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Show Of Hands July 11th, 2011 12:00am

In general, do you think the President is more conservative than you are, or more liberal?

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07/26/11 5:03 pm

in all of my 59 years I have never seen a time when this country feels so divided. repubs vs dems, Christians vs atheists, me vs you. WTH have things gotten so bad we can't accept each other for who we without it getting personal? are?

vegas Nevada
07/24/11 12:29 pm

At least Obama does not make up his own words like so many others we have seen! He is actually educated!

07/18/11 7:59 pm

@death- as a committed conservative who greatly opposes the Obama regime... SHAME ON YOU!!! ( and I don't like to yell... )

07/17/11 11:02 pm

Nobama is a very bad president,
so I will end him 

Mike3 Michigan
07/15/11 6:10 pm

4 trillion in debt. I couldn't even spend 4 trillion in my entire life! Where is it all going?!!

jenmom Ohio
07/14/11 4:05 pm

how does everyone like the change? Personally we have less change in our pockets. Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do. Vote in 1212.

07/14/11 3:26 pm

@birdmech- Cont... While his unilateral assault on health care means that no conservative will ever support him... The things you have mentioned mean that true Liberals don't really consider him 'one of them' either... interesting

07/14/11 3:25 pm

@birdmech- That is an interesting theme, that I have seen a couple of times in here. It seems to reveal a weakness for Obama, in considering this question.

07/14/11 3:04 pm

I gave my reasons why I think he's relatively conservative from me. In addition, I think people perceive he's more liberal than In actuality. They worried about guns, yet he's done nothing even after that shooting. They worried about immigration, but he's deported more people. Etc etc.

07/14/11 3:01 pm

Personally, I think of you look on what he ran on and was elected for, and what actually happened, he's tilted more conservative. He said he would raise taxes, close Guantanamo, put in a public option, get out of more conservative.

07/14/11 2:59 pm

do the republicans who said he is more conservative then they are, know what republican means? I think they should change their party

07/14/11 2:05 pm

Perhaps you could offer some historical support for that position...

07/14/11 2:03 pm

@FrankZappa - I consider your 'make it up as you go' position, to be rather lazy and irresponsible.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
07/14/11 12:29 pm

3 out of 4 democrats feel that Obama is more conservative than they are? Wow that's profound. I wonder if they realize that our president is by far the most non conservative president yet?

FrankZappa New York
07/14/11 11:54 am

I believe we should speak and act based on our experience and opinions, not an ancient set script that has no ( in my opinion) author. Let god provide your reasons, not your language. I can see parallels of the core message, but not the source. Speak for what's right, not for god.

FrankZappa New York
07/14/11 11:49 am

@Archamedes, but your giving credit to god sets that founding back to day one, 6,000 some-odd years ago. We define our rights, not any god. When at work, if you need help, do you ask your parents? I ask coworkers and management.
There is not always a parallel between god's law and our law.

07/14/11 11:22 am

This history was studied and sited by our founders.

07/14/11 11:22 am

until you have had an opportunity to do some research. You must understand that there is nothing new under the sun. All of the problems we are now dealing with, have their parallel in history.

07/14/11 11:22 am

Furthermore, to suggest that our founders did not have the tools to create principles for today's society, is to display a fundamental lack of understanding of human history to a degree that will make it difficult for us to continue this banter...

07/14/11 11:15 am

@FrankZappa - Clearly that topic does get under your skin. Your assertion that my support for the founding document is somehow, to disagree with that document, is a bit of a stretch... Don't you think?

FrankZappa New York
07/14/11 11:09 am

I wonder because when (if) god made those rights, the population was like, two. There was no need for social security, health care, police, parks, roads... oh, I didn't mention education, is that all we should offer our communities? Maybe soap too.
Sorry, bringing g*d up here got under my skin.

FrankZappa New York
07/14/11 11:07 am

I know god didn't give us rights, I know our founders weren't equipped to legislate to our modern society. Together we define and redefine our rights.

