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Should CPR training be a high school graduation requirement?

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12/23/12 3:26 pm

Two hours of your life to better save lives.....SOLD!!!

12/22/12 9:23 am

I would strongly favor this proposal if the training consisted of a short (day long at most) seminar with attendance being the only requirement (ie no grading - if you show, you pass).

susanr Colorado
12/21/12 7:59 pm

Yes, the comment to which I write that reply contained idiotic political stuff. Totally unrelated in any way to the poll question. I'm not the least bit ashamed of being annoyed by that.

susanr Colorado
12/21/12 7:55 pm

The thing about CPR is that if you need it, you need it RIGHT NOW and not in 5-10 min when paramedics arrive. So you're dependent on whomever might be nearby who KNOWS HOW TO DO IT. If lots of people are trained to do it, your chances of having someone near you are greatly increased.

susanr Colorado
12/21/12 7:52 pm

I have, twice. Once in a grocery store. I didn't know what to do. Fortunately other people did. Later, after CPR training, I was babysitting my best friends' 1-yr-old when he choked on food. I didn't have to do CPR, but used related skills learned in CPR class. He now has a 1-yr-old of his own.

12/21/12 7:29 am

I had CPR in high school and now I work with disabled people so I have it every year. It's very simple and can keep someone alive until help arrives

nFavOfSecess Texas
12/20/12 10:54 pm

... No wonder this nation is in such crisis.

Complacency sucks arse.

nFavOfSecess Texas
12/20/12 10:52 pm

"idiotic political stuff"??


Shameful... but oh sooo common a sentiment now days.


nFavOfSecess Texas
12/20/12 10:46 pm

How often has anyone here been in a situation where they were faced with having to "save a life"?

More pressing issues are at hand, and to require such a skill for graduating is absurd.

Crown59 Indiana
12/20/12 5:39 pm

Yeah that's what I want. Some dumb kid pumping wrecklessly on my chest

12/20/12 11:26 am

It's actually called the Good Samaritan law, which removes any blame from you as a responder if you do it in good faith and within the limits of your training

sailorgemstone New York
12/20/12 7:15 am

To be fair even though I did have to learn it ill probably never use it because the recipient could sue me for trying

susanr Colorado
12/20/12 1:12 am

Hmm... I didn't take CPR training until I was an adult, so I don't have high-school experience to compare. I would THINK that high-school-aged kids ought to be able to comprehend - and retain - it, though. A bunch of people responding here seem to have done that.

anTONIarchist FL
12/20/12 1:07 am

I agree, but "more pressing issues"!? Haha we're talking about saving lives..

Cmeszko12 New York
12/19/12 9:07 pm

to respond to Colorado most kids class when I did it didn't know how to do CPR by the end of the course so it was pretty pointless

Cmeszko12 New York
12/19/12 9:05 pm

I hated that shit. almost didn't pass gym because I couldn't do the CPR which I left to do till my senior year. luckily the gym teacher liked me and just ended up passing me.

zigtiger823 everywhere
12/19/12 8:19 pm

Holy babble I've never laughed harder at a soh comment

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/18/12 10:15 pm

Only if the high school cheerleaders are the one you get to train on.

susanr Colorado
12/18/12 10:09 pm

Well, it does stand out. Sort of "one of these things is not like the others." It's certainly not the end of the world, and I think I'll probably live, but many of the current sets of comments are SO contentious and ugly, and I really expected this one to be at least free of idiotic political stuff.

chile safer than congress
12/18/12 8:01 pm

Pleasant? So, this one comment was the one that ruined all the other comments?
Sheeesh. Just skip it, and move on.

susanr Colorado
12/18/12 6:45 pm

Don't people get something like that now? I remember history-of-something (state, US, world) every year, and there was always a bit of government on each one. Plus a whole year of government as HS seniors. But that was a long time ago.

susanr Colorado
12/18/12 6:43 pm

Well, OK. But that petty nonsense could save YOUR life someday, or that of someone you love dearly. IF there's someone around who knows how to do it. The more people who have been trained, the more likely that will be.

orivatis2 Illinois
12/18/12 6:39 pm

yes, but not a long course. of awakening kids to vulnerabilty of death & allow kids to know that adults can trust them with critical things like saving a life

frostedchalk warehouse 13
12/18/12 4:58 pm

No. You have to get certified every couple of years anyway so those you want to learn will.

nFavOfSecess Texas
12/18/12 4:55 pm

CPR... a REQUIREMENT for graduation??


