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Gray wolves were recently removed from the Endangered Species list and will stop receiving its federal protection next month. Good idea? (UserQ)

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ishady 86451132020
09/05/12 6:08 am

I'm sure there's a wolf who wondered what human entrails taste like somewhere.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/04/12 4:10 pm

55poda44- the wolf was actually considered no longer endangered in 2009. It has taken this long to get them completely off the list.

McQ26 Dallas
09/04/12 10:30 am

Overall, Americans can typically be relied upon to significantly contribute to the extinction of various species, including but not limited to the puller ion & destruction of our environment. It amazes me how people take pride in slaughtering animals & mounting them on the wall- real macho...

FakeSound Arizona
09/03/12 10:22 pm

Sure, why not? I don't see why anyone would go out of their way to hunt gray wolves anyway.

09/03/12 6:25 am

I feel like as if they should still receive less and less protection over a period of a year. A year later from the day they were declared a non-endangered species. They should stop receiving protection but always be kept an eye on.

ishady 86451132020
09/02/12 2:40 pm

So the point is wolves were here before us. The gray wolf in particular went as far south as Mexico. So while we were banging rocks to start fires.they were roaming America.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/02/12 9:15 am

...isn't a problem. As I've repeatedly said, it's the CGW that was wrongly brought to a place it never belonged. Look at many island nations where Europeans brought non-native species in. The native populations have been decimated. It's the same thing with the CGW. It's decimating our native herds.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/02/12 9:15 am

ishady- oh good. I was worried I was debating with someone who didn't even know the states!! :-)
Yes, wolves were here before Europeans. But there are several types of grey wolves. The Timber wolf is one. It's a much smaller variety than the Canadian Grey (let's go with CGW to save space). The TW...

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/02/12 8:46 am

@ishady That's right. Your wasting your time. Jms is more informed on this subject. I only saw a documentary a couple of days ago. I don't live there and admittly don't know all the facts. But I love wolves, love cattle and horses. These things you know nothing about. Stop leading with pure emotion.

09/02/12 8:07 am

Most states that actually have wolves have their own protection laws, so the national laws are often redundant.

09/02/12 8:06 am

How fortunate for the wolves that your vote doesn't matter.

09/02/12 6:51 am

May we slay them and eat their flesh?

ishady 86451132020
09/02/12 4:20 am

According to the fish and wildlife service grey wolves were here before Europeans.

FrankZappa New York
09/01/12 10:32 pm

I think if you hunt it, you should eat it.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 9:02 pm

ishady- please tell me you are commenting on someone else's post and not mine. Please assure me that you know your geography of the United States well enough to NOT get Iowa and IDAHO mixed up. Please???? I live in Idaho.
And it's not all about the cattle. It's far, far more than that!!!

09/01/12 9:01 pm

I didn't even know they were endangered... Whoops :P

09/01/12 5:15 pm

Isn't that the point? Protect endangered animals in the hopes that the numbers recover so they will no longer need to be on the endangered species list.

09/01/12 4:48 pm

It's a good idea but a better idea is repealing the Endangered Species Act

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 2:53 pm

The site said north America including the united states. Iowa specifically who knows.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 2:45 pm

...the problem. No, they weren't here in Idaho before humans. Humans brought them into an area nature never intended them to be!!
I'm going on a family outing to see some grizzly and black bears, bison, elk and who knows what else we'll see. Yes, for real, live animals. I'll catch up later.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 2:43 pm

Well, one of my comments began "they evolved..."... So i must believe.
So some species were here, in Idaho, thousands of years ago. Ok. Fine. There are species of wolves that are NOT creating a problem. I've stated several times I am SPECIFICALLY talking about the Canadian Grey wolf which is...

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 2:38 pm

I've never seen a wolf in my travels in the us. I've stayed in many states but not Iowa. My outburst was excessive I'd admit. I just don't think destroying a species to save cattle is worth it. Has to be a better way.

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 2:35 pm

Or do you not believe in evolution in which case I'm wasting my time talking to you.

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 2:34 pm

I read online the grey wolf migrated to northamerica from Eurasia some 750,000 years ago and some versions of the species is millions of years old. That makes them here before us. Was that wrong?

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 1:48 pm

...naive, wishful thinking when the animal was not put there by nature.
So where else have you lived that gave you insight into wolves?
You're right, I went overboard saying you attacked my knowledge. My sincere apologies for letting my "mouth" get away from me.
And don't call names. It's juvenile.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 1:48 pm

ishady- in order to be a debate, you would have to be presenting information pertinent to the topic. So far you've talked about nature, evolutionary tracks, etc. without actually giving any reasons for NOT taking the wolf off the list. Saying let nature take its' course isn't debate, it's...

bigfish Missouri
09/01/12 11:56 am

Does anyone know the whole story? Wolves were hunted down as livestock pests. Then the elk population exploded and had a negative impact on the environment. So wolves got protection to recover numbers. it's good that they no longer need protection. As long as people don't kill too many again.

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
09/01/12 11:35 am

I trust our Wildlife Management Professionals to know what they are doing.

09/01/12 11:26 am

I don't see a problem with it being taken off the list if it is no longer endangered. However, because wolves are heavily hunted for sport, regulations are probably still critical in the coming years.

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 11:03 am

Who said anyone was awful cowpoke? Animal conservation is more than killing a species because you somehow got a bug up your ass,s about if they belong there or not.

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 10:50 am

Who is attacking your knowledge you paranoid goofball and you assume I've always lived in new jersey? I thought I was debating you on this but if you want to be a prick never mind.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 9:56 am much by bringing the wolves in.
Educate yourself. You're proving yourself truly ignorant on this topic with your attacks on my knowledge.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 9:55 am

...the Canadian Grey has no business being here. So killing them isn't "off the natural evolutionary track". Bringing them in took everything off the track. Humans upset the balance you love...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 9:55 am

...Canada and Alaska. They evolved to massive size and strength to hunt moose and caribou. In our milder climate, they are by far the superior beast in the forests. They will dig out a hibernating GRIZZLY BEAR and kill it for food or just for sport. In packs, they will attack a wide-awake grizzly...

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/01/12 9:54 am

Ishady- how about you leave your comfortable back-east, suburban life and come see what's really going on. You obviously get your information from liberal sources. People created the wolf problem in Idaho. They brought in Canadian Grey wolves. Those wolves are native to the northern areas of...

09/01/12 9:41 am

It's because of the movie the grey

09/01/12 9:35 am

Wolves are my favorite animal. They can work in packs or by themselves.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/01/12 9:31 am

It really doesn't sound like you know what is happening with the wolves. You just want to get on your soap box and tell us how awful we all are. That won't help.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/01/12 9:29 am

There you go with the "we" stuff again. If you are so terrible change. Stop including me in your hatred for humanity.

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 9:05 am

When species become too populated nature/evolution creates difficulties for that herd. We defeat those with advanced medical solutions therefore upsetting the balance.

ishady 86451132020
09/01/12 9:03 am

This human development is going beyond evolution. We have upset the natural balance and your a human so you hold responsibility cowboy.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/01/12 8:54 am

How come people love the idea of evolution and Darwinism until they see it in action? I've never understood that one. Just like most people want to hear the truth, until its spoken. Humans are funny creatures.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/01/12 8:50 am

@ishady You means a disease like cancer or AIDS? Nature can handle it.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/01/12 8:47 am

@ishady Who's arrogance? Yours? Don't include me in your nonsense.

cowboy Dawns Highway
09/01/12 8:14 am

@jms I don't know about Idaho but wolves are native to Yellowstone. All the Montana ranchers wanted was to shoot wolves on sight if they came around their livestock.