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The FDA is reconsidering its 2010 rejection of an obesity drug that led to 37lbs average weight loss in trials, but may also increase heart risks. Should a drug's effectiveness dealing with an epidemic like obesity cause the FDA to loosen side-effect safe

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03/01/12 6:17 am

If you want to lose weight put down the cheeseburger!!! I see you fat asses stuffing your face with mcdonalds on my drive home from work every day. Oh and the FDA is a joke (one that didn't end well for people who took vioxx or troglitazone).

Tobi Ohio
02/27/12 4:31 pm

Drugs need regulating, no matter what illness or problem they are treating. The problem with medications today is that there are so many side effects you take more and more meds...

Gloopzoop Missouri
02/26/12 5:58 pm

And as for the FDA... Let us make our own decisions.

Gloopzoop Missouri
02/26/12 5:58 pm

Why use a drug to lose weight and risk heart disease if you can exercise, eat healthier food, and lose the weight without putting toxins in your body? For most people, that should suffice. If the goal is important, one should have the willpower to avoid dangerous shortcuts.

02/25/12 9:43 pm

I worked for a physician that thought he shouldn't be regulated! WTF? Why do you think there are regulations in place for by the government?

02/24/12 12:55 am

insult you personally. You're an idiot. You're a moron. I hope that you're fixed, because we need help if people like you procreate

02/24/12 12:55 am

@Mythic Drugs shouldn't be regulated? That would turn every single prescription drug into a risk. "hmm, I wonder what the drug company used as filler to increase their profit margins today?" Every drug company would turn into a drug dealing syndicate. That idea is so bad that it makes me want to

jennn536 Illinois
02/23/12 6:26 am

i said No, but obesity can cause heart problems anyway!!

Mythic California
02/23/12 12:41 am

What are the values that Americans hold dear? It certainly and quite sadly isn't freedom. If we valued freedom, the FDA rules would be voluntary for drug companies. As a nice side effect, drugs would then cost a fraction of their current price.

Mythic California
02/23/12 12:30 am

Our long lost belief in individualism and limited gov't has been replaced by authoritarianism and interventionism. Society knows best for the individual, therefore, the individual must comply, at the threat of force, to the will of society.

Mythic California
02/23/12 12:12 am

Why can't it be up to the individual to decide if the risk is worth taking? Are we children? I'll trust my doctor and my judgement when making decisions like these.

02/23/12 12:02 am

@news don't you hate that. I see so many commercials for anti depressants . Where the side affects are... Depression and thoughts or acts of suicide... Wtf?! Lol

02/22/12 11:51 pm

The point of a drug is to treat a condition. If the cure is worse than the disease - causing the same or worse dangers - it has negated its purpose. Safety ought to trump vanity. This isn't a cancer breakthrough. There are healthier routes to weight loss. Pills are not a permanent solution anyhow.

02/22/12 7:46 pm

Yes you are correct that he hasn't lost that fat because of a poor diet. Then again that's where men naturally store their fat. If seeing your and is anyone's goal then yes... Diet is 100% important. If you were as heavy as you said and changed ANYTHING you were going to lose weight :)

02/22/12 7:45 pm

there's no miracle pill. eat better and start working out. pretty simple if you apply it

TideGal CFL
02/22/12 4:54 pm

obesity is not an epidemic, it is an excuse for laziness. everyone can do something to change their body

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/22/12 4:49 pm

Well AirForceFD I was talking from personal experience and like I said my husband exercises a lot and has not lost his only fat, his gut. I was also exercising and not losing weight ,I changed my diet I began to lose weight. So I have to conclude that diet means more for weight loss than exercising.

02/22/12 4:30 pm

My point was that you can lose weight with just exercise which oldlady said the opposite. Yes eating multiple times a day can boost your metabolic rate. However, lean body mass is the top factor when raising your metabolism... Which requires exercise lol

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 11:04 am

having more energy, too. This method is well known by diabetics; small portions thru the day helps regulate BG levels. U R both right ;)!

