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Do you think violent video games promote violence in kids?

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notthemomm Florida
06/29/11 8:55 pm

No ppl who don't parent there children do

06/29/11 6:08 pm

people who voted yes should watch Penn & Tellers episode about video games

06/28/11 7:59 pm

I've been playing violent video games before ratings were implemented. I still play them, even. Same with my husband. I can safely tell you I've never been a violent person and will never be. My husband isn't violent either. Don't blame the games.

06/28/11 3:46 pm

I love the comments on this one, all I wanted to say!

06/27/11 11:54 pm

Ps I'm straight so don't ask

06/27/11 11:54 pm

Lolz on gayguy
I know an 8 year old who plays modern warfare 2 and black ops ( both m rated games 17+ only) and his parents watch him and they don't care

06/27/11 12:26 am

they lower violence because you can get it out

06/26/11 10:48 pm

I have played many a violent video games and I am not a violent person at all almost the opposite I would say

06/25/11 11:32 pm

Video games are clearly promote violence as numerous studies have shown

Also - wouldn't you want our youth reading instead? Then, perhaps our future wouldn't look as dire

06/25/11 6:06 pm

They dont promote it...they just teach the kids the most effective way to kill things!

kjos2 Washington
06/25/11 12:13 pm

I know some little kids, when they start play violent video games at a young age can become very violent. I myself started playing games like Medal of Honor and Socom and was never influenced violently. I think the parents just need to be mindful of how their kids may act if allowed to play them.

06/25/11 1:04 am

Generally, the violence comes when either the parents take it away or when there is a intervention made.

06/25/11 12:35 am

The violence happens when I take the video games away from my 14-yr-old son. Or should I say, when I take him away from them, or any screen for that matter, but esp games

06/24/11 6:23 pm

Statistically proven. But it depends on the age. Teens: no. Younger children: yes.

06/24/11 12:13 pm

I never had a problem with violence and I only bought violent video games, and yes I'm being serious

simple New York
06/24/11 10:48 am

@LuTang cool name. But I would like it if you didn't use "quotation marks" and question marks? It's the cheap shot version of "you're an idiot".

You make it seem like kids are never angry, or that they shouldn't be. Of course kids have anger, example: dad takes away toy, kid gets pissed. Boom.

06/23/11 11:50 pm

Video games don't make kids violent. Lag does.

06/23/11 8:15 pm

Anyone who says yes has never played them

06/22/11 4:40 pm

It's not that it increases likeliness a violent crime will be committed, but rather it desensitizes people to violence.

06/22/11 7:34 am

a new study said that video games are linked to the lower crime rate. look it up

06/22/11 12:36 am

Cowboymonk is right. The people who voted yes have likely never played such a game, while the ones who voted no probably have. I'm disappointed that 63% of the other females here fall into the former category.

cjclove Washington
06/21/11 2:30 pm

Let me tell u something I know many if my friends play cod and they would never hurt a flea! I think that there are violent people and then the games show them it's okay and then they lash out.

06/21/11 12:17 am

I, myself, had anger issues as a child. It is possible for children to be angry, you know. Sure, it's not common but it does happen.

kjos PNW
06/20/11 9:53 pm

If anything, our society is what influences video games themselves. Think about it.

kjos PNW
06/20/11 9:52 pm

I find it humorous most females voted that it does influence children and most males voted that is doesn't. Haha

06/20/11 8:09 pm

Laura what "anger" does a child really have that needs to be "released"?? Lol. I'm afraid to find kids you know. Lol.

06/20/11 12:10 pm

If anything, violent video games helps release some anger in these kids. GTA didnt produce raging kids onto the streets, and neither will COD or any other game. If it was video games to blame, then it would be TV, music, etc. There are other aspects to a child's life that could led them to violence.

Gelidity Pennsylvania
06/20/11 2:23 am

Anyone who thinks yes is a complete idiot

06/19/11 9:47 pm

it has nothing to do with games some people are violent just cause they are or thay have problems and they don't want people picking on them. the violent kids I know have family problems and their either seperated from there parents or parents are divorced. games have nothing to do with it at all

mike Star Trek Voyager
06/19/11 3:36 pm

Lol @Josh this is not true!... The cake is a lie!

06/19/11 3:36 pm

I kind of know the difference of a human life an 12mb of data in a game

EnginE3r Texas
06/18/11 11:38 pm

No, just don't let the crazy ones play

06/18/11 10:38 pm

Hahaha! Downloaded the app right after I did a speech on it! It does not.

06/18/11 10:04 pm

Also, I see your 1st comment so I think we agree @ant!. Violent people will be violent whether they play COD or Frogger. :)

06/18/11 10:03 pm

Local game retailers have COD competitions too @ant! but that doesn't implicate all people who play COD. Many bars were having Guitar Hero/Rock Band competitions & I bet there were more fights at the bar than COD competitors had at the retailer/friends house, etc. Violent games don't = violence.

ant! North Carolina
06/18/11 9:01 pm

In parris island they have C.O.D. competitions. I was kinda surprised lol

deb Seattle, WA
06/18/11 3:06 pm

Oh my land jababz! That was too funny!!

06/18/11 12:34 pm

Touché jababz!!!

Bad parenting is ultimately the culprit in children's unnecessary violence.

I'm not saying violence is EVER necessary, but self-defense may be when one encounters another who had terrible or no parents...

spadam Louisiana
06/18/11 10:40 am

How many games to they have in the middle east?

ant! North Carolina
06/18/11 10:16 am

Games are games. People are the violent ones at heart. I know plenty of people that have been in more fights than most and never cared to sit and play games.

06/18/11 9:33 am

It's funny that the demographics less likely to play games are the ones that say it is in influence.