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07/24/12 12:47 pm

Absolutely a sport, easily one of the most challenging too. No team members to lean on , its all you win or loose & incredibly difficult to master. Not to mention it teaches much better values to kids than other sports.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/24/12 11:07 am

Dice rolling require cordination but its not a sport

niteowl Hold Fast
07/22/12 7:07 pm

Read this short article for scientists finding on the issue:

bigfish Missouri
07/22/12 1:16 pm

It's easily a sport. It requires incredible coordination and there is a strong mental side to it as well, both qualities of all sports and not many "games". And it is physically challenging. If you walk 18 holes and aren't a little wore out then you aren't doing it right

07/21/12 7:38 pm

Golf should not be considered a sport due to the lack of physical activity. It should be considered as a game.

SirBigSpur Virginia
07/21/12 6:39 pm

Takashi obviously has never played golf. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

takashi Colorado
07/21/12 11:41 am

How about an activity that requires NO skill at all

07/21/12 6:36 am

Definition of sport:
1. an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, GOLF, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.
So I would consider it a sport.

Topgun California
07/19/12 9:34 pm

If a "sport" can be judged, then it is not a sport. Most sports with times are sports. Golf doesn't have a time but it isn't judged and involves competition by score based on a under or over par scale. Golf is a sport and I love to play it.

07/19/12 6:47 pm

I suppose driving is a sport?

lolya17 Illinois
07/19/12 3:09 pm

Sports give u a workout... Golf is not a workout.

07/19/12 12:54 pm

All sports are games...

07/19/12 12:01 pm

Not a sport I mean. It's a game

07/19/12 12:01 pm

No. It's not. Here's the thing- all sports are games, but not all games are sports.

07/19/12 11:49 am

And I agree with boatchief

07/19/12 11:49 am

Golf takes more skill and practice than almost any sport.

07/19/12 9:55 am

Golf as a whole is a sport, individual competitions such as the Masters is a game. Same as baseball, hockey, football, etc.

07/19/12 9:31 am

The winner of a PGA tour event earns $1-2 Million dollars in 4 days. Whatever you call it, it's worth it.

07/19/12 7:54 am

Neither. It is simply "punishment" that some choose to endure.

07/19/12 3:30 am

If people earn millions of dollars playing golf, then it's a sport

nightcrow Washington
07/19/12 12:11 am

A waste of land is more like it I hate golf make parks it's better and prettier

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
07/18/12 10:44 pm

@bluegrass, I play beer league hockey, and have hade a water bottle full of beer once or twice. Does that mean hockey isn't a sport?

07/18/12 9:21 pm

Definitely both, like baseball, poker, chess, rugby, etc.

Quinnipiac Here
07/18/12 8:38 pm

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07/18/12 8:24 pm

If you can drink and play it at the same time it's not a sport

golfer golfing
07/18/12 8:13 pm

I would say game because the mental aspect of it is much more demanding than the physical aspect.

07/18/12 7:55 pm

And they are not good at golf at all

07/18/12 7:54 pm

350 lb 75 year olds can swim. Swimming's not a sport? They just cant swim very well. Some can play basketball. Heck my gpa was prob 200 and like 88 and he was playing tennis daily for at least 10 years. So swimming basketball and tennis aren't sports? (just to name a few)

hazhap1 Las Vegas
07/18/12 7:46 pm

If a 350lb 75 year old can be good at it... It's not a sport.

RJ1969 SoCal
07/18/12 7:46 pm

Some people are athletes but all athletes are people.

Unless we are talking about horse racing.

Oh gosh, this is sooooo complicated!!

RJ1969 SoCal
07/18/12 7:45 pm

People play games. Athletes play sports.

misterzero West Virginia
07/18/12 7:37 pm

Sports are games. What's up with this?

ncbuc Get Over It
07/18/12 7:28 pm

If curling is an Olympic sport. Then golf should be considered the same. Hell, so should bowling or darts or ladder golf.

07/18/12 7:09 pm

I believe it is referred to as "the game of golf". Just like "the olympic games".

07/18/12 7:09 pm

I believe it is referred to as "the game of golf". Just like "the olympic games".

RJ1969 SoCal
07/18/12 7:06 pm

It's a sport. Just like lawn bowling and croquet. Look at the tremendous physical condition these guys are in. I mean, they exhaust themselves so thoroughly that they need to have people carry their shit around for them and often use carts. Not to mention the drinking and smoking all day long.

07/18/12 7:03 pm

Those who think its just a game have not tried playing it!
It's not easy by any stretch of imagination!
Even Tiger Woods is trying to get better every day!

07/18/12 7:02 pm

A great sport actually dogsaver