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Show Of Hands June 2nd, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever negotiated price or asked about cheaper alternatives when talking to your doctor about a medical treatment/test?

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JAsher Fishers, IN
06/06/12 11:11 pm

Personally, I think health insurance should work similar to auto or home insurance, in that you should have to pay a rate based in your usage of your policy.

JAsher Fishers, IN
06/06/12 11:10 pm

insurance premiums. Did you know that those who don't, or refuse, to use generic prescriptions, or seek out cheaper doctors, hospitals, and/or surgeons, wind up causing everyone else to have to subsidize that? With higher cost of all of that comes higher insurance premiums that everyone has to pay.

JAsher Fishers, IN
06/06/12 11:07 pm

Why would people it want to inquire about cheaper alternatives to prescriptions or procedures? Is it a status quo thing? "I will only take Nexium, because my Red Hat leader takes it" kind of thing. Or "I'll just get the CT scan anyway; I can afford it." This is why everyone has to pay higher

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
06/06/12 8:24 pm

And here we have the cause of rising insurance rates.

06/05/12 12:46 pm

I take generic seizure meds..those seizure meds are expensive..and if I can I will ask for generic meds..or cheaper service if appropriate..they'll rip you off if they companies are a racket. I swear..

06/04/12 4:54 pm

When I was unemployed I requested a different antibiotic for my child because the first had a huge copay.

06/04/12 7:53 am

Yep. Just had surgery & opted to harvest bone from my knee instead of using a cadaver bone. Saved $5k+. Knee hurts but not as bad as paying for that bone.

06/03/12 7:19 pm

Never as a patient but I think about it and bring it up all the time as physician

BriD Illinois
06/03/12 7:10 pm

Hospitals too...! Much greed & poor operations/management...

BriD Illinois
06/03/12 7:09 pm

Insurance sucks...such cheap bastards...!

06/03/12 3:13 pm

There is more discussion on "Have you been south of the equator" than there is on this question?!

06/03/12 2:55 pm

I have insisted on cheaper prescriptions when I haven't had insurance to cover the costs, but otherwise no.

missmorganmarie ...
06/03/12 1:10 pm

when I was about to start my Accutane treatments.

06/03/12 8:23 am

people wheedle and whine all the time at my dental office...would you try that at the grocery store?

Happy2 California
06/03/12 8:00 am

Dentist, optician & primary care doctor. I tried once to negotiate with a specialist but they gave me a strange look and refused.

06/03/12 4:26 am

This is why healthcare is so expensive. Under Obamacare it will get significantly worse.

06/02/12 8:54 pm

Tweeted this:
To fix U.S. health care cost problem:
1. eat less
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@HubbubHealth @show_of_hands (pic of this poll result)

06/02/12 8:50 pm

not insured. yes I have asked and yes they gave a discount.

redebbm 91709
06/02/12 8:26 pm

Well I'm glad all you have pushed the price of health care up. So much for "financially responsible" can't tell you how many times I've seen people complain about the government not trying to save money when the public doesn't either.

06/02/12 8:06 pm

I did it with my orthodontist.

rhse50 Georgia
06/02/12 8:05 pm

I had a bone marrow transplant. You learn very quickly to ask. Even found ways to get my medical to cover some of my pharmacy costs to make supplies cheaper than prescription co-pays b/c of deductible being met. Saved over $20k on meds the first year post BMT by asking!

dadstad Texas
06/02/12 7:57 pm

Cominsence, seems like you need some.

06/02/12 7:41 pm

This poll gets to the cause of rising health care costs. When you think someone else is paying, you don't shop around for value.

commonsenc District of Columbia
06/02/12 6:30 pm

I am cronikly ill and insured/wealthy money is no problem I am desperate to get better so no.

RayX quit
06/02/12 6:09 pm

I don't have insurance. I have saved 90% paying cash.

mamita Alabama
06/02/12 5:28 pm

I tell my dr to give me cheapest possible. As long as it works why not? I'm a big on saving money.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/02/12 5:06 pm

It might be interesting to know if your doctor has a financial relationship with a pharmaceutical company. Start at, click on dollars for docs. Or:

06/02/12 4:52 pm

PROBLEM: Antitrust exemption for health insurance companies and lack of cost transparency!!!

ENABLERS: doctors and politicians (especially Obama with obamacare) who got payed off by the insurance companies!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/02/12 3:13 pm

I haven't negotiated a lower price from a doctor yet, but I have asked to try less expensive or less invasive treatments first. My doc is really good about prescribing generics, and I always prefer them unless there's a good reason to use the on-patent gold-plated stuff.

scottstots Georgia
06/02/12 2:43 pm

We did it last year with our youngest son. Doc wanted adenoids out, but for a crazy price. We said no and just planned to wait. Office called back a week later and lowered price by $1,000. We still declined and he came off more, so we did it.

Bekka Just relaxing...
06/02/12 2:39 pm

However, my negotiating was with a DME company, not the doc.

nogoodname League City
06/02/12 2:37 pm

Asking for generic is negotiating. Finding out which tests I need and which can wait are also negotiating.

Bekka Just relaxing...
06/02/12 2:37 pm

Actually, I did negotiate a price once. They were going to charge me $275 for the same thing the insurance company paid $90.90. That's whats wrong with health care!!

06/02/12 2:28 pm

Our collective failure to ask is the single biggest contributing factor for out of control medical costs. (See also: the rising cost of college)

Kmh437 Michigan
06/02/12 2:23 pm

These results are sad and pathetic. No wonder society is slipping back to the Middle Ages.

06/02/12 2:01 pm

I simply tried to find out what the price of an electronic pain stimulater would cost the Insurance company and what my cost would be, you cannot believe the run around I got, never did get my answer!

06/02/12 1:50 pm

29 comments on one of the most important subjects...this is why we have Obama as president, uneducated hype!!!!!!!!

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/02/12 1:41 pm

@cupOpizza LOTS of things are negotiable, not just cars, houses, and pawn shop services. I saw someone successfully negotiate the price of some lunch meat at a grocery store deli a couple of years ago. It can be done.

FaceMoose Over There
06/02/12 1:40 pm

Yes. I also request generic medications and if I can go without pain meds or anesthesia I will. I once broke a finger and went to the ER and got a splint on it but never went to the bone doctor they suggested for after. I just let it heal and worked it. Some things you can't skimp on, though.

06/02/12 1:36 pm

Drs will kill you before truly fixing you. What you eat will cure most anything you have. Look at the over 200 side effects of eating modern day gluten (wheat, rye, and barley).

hippiedude fields of green
06/02/12 1:00 pm

My parents still handle that kind of stuff thank god haha

cup0pizza .
06/02/12 12:51 pm

oops pawn shop lol how did that become "lawn shop"? sorry

cup0pizza .
06/02/12 12:50 pm

Uummmm medical care isn't like negotiating at a lawn shop. As hazhap said, pay or die. This poll question is weak.