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Time Machine POTUS Election Mega-Showdown, Tragic Endings Edition! John F. Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln?

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Danielle97 Florida
10/04/11 9:49 pm

I'm gonna be zombie Abe for halloween, lol. Abe is cool.... the funny thing is I'm a red-haired short girl....the total opposite of him

10/02/11 9:14 pm

They both were amazing but I went with Abe

mrcoyote Casa Grande
09/24/11 11:25 pm

Happilylez i have nothing against gays but if your going around in a shirt that says super gay its not going to help your case against bias kind of like if an african american walks up to a another and says "what up nigga". Its not going to help them either

Comments North Carolina
09/24/11 6:08 pm

JFK had Marilyn which might make any man envious, Abe actually stood for something...

09/24/11 9:49 am

I voted for the crooked one

09/23/11 8:49 pm

Jfk's approval rating never dropped below 56%, he was by far one of the most popular presidents in history

09/23/11 5:54 pm

JFK, this man stopped the worlds destruction
Abe Lincoln prevented the USA from corrupting any further and believed that as a nation we should be one but that's not preventing the earths destruction

09/23/11 2:28 pm

I love them both but Abraham did more for the country because he lived longer into presidency than jfk, so I pick Lincoln. but, if jfk had the chance he would've been great.

09/23/11 1:55 pm

Hard one... both great presidents and both hated by the South... it's a toss up for me... I would have been a Republican in Abe's time but now definitely a demo.

EnginE3r Texas
09/23/11 11:28 am

I'm actually fine with both but Abe is know for more stuff than JFK

09/23/11 9:28 am

phindar: see sohtonys post 12:33 am Sept 22

09/23/11 9:10 am

Everyone, PLEASE READ THE QUESTION. It's not who you'd vote for in am election. It's not which you'd like for president today. Which one's death was a greater tragedy?

09/22/11 10:26 pm

Abe Lincoln was an important figure, but he would not make a good president now. Back then he was great, now, he would be clueless. JFK was also a good prez. He would have a better understanding of modern issues.

Jzz California
09/22/11 10:17 pm

bro. reagan wouldn't recognize the republican party.

09/22/11 10:13 pm

bro; I seriously don't think Abe would be in either of today's parties. He wouldn't understand the nanny state or the serious over regulation of business.

xZESTYx Illinois
09/22/11 9:46 pm

One displayed extraordinary leadership during the civil war while abolishing slavery and doing other good works; one nearly caused World War 3 and operated the presidency while on countless medications. Hmm...

09/22/11 9:42 pm

Abe Lincoln would not recognize what we today call republican. His beliefs were closer to a democrats. I'm a staunch republican

09/22/11 8:28 pm

all I can say is good for you that it's becoming accepted more and more. I just think it's over doing it on a simple presidential question. there is a time and place for discussion on every topic. Especiallynwhen it's not a proven fact and it's just being thrown out there to get a response.

Jzz California
09/22/11 8:24 pm

free you underestimate lincoln. read team of rivals by doris goodwin kearns

09/22/11 8:02 pm

@Jopat: yes and no. it matters only if it's pertinent to you. a fantastic role model. gay kids generally have low self esteem or are easily bullied. having a President as a roll model is a fantastic example of how successful you can be. there are some young folks on this forum.

09/22/11 7:47 pm

greenpeace: is that the final word on that?

09/22/11 7:37 pm

That's with the 20/20 hindsight. If it
Came down to them running without any presidency under their belts, I honestly don't know which I'd vote for.

09/22/11 7:35 pm

Theyre both liberal presidents btw, abe lincoln is not a conservative to u repubs who voted abe cuz hes the father of the republican party, republicans werent conservative back then

09/22/11 7:17 pm

Lincoln all the way. He was both a good leader and uniter. He kept the country from dividing into 2. He started the end of slavery. Yes, it was a military tactic. But that was the result none the less. I can think of a lot worse political-martial moves in history.

09/22/11 7:09 pm

happilyliz; Good for you but really? I don't recall the question wanting to know about these guys sexual preference! Thats the point and besides who cares? Just another day in the neighborhood right?

09/22/11 6:07 pm

@mrfunguy: Respectfully, if you're not Gay, you cannot tell a gay person not to let it be know, just because it makes YOU uncomfortable. it is 2011, the Closet Dor has swung open! I was around in the 70's and hid my sexuality.. it was horrible!

09/22/11 5:58 pm

history via rumors brilliant!

osouless Whats Next
09/22/11 5:21 pm

I heard that JFK had a child with Marilyn Monroe and she was killed by the CIA/FBI to keep her from telling. She was supposedly 4 months pregnant when she died.

burnsey89 Louisiana
09/22/11 5:13 pm

Actually I heard that the emancipation came about because the British were fixing to join the south in the fight but they were reputable for having done away with slavery so they didn't want to get involved once Abe made slavery a major issue. Just what I heard once.

09/22/11 4:55 pm

Both we actually terrible

09/22/11 4:55 pm

cman; JFK was in Dallas campaigning he was trying to get to the TradeMart. Lincoln on the other hand had just been through a civil war lost a son. try to imagine winning the election and your at war 3 months later that lasted his entire 1st term.

09/22/11 4:46 pm

Ark hog; I think it was Chicago that managed to find enough votes to put him over the top.......Yea, Chicago politics!

09/22/11 4:44 pm

cman; get real, how ridicules.....

ArkHogs Arkansas
09/22/11 3:47 pm

JFK is WAY overrated. The only reason he won was because he had money and he was better looking than Nixon.
I'd have to say Abe.

ladestra Urban Conservative
09/22/11 3:42 pm

good question. tough choice, both are overrated even though Abe did a lot to dismantle our constitution, JFK did give us our first non-war deficit

cheef Long Island, New York
09/22/11 3:26 pm

@ cman - Trying to make one of the choices appear selfish doesnt really help. Both visited the people many times during office and gave speeches concerning [inter]national affairs.

09/22/11 3:21 pm

greenish: ok so a bunch of soldiers just decided to get together and go after the south, how lame!

09/22/11 3:18 pm

Abe didn't want to free slaves! Besides JFK died supposing and seeing the people of his country. Abe died seeing a play for himself.

cheef Long Island, New York
09/22/11 3:17 pm

... Wouldnt last and preferred that it died at its own pace in the event that a civil war didnt start. However, when southern politicians overreacted to his inauguration, he realized that denouncing slavery would not only banish the curse from the United States but put moral weight behind his cause.

cheef Long Island, New York
09/22/11 3:15 pm

@ Green - If not for a nations leader, the entire war effort breaks down. He put the right men in the right place - although not initially, but that was due to McClellan's overcautiousness - and assured the people that the men were fighting for the Union and moral rights. Lincoln knew slavery ...

09/22/11 2:16 pm

Lincoln suspended Habius Corpus (spelling?). Unforgivable in my book. JFK wins.

09/22/11 12:46 pm

Stop saying Abe freed the slaves! That only applied in the south where he had no power also he did not win the war! The military and the suppliers won it, abe just happened to be president at the time

StNik North Carolina
09/22/11 11:12 am

Besides some speeches(and the Cuban middle crisis) what did JFK do?

09/22/11 10:57 am

@Phindar- but for modern times, lincoln would be a puppet. JFK went against the grain, and that's what we need in a president for today. The Civil War is over, the nation reflects Egalitarian principles, and JFK knew the problems. JFK was raised by corruption, and he had the morals to fight back.