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Show Of Hands October 14th, 2012 12:00am

Is this Presidential election a choice between "the lesser of two evils" for you, or are you really excited about one of the two main party candidates? (UQ)

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Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
10/21/12 4:37 pm

We are only picking the dick that's gonna screw us.

Alienmoose1 New York
10/19/12 10:52 am

The 'income' filter is really telling.

10/17/12 12:46 pm

But maybe you dont like the third party either... If u vote for the lesser evil, it at least takes a vote away from the other. I mean face it, third parties probably wont win. If u vote for one, it helps nobody.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
10/16/12 10:02 pm

I was excited while Ron Paul was still in the race. :(

brittnc12 Ohio
10/16/12 6:53 pm

Well said :-) the point of the election is to vote for who you WANT in office not who you think will win. There is no award for guessing the winner. It's about choosing who you want to be running our country

10/16/12 4:43 pm

Gary Johnson 2012!

10/15/12 11:03 pm

the point is that 4 years ago the american people held the Bush administration and Republican party accountable for their actions by voting Obama. my question to you is when are you going to do the same and hold Obama accountable for all of his campaign lies, lack of leadership and failed policies

10/15/12 10:59 pm

he's very bi-partisan. even when he's when he holds Democrats accountable for shifting away from their core values he does it in the context of Republican bashing. i could reciprocate with a number of extreme right wing urls with highly opionated conservatives with facts but that's not the point

10/15/12 6:37 pm

Socialism doesn't work. Sorry.

Leo88 New Jersey
10/15/12 5:24 pm

Obama & his administration lied to all of us about the four Americans killed in Libya. Has anyone been following the hearings? They had direct knowledge that it was a terror attack and he still refuses to use the word terrorist. It's pathetic. This guy needs to go. Watch 2016 on comcast on demand!

TideGal CFL
10/15/12 4:51 pm

“It is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now." JFK

TideGal CFL
10/15/12 4:50 pm

Then change over. The current dem party is not the party of your grandparents or great grandparents. In 1962, JFK said to lower taxes for all.

10/15/12 4:01 pm

If you voted Lesser Evil then VOTE THIRD PARTY!!! It's simple people!!

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
10/15/12 12:37 pm

I'm tired of holding my nose and covering my eyes to vote. It's either the giant turd or the giant douche..3rd party for me

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
10/15/12 12:09 pm

I'm excited about what my candidate might do about social issues. Economically, I'm less hopeful.

10/15/12 11:01 am

The mosaic law limited slavery to 6 years, after the 6 years the slave was to be given money and property for his or her labor. The slave was also given human rights.

Compare this to student loan debt or a home mortgage

deosil WA
10/15/12 9:28 am

Rarely does a candidate in any election ever encompass all your beliefs and opinions. So probably 99% of the time it's about "lesser of two evils."

10/15/12 9:08 am

53%, it seems to me that the information you and I are using isn't the same. We need to agree on the facts. Would you read this article and comment. It's written by Clarence Swinney, a political historian and commentator for The Economist?

omniku dot com
10/15/12 8:10 am

Lesser evil... so this year I vote for "none of the above ". Trying to decide which third party I will throw my protest vote away on.

10/15/12 7:49 am

Romney's plan adds even more to the deficit by increasing military spending and cutting taxes for people who don't need tax cuts. Obama and Biden have absolutely promised to exit Afghanistan in 2014, that means we save money there.


10/15/12 6:53 am

do you think the banks would fall for the same excuses for your personal debt? yet you give Obama a pass. Do you really think larger government means less debt? Esp. when 43% don't pay federal taxes

nelsosar000 Minnesota
10/15/12 6:53 am

At this point I think we just need a leader who can get us out of the stuff we've been facing for the past 8 years

10/15/12 6:50 am

So Obama has no accountability for the 1 trillion $ debt we've faced over the past 4 years? We should all be so lucky to run our own households with the same recklessness w/o accountability.

10/15/12 6:06 am

I'm not sure that's true. I don't really see much to brag about among the third party guys either.

10/15/12 6:04 am

@mama3. To some of these people, unless you're in favor of eliminating government spending entirely, you're a socialist! It's a pretty weak criterion.

10/15/12 5:33 am

(Greenspan / Bernanke) that the only way out is to spend more money, THAT WE DON'T HAVE. Since the Republicans engineered these circumstances through trickle down, deregulation, union busting and free trade agreements that benefit corporations but not Americans, I'll vote for Obama!

10/15/12 5:32 am

For me, this election is about who is going to pay for our failed US (Domestic) economy. Our debt is huge and our social programs are going broke because we don't manufacture things in the US like we used to and we have to import the items we want. We have been told by the FED

10/15/12 4:13 am

"Social Security recipients.... Preliminary figures show the annual benefit boost will be between 1 and 2 %, among the LOWEST since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975." Much of which will be eaten away by medicare increases. Another reason to be "excited" by Obama and his failed policies.

10/15/12 4:02 am

The best candidate in my opinion is Jill Stein, and she's gotten the least attention. And even she has some ideas I'm not totally on board with.

10/15/12 12:37 am

If you count his health care plan in Mass he is. And since he flip flops to please whomever he is courting at any given time, I really don't think he can be defined as anything worthwhile.

10/15/12 12:31 am

The thought of romney appointing Supreme Court judges terrifies me.

10/14/12 10:57 pm

Obama?? 47%??!

Why does that sound familiar?

smacc DunningKruger
10/14/12 9:55 pm

Democrats appear to be more exited about Obama that republicans are about Romney.

10/14/12 9:35 pm

because they wouldn't win anyway

kubu1218