ehh, when i'm in the mood, i'll probably buy 1 or 2 and, if im lucky win $5