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Show Of Hands September 20th, 2012 12:00am

Do you think a nuclear weapon will be used in warfare or terrorism during your lifetime?

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beadg Virginia
09/25/12 7:49 pm

wow what an abyssmal spread... we are our biggest threat and will be the source of our own extinction.

calloveca California
09/25/12 7:23 pm

God I sure hope this doesn't happen. I saw a quote from Eisenhower which I think was dead accurate. He said "The only way to win WWIII is to prevent it."

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/24/12 9:31 pm

We have the technology! Use it, you dumbf@cks!

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/24/12 9:31 pm

Yes, but a nuclear explosion isn't the only thing to be worried about. There's also the EMP blast to think about. Why isn't the govt. investing in ways to protect our electrical grid from that sh!t?!?!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/24/12 10:15 am

P.S. it is written that after we kick the carp fish out of each other, there will be a thousand years of peace for those who actually make it through.

dormant123 Texas
09/23/12 7:36 am

If someone does then you could say by to life as we know it...

09/23/12 5:41 am

Only if Israel or china use one.

09/22/12 11:56 pm

I voted yes but I sure hope it doesn't

09/22/12 11:23 pm

Wow! 69% and people are still voting for the anti-Isreal president. Interesting.

09/22/12 5:42 pm

Nukes have already been used, silly question!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/22/12 11:24 am

There are may more ways nuclear power is used... Think outside the box

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/22/12 10:57 am

It's entirely possible. And it's likely that Iran would use one.

09/22/12 9:07 am

Hmmm...that's why we need to have a strong military. Some people take our national defense for granted. So quick to complain about military spending. Wait until a true crisis happens. Hope you learn chinese or are ready to become Muslim. Bye bye freedoms!

09/22/12 6:15 am

Israel is just dying to try their nukes out on Iran. Would not be surprised if war breaks out between them in the next couple of years.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/22/12 1:34 am

There are a variety of nuclear weapons that don't destroy as in the horrific duck and cover images with everything wiped away. Also EMP and mini power packs for equipment... This is a broad question not limited to all or nothing. However, we are not safe from ourselves and mass destruction...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
09/22/12 1:18 am

The mini tactical nukes have about a 1.1 km radius and calcify the nervous system. They kill without damaging the surroundings.

mmjman Emerald Valley
09/21/12 11:26 pm

the entire area from the river of Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea is considered "the blessed land" in Islam. Jerusalem is the most holy site there, but the entire area is considered holy land. Doubt they want uninhabitable levels of radiation anywhere in the region.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
09/21/12 10:36 pm

@lmurder you're right - this country would definitely be much nicer if it was filled with condescending geniuses like yourself rather than b and c students.

RJ1969 SoCal
09/21/12 9:55 pm

Tel Aviv is far enough away. Haifa. same story.

09/21/12 9:51 pm

@jd123: I never even looked at it that way. You have an excellent point...Jerusalem is one of their holy cities. Iran would need to be on eggshells around it.
On the other hand, dirty bombs could cause major damage elsewhere in Israel.
Good point!

IraqVet03 North Carolina
09/21/12 7:48 pm

WWIII in next 8-10 years. Stage is being set across the globe and America is declining.

09/21/12 6:49 pm

Pakistan vs India nuclear exchange in my opinion.

omniku dot com
09/21/12 3:01 pm

... I also wonder what's going to happen when drones become widespread. Once again we're all like "yeah! Drones! Go us!!" While forgetting that in 10-15 years the bad guys will have them too.

omniku dot com
09/21/12 3:00 pm

I assume this means dirty bombs and whatnot, not just nuclear warheads. It's getting easier and easier to get the materials and build them.... I'm pretty sure it will happen somewhere in the world in the next few decades.

09/21/12 2:59 pm

the masses of B and C students make the mistakes so the few A students we have excel at what they do. the B and C students learned that from the D and F students that came before them. or something like that.

09/21/12 2:54 pm

it doesn't need to be used anymore does it? bio weapons seem to be much more effective. but what do i know? i'm not an expert on terrorist strategy research and development.

Itabliss Hello
09/21/12 2:26 pm

Jesus, I hope not.... And I'm an atheist.

commonsense America isnt racist
09/21/12 1:52 pm

Actually L, I think that when we used the nuke, it was one America's greatest moments. You'd think we could solve any problem we had with a great leader like that to guide us. I hope we can vote one in , in nov.

lmurder MDK
09/21/12 1:31 pm

Nope. We've learned our lessons. Silly uneducated people. We truly are a nation of B and C students.

Wes28 CBus
09/21/12 1:03 pm

Haha Democrats are much more optimistic. It is way too hard to tell...I (hopefully) still have 60 years of life left, there's no telling what might happen.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/21/12 12:48 pm

I hope not..but there probably will be.

09/21/12 12:35 pm

@roybiker12 Our Government Is Behind It #Truth

09/21/12 12:34 pm

The 31% Is Either In Denial Or Is Brainwashed & I Say That To Say This 2012 Be Prepared & BeAware Because These Are The End Days And Our Own GOVERNMENT is Behind It. If You Dont Read The Bible & See The Signs Then You Are Living In The Matrix We All Are InActuality. America/Babylon Will Be Destroyed

09/21/12 11:58 am

Bio terrorism will happen before nuclear.

hippiedude fields of green
09/21/12 11:33 am

I wouldnt be suprised. The crazy extremists and our dumbass government and also the russians

09/21/12 10:59 am

Wow what a bunch of pessimists.

cherubrial San Francisco
09/21/12 10:34 am

I sure hope it doesn't happen, but it probably will.

cowboy Doors of Perception
09/21/12 10:09 am

If the Islamists get their filthy hands on a nuke, yes. Bye bye Israel, half of Europe and America. Just imagine if the Muslims had the bomb from Iran now. They're attacking 20+ countries right now, including America, starting on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. It's a scary time to be an infidel

09/21/12 9:41 am

There would be no "honor" in terrorists using a nuclear weapon, unless they strapped it to a commercial jet and packed it with jihadist zealots. We should give them a warhead, and just wait for the "boom!" It's a small price to pay to see thousands of al-Qaeda with flash burns and pancreatic cancer!

09/21/12 9:40 am

If it does, sadly I suspect it would be used by the only country who has every used one before...the USA.

09/21/12 9:35 am

@roybiker12. How close are they exactly? What's the current Republican/Israeli talking point concerning Iran's nuclear program? Do tell! Are they as close as Saddam was in 2002? Oh no! (:-0

09/21/12 9:09 am

I said yes, but I am praying that it doesn't happen. As a realist though very possible

mmjman Emerald Valley
09/21/12 8:29 am

Not to mention they know If they do that they will get attacked by a number countries who will kick there ass.

mmjman Emerald Valley
09/21/12 8:23 am

In Islam. How does that make any sense? If Iran did that more Muslims would hate them than who hate us.

mmjman Emerald Valley
09/21/12 8:23 am

Ok let's be real for a second. Iran is an Islamic republic that holds Islam as there most sacred thing. Would it make any sense. Any sense at all for them to nuke Israel, when that means the death of millions of Muslims, plus the permanent destruction and radiation of Many of the most holiest sites