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 11:04 am

(fyi, a reason why many ppl can't lose those "last 5 pounds"). When she began eating smaller, more frequent meals, whether "crap" or not (even if her total calorie intake was the same), it kick-started her metabolism back to "normal" & her body began burning more calories. She prob also started

dlyliny1 New York
02/22/12 11:03 am

@oldlady & AirForce, eating small meals many x per day increases yr metabolism as do exercise and, esp, lifting weights. When oldlady ate 1 large meal per day, at night (esp. bad), she basically sent her metab into starvation mode so her body hung onto every calorie

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/21/12 9:56 pm

AirForceFD I don't care for a lot of junk food or sweets. I love fish and veggies, although I like cheese I do not like it on my food. When I was heavy I would eat dinner,which usually consisted of meat and veggies. I lost weight when I started eating several times a day. I have always exercised.

02/21/12 9:31 pm

Most of the time, the people who eat fewer times per day also eat crap food. So I agree, saying "stop eating so much" is wrong... It's an incomplete sentence. It should be "stop eating so much garbage".

02/21/12 9:29 pm

@oldlady that isn't always true either. If you only eat a few times a day and don't exercise, then yes you can gain weight. The key word there though is exercise. Btw, doctors are the WORST people to listen to about diet.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/21/12 9:11 pm

My point to people making rude comments is not everybody obese is obese because they eat too much. Some don't eat much at all and that's why they are obese. When you don't eat multiple times a day your body stores every bite you take as fat (per my dr) so stop telling obese people to stop eating.

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
02/21/12 8:42 pm

They decided to give Fen-Phen another shot???

02/21/12 8:26 pm

@oldlady people who are obese will lose weight much faster than those who are in shape already. ANY change to either diet or exercise will do that. However when it comes to heart health, your husband is probably healthier than you despite the belly fat.

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/21/12 8:09 pm

well oldlady you are an oddity. I am 6'2 and weighed 281. I started eating better counting calories and started running 5 years ago. I've since ran 4 marathons 12 halfs and I am down to 207.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/21/12 7:16 pm

bbkkanders, I was 5"7 and weighed 250 pounds. I ate a small meal once a day, you want me to eat less than that? I did not eat a lot of sweets, potato chips or fast food. So what would you have had me change? I eat more food now (not all healthy) and I now weigh 155.

02/21/12 7:10 pm

Go out and run fatties

bbkkanders Kentucky
02/21/12 6:57 pm

stop eating so much and such bad foods. stupidity and lazy doesn't mean we should loosen up.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/21/12 6:33 pm

I do cardio exercises at least an hour a day, plus walking the dogs an hour (or more) every night. I didn't lose weight until I changed my diet. I am a small eater and was a once a day eater, I have had to force myself to eat 2 to 3 times a day. So that's where I get my info.

02/21/12 6:31 pm

There is this old thing that prevents obesity... Damn what's it called?

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/21/12 6:28 pm

I am speaking about the exercise thing from experience. My husband lifts weights and does cardio 6 days a week 2 hours each day, but has not changed his diet, he has gotten bigger (more muscle) but has not lost any weight around his gut. I lift light weights but do at least an hour of cardio...cont

02/21/12 6:21 pm

The FDA lets way to much crap get through and into our bodies

02/21/12 6:04 pm

yeah that's a solution...kill all the obese people with heart problems. the FDA can't relax their restrictions for a potentially deadly side effect.

02/21/12 5:21 pm

Why use drugs- just get off your lazy ass!

RJ1969 SoCal
02/21/12 5:03 pm

it's not the heart issues that have the FDA worried. it's the birth defects. how many young sexually-active women are going to interested in a pill that makes you thinner?

02/21/12 4:52 pm

based on the numbers I have seen (I have never been able to see a complete set) the link between the drug and heart conditions was not strong and other factors were not fully excluded.

KnockOut69 South Carolina
02/21/12 3:51 pm

Breakthrough drug to lose pounds!

It's called a treadmill.

trav Instagram, travisdover
02/21/12 2:41 pm

Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. That's why we allow cancer patients to go through something as deadly as chemotherapy.

david suburban DC
02/21/12 2:20 pm

Yeah let's not let a side effect of heart disease interfere with our weight loss!

02/21/12 2:08 pm

You shouldn't even be fat-its unnatural!

TarbashEMagic Bronx, NY
02/21/12 2:01 pm

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02/21/12 1:49 pm

Seems to me that the issue isn't really one of responsibility, but rather of health - the whole point of fighting the obesity epidemic is because of the health complications that go along with it. I don't see how trading one problem (obesity) for another (heart risks) accomplishes anything.

02/21/12 12:10 pm

Oldlady--exercise does help you lose and maintain a healthy weight, with many other benefits as well.