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Show Of Hands April 18th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think "resurrecting" dead entertainers for virtual appearances (e.g. Tupac's hologram performance at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival) is cool and honoring, or creepy and exploitative?

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Kato Minnesota
04/28/12 11:13 pm

It's not creepy it's like watching a 3D movie I think however they shouldn't be able to charge redick amounts of money for a show that's not cool at all

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/28/12 8:44 am

Cooooool lol

I'm too young to have seen such acts as Nirvana and the Jimi Hendrix Experience...
I'd panhandle for ticket money and hitchhike cross country to go see either one of these if Kurt or Jimi were to be there, holo or not.

thouzer New York
04/27/12 1:36 pm

I think the premise is cool but having more virtual dead entertainers takes away from the imperfectness of artists today you can't have a hologram jump off speakers or crowd surf and musicians can't play perfectly every time id rather see a guitar string break than michael Jackson birthday jams

palindrome California
04/25/12 2:36 am

was only a stones throw away. Amazing. It was so REAL and life-like. It reminded me of the doctor in Star Trek Voyager. IT WAS JUST LIKE THAT. So awesome. Can't wait to see how that technology progresses

palindrome California
04/25/12 2:34 am

I saw it, it was pretty amazing. Awesome. Definitely an unforgettable experience in my life and I dare say a milestone. I NEVER thought something like that would be possible. I was always an avid star trek fan and thought the technology from that would be hundreds of years from my lifetime and it

04/24/12 9:33 pm

yeah some people may look at it like it is cool now. but when people in corporate or governing places start using holograms to fool or further control the public, then people won't care so much for it anymore. and paranoia has nothing to do with it, because if I have thought of it then others have

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
04/22/12 8:28 pm

Ntvtxn...where the f did that come from? And wtf does it have to do with this topic???

spoiler Michigan
04/22/12 5:13 pm

I'm sure any entertainer/performer would be happy to know they were still performing after they died. VERY cool, and I'd love to see Elvis, bob marley, Hendrix etc etc etc... It's only creepy in the sense that TuPac looked like a ghost. Awesome all the same

04/22/12 4:32 am

Cool! Is a dead celeb any less dead when appearing on TV rather than in a "live" concert? "Creepy" is a hokey word made up by people whose parents wouldn't let them play outside for fear of all the supposed bogeymen on the loose that nobody would even know about if not for Investigation Discovery.

kbrew Ohio
04/22/12 4:24 am

Tm was not a punk he was killed by a want to be police officer. Smh

04/21/12 9:15 pm

Depends. Look at this way- Trayvon Martin thought being a punk/ gangsta was cool- and it got him shot.
There's more to the story- but you want to be a big man & a punk- I'll shoot you too.

04/21/12 7:00 pm

Jimi Hendrix live! C'mon that would be incredible!

meIphone Texas
04/21/12 5:15 pm

I just wonder how much money played into it? His iTunes sales jumped after it aired. So I would guess a lot.

04/20/12 8:53 pm

Neither cool nor creepy, just stupid

04/20/12 5:24 pm

It's cool that Tupac lives on!

04/20/12 3:18 pm

Kinda creepy, but awesome. Pac's not dead tho. Suge even said so.

04/20/12 12:26 am

It makes for a more interesting show, albeit a little creepy. :)

04/19/12 10:51 pm

@veritas...: I suspect they were thinking, "I KNEW Tupac wasn't dead!"

veritas1 Panda
04/19/12 9:27 pm

Just imagine what was going through the heads of all the people who were high at that concert…

04/19/12 5:50 pm

I voted cool at first but then I thought about it more and what it would look like and that would be freakin' scary!!!! To see a person you know is dead but they're up on stage singing? That would freak me out.

04/19/12 5:41 pm

@happy2: They did this for Elvis many years ago. They took clips from old Elvis shows, isolated his voice, projected his image, and then had members of his old band play the music "live". Why is this suddenly news?

bkelldance Illinois
04/19/12 5:08 pm

Trust me, MJ is certainly alive and well. 23 forever!!

04/19/12 4:42 pm

I thought Michael Jordon was still alive.

niteowl Hold Fast
04/19/12 4:11 pm

Remember Natalie Cole singing with her father? That was cool. I vote cool for this as well. Wonder what's next...

04/19/12 3:10 pm

The technology is so cool I first voted Cool...but then I realized how creeped out I'd be.

BadBadger Georgia
04/19/12 2:44 pm

. . . roll the stone away, let the guilty pay, it's 3D Tupac Day!

MadJefrson West Virginia
04/19/12 1:19 pm

I see SoH uses the word entertainer very loosely. But of course if they would do it with Ronnie James Dio that would FUCKING ROCK /\m/\

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/19/12 1:19 pm

Yeah it was a joke wertio. I though of star wars instantly though. When I saw it. R2d2 projecting Elias help call. Classic.

04/19/12 12:52 pm

Hologram is a complex technology.

DavesNotHere where am I
04/19/12 12:51 pm

Purely marketing, has nothing to do with respect .

Wert A picture of my junk
04/19/12 11:14 am

Jimmy, you're kidding, right? That was basically a double exposure. Holograms in the 70s were those horrible green hued 3d pictures that you had to have glaringly bright light on to even see. Before that. They could only be viewed with lasers.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
04/19/12 10:37 am

I was at Coachella. while the technology is impressive, this application was totally creepy

DeathSheep Michigan
04/19/12 10:04 am

You all realize it wasn't even a hologram right? It's just an HD projection of a 3D model. Just saying. Had that technology for awhile

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/19/12 8:42 am

Jeremy. We had this technology on the seventies. Remember star wars?

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/19/12 8:40 am

Amuto. Thank you for the laugh. I seriously got a good belly laugh out of that one.

04/19/12 6:46 am

I'm glad that we have the technology to actually do that. Stop and think about that for a minute.

04/19/12 6:22 am

ibis mother has been exploiting him for years..what makes this any different?

04/19/12 6:05 am

we need to do that with MJ

04/19/12 5:30 am

They went about it the right way with Tupac. They got permission from his mother and made a generous donatin to his charity.

04/19/12 5:03 am

The only one who should be resurrecting is Jesus

nice_atheist Connecticut
04/19/12 4:56 am

Just for the record they asked Tupac's mom before making the hologram and the idea originated and was funded by Tupac's friend Dr. Dre.

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/19/12 4:53 am

32no: I'm with you. It may be exploitive, but the "techy-nerd" side of me thinks it's just kinda cool.