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Sage1287 Illinois
02/23/12 10:14 pm

Mumford and Sons should have won best album...

02/23/12 4:15 pm

I watched it. I think Bruno Mars should have won an award. But Adele did really good.

02/22/12 6:37 pm

I loved Paul McCartney at the Grammys. he's still got it after all these years! rip John lennon

02/18/12 11:02 pm

sgeisler18 I totally agree with you. I was very happy with Adele's performance.

02/18/12 10:59 pm

You all are just ignorant. There are singers out there that work hard and boogereatr no the Grammys are not what you call "gay".

02/18/12 1:29 pm

country singers don't know how to sing :-)

redheeler Texas
02/17/12 12:26 pm

Only the country singers actually sang. The rest just lip synced. Chris Brown is cocksucker!

02/17/12 9:47 am

I got to go on the red carpet!!

02/16/12 1:19 pm

the grammys are totally gay and so is Chris brown

02/15/12 8:18 am

Anyone who gives Justin bieber an award is not credible

putter Michigan
02/14/12 6:41 pm

I only watched for the beach boys and sir paul

02/14/12 3:41 pm

I AM THE 99 (comment) (%)?

Melon No Ducklips
02/14/12 2:35 pm

Pfff nope. They make plenty of money and live the lives they wanted. I don't need to watch them get awards for it too.

bazinga719 Illinois
02/14/12 6:08 am

@gramps I love the dog shows and so agree!!!!! ^_^

bazinga719 Illinois
02/14/12 6:04 am

@jgreene tht is my moms first initial and maiden name weird....

02/13/12 11:40 pm

Loved Adele. Chris brown is freaking ridiculously stupid.

Comet? Tennessee
02/13/12 7:44 pm

@toilet: Do you mean you drown Whitney in your toilet for her R.I.P.???

Comet? Tennessee
02/13/12 7:41 pm

Why do we have to watch the Grammy Awards rather than the poverty received the cheap awards????

sbakh1012 New York
02/13/12 3:54 pm

What was Nicki Minaj thinking? Can someone tell me what the point of that song was? Obviously the performance was for attention. At first I thought she was trying to say all girls are obsessed with being pretty, but then it got weird.

02/13/12 2:41 pm

it's been high jacked by the lowbrows of the music industry.

02/13/12 2:40 pm

What about Don Cornelius?

02/13/12 12:53 pm

wow, I just realized they forgot Etta James last night during the "in memorium" segment. That's just wrong

02/13/12 12:47 pm

I wanted to see the tribute to Whitney Houston. And Jennifer Hudson did not disappoint. Otherwise, that Blondel chick was ok, and who the hell was that idiot with the mouse mask with the moving lights?? that was friggin cool..his music sucked but that mask was nuts.

GunnyGunz Virginia
02/13/12 10:28 am

I have a 120GB iPod absolutely packed with music of all types.
Why watch a dumb arse awards show with a buncha lip syncing poor quality music, when I can click n scroll & listen to what I want?

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
02/13/12 8:16 am

The people who watch the Grammys are the same idiots that watch the Kardashians and Jersey Shore...

dispatcher Tennessee
02/13/12 6:43 am

At least you saw the good part AirForce

02/13/12 6:39 am

Who cares... The music they have on there blows. I did catch the Foo Fighters performance during a commercial... Walking dead was on lol

DavesNotHere where am I
02/13/12 6:16 am

That electronic crap was embarrassing

DavesNotHere where am I
02/13/12 6:15 am

Wanted to see the Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, and the Boss.

02/13/12 5:22 am

Loved the Beach Boys. They sound much better than the guys that sang two of their songs. Their harmony is hard to match!

AKBrain psychology rocks
02/13/12 12:29 am

wouldn't watch them, but with Chris brown being on there, definitely don't want to watch some jerk who beats women be 'honored' or 'revered'.

BadBadger Georgia
02/12/12 11:46 pm

@Happy2, a Grammy is 1/28 of an Ouncey,

02/12/12 11:43 pm

No. I watched a stream of the BAFTAs instead.

sgeisler18 Illinois
02/12/12 10:20 pm

@Paco921, yes, incredibly offended. I think she is almost completely talentless.

I'm happy Adele took home all those awards; I'm do glad a woman with a real body can make it to the big time, and I'm even more happy that a real singer and musician won, not auto-tuned people who can't actually sing.

02/12/12 10:12 pm

@paco921 yes, however (sadly) that is pretty much today's 'cool'.

02/12/12 10:11 pm

@tcap plus, you can't say anything about what she is famous for/lives for, her angelic voice??

02/12/12 10:10 pm

@tcap uhmm dont you think that could be offensive to her? I mean, I'm sure she doesn't like it when people say that....

02/12/12 10:09 pm

I usually do, I missed them this year. :( But I usually get too bored to finish watching them anyway, I just look up who won what.

02/12/12 10:08 pm

Pretty sad that Etta James was snubbed in the memorial. She was after all a beautiful singer and the original junkie/star. Paving roads for people like Whitney and Amy w.

paco921 Pennsylvania
02/12/12 10:07 pm

Was anybody else offended at least a little bit by Nicki Minaj's performance?

02/12/12 9:45 pm

Foo Fighters. Adele is fat...

02/12/12 9:41 pm

watched the baftas instead