FrankZappa New York
07/14/11 11:06 am

@Archamedes, sorry, it actually sounds like you disagree with that document. If those rights are truly inalienable we would need to try so hard to uphold them. I was hoping to hear you think for yourself, this is why I fear religion. Cont...

07/14/11 4:57 am

I'm sorry if you disagree with our founding document. However, these are the principles of the country that you choose to live in.

07/14/11 4:56 am

@FrankZappa - ...And so you have demonstrated why I used the quote that I did. Our country was founded on the principle of these rights coming from our creator, and striving to provide them to mankind.

Adonis New York
07/13/11 11:07 pm

Someone needs to tell Cantor that he's not going to get Boehner's job. He's lost it.

FrankZappa New York
07/13/11 10:17 pm

@Archamedes, doesn't liberty and the pursuit of happiness require taking liberty with the ten commandments?
I meant for you though, that you use. When they wrote about All Men being equal, all men were not equal.
If you must know, the foothold I'm looking for, is what we agree on. It ain't religion.

07/13/11 9:36 pm

@FrankZappa - Because my answer was given in the last half of that quote... The quote gives you examples of three of them...

FrankZappa New York
07/13/11 7:29 pm

@Archamedes, do you really thing I respond without reading?
Anyway, you didn't answer the question, your answer was quoted from man. So, please gimmie at least a few of the rights you know god has given us.
By the way, what led you to think I wasn't reading your posts?

nonlibinVT Vermont
07/13/11 3:10 pm

This is the problem with Vermont...

07/13/11 1:01 pm

@NYevo- They would have, if it had been at the level of the states. However, FDR placed us into a situation where the people represented by one state, must now support those of another by making it federal. Again, a tortured reading of Article1 sect.8

07/13/11 12:57 pm

@FrankZappa - I answered your question... Are you even reading this stuff before responding?

NYevo NY
07/13/11 11:12 am

@Archamedes: Thanks for the honest answer. Do you belie e that the voting public had the right, through gov legislation, to create such programs?

FrankZappa New York
07/13/11 11:09 am

cont... If they are right they wouldn't offer a foothold, and that foot would end up in my mouth. Don't be afraid.

FrankZappa New York
07/13/11 11:09 am

@Archamedes, the mountain of your logic is not so sheen as to not offer several footholds. Thank you for giving me that much credit. So, you quoted men, we've been putting words in god's mouth for centuries, that doesn't count. I'm simply asking what "rights" did god bestow on us? Cont...

07/13/11 10:55 am

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

07/13/11 10:54 am

@FrankZappa - I really don't believe that you are seriously seeking understanding, rather than attempting to gain a foothold in some argument. So, simply suffice it to say...

07/13/11 10:47 am

@NYevo - In short, Yes. The problem is, now that people depend on them... How can we rid ourselves of them. I contend we are stuck with them for the foreseeable future.

NYevo NY
07/13/11 10:33 am

@Archamedes: so you believe that there should be no Social Security, Disability, Medicare, unemployment, or welfare. These are all compulsory through taxes. Only non-compulsory charity, correct?

FrankZappa New York
07/13/11 10:15 am

@Archamedes, please list the rights god gave you.
I'm serious here.

07/13/11 10:03 am

(sorry, that required a long response)

07/13/11 9:59 am

Compulsory charity also removes the moral responsibility from the receiver.

07/13/11 9:58 am

I do, however, strongly believe in charity to help my common man/woman. Charity should not be compulsory, it dishonors the giver.

07/13/11 9:56 am

@NYevo - "Everything is worth what it's purchaser is willing to pay" -Publilius Syrus - This includes labor. I don't think that anyone is entitled to anything other than those rights given by God, and what they can achieve by the toil of their own hands.

07/12/11 10:48 pm

@NYevo your comments really shouldn't be that long.