Petty nonsense.

Let's require something that deals with more pressing issues.

nFavOfSecess Texas
12/18/12 4:51 pm

Howabout mandating government classes in every grade, beginning with middle school instead?
At least the majority of the population would be informed when making decisions as to their elected officials and would better understand the processes of how government operates.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
12/18/12 12:03 am

Interesting mjohn. Thanks for insight. I'll look into it.

pashn4rshn Virginia
12/17/12 11:50 pm

y the hell not! Its ez, can save a life, would cost almost nothing and besides those who oppose it for extremely religious reasons (small minority), it shouldn't b 2 controversial.

whatsername Hawaii
12/17/12 11:13 pm

Absolutely. If we require geometry (which I personally haven't used since grade school) why wouldn't we require a skill that could actually save someone's life?

12/17/12 10:16 pm

I only know how because at my school if you took divers ad then you had to take a first aid and safety class

12/17/12 9:42 pm

Never thought bout it, but really, why not?

bambi069 Anacortes
12/17/12 9:31 pm

It has been required in my part of the country for years.

12/17/12 9:07 pm

Personal finance is required in missouri

susanr Colorado
12/17/12 8:44 pm

Personally I would try to save someone's life even if I might get sued, instead of standing there and watching them die... or walking away. But let's say you wouldn't do that... What if the person was your spouse or child? Or your best friend?

dabrat East Coast
12/17/12 8:42 pm

Great question - yes.

peacefullife Land of Moss
12/17/12 8:33 pm

For most students, yes. There are some students where CPR may be too difficult physically or mentally.
There is no good reason for any independent adult to not know how to check for an airway, stop gross bleeding (pressure), or do basic CPR. Think of it as frat party prep gone too far...

12/17/12 8:30 pm

I don't think they have a specific name for it, but they tell you to do five "back blows" between the shoulder blades first to dislodge, then if that doesn't work to do five abdominal thrusts...

EarlyBird Portland
12/17/12 8:24 pm

mjohn - what's it called these days?

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/17/12 8:23 pm

No, but it should be an included course for practical purposes.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/17/12 8:04 pm

If any student really thinks the few hours out of an entire school year spent learning CPR is why they failed to adequately learn the three "R"s, no number of additional hours spent on math would have been enough.

12/17/12 7:59 pm

Ewwww.... Now I'm thinking of creepy clowns!! Thanks for that.... *shudder*

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/17/12 7:56 pm

You won't, we have laws to prevent that. But even if it were so, I'd rather make a best effort to save someone than to stand there with my hands in my pockets and watch them die because I'd heard I might get sued. Big knives and creepy clowns scare me; lawsuits don't.

12/17/12 7:55 pm

Sorry, dude, but you're WAY off on this one, "tech college" or not. Red Cross offers adult, child, and infant CPR as well as adult first aid in a 6 hour course. Whoever you paid for your certification wasted your time and money...

12/17/12 7:51 pm

Along with drawing blood and doing oil changes, and then minimally invasive surgical procedures.. How about they be able to read and right the English language and can add, subtract, multiply and divide...maybe we should just start there.

12/17/12 7:51 pm

Good Samaritan law protects those trying to give help in an emergency. Also, Red Cross classes teach you to ask permission if consent can be given before administering help.

12/17/12 7:48 pm

Since certification is done in ONE day, why not just do that? Three days and no certification seems like a bigger waste of resources...

12/17/12 7:47 pm

Lots of public places have them now, we have two at my workplace. The nice thing is, we learn how to use them in our CPR/first aid training, but they are very self explanatory to use. They even talk to you to give you the steps.

12/17/12 7:44 pm

It takes one day, actually just 6 hours, every 2 years to be certified in adult, child and infant CPR as well as first aid. An entire school district could send one teacher to be a certified instructor and they could do 6 classes a year in a large high school to certify every graduating student

12/17/12 7:36 pm

doing it correctly, we will most likely crack a rib, just because of the amount of pressure you have to use on an adult sternum. However the point was made that a cracked rib or two is better than dying if the CPR helps save your life.

12/17/12 7:34 pm

Actually, during my last update class a couple of months ago, we were using the latest released CPR dummies issued by the Red Cross. A light flashes when you're doing the compressions hard enough. We were remarking how much effort it took to get the light on and our instructor stated that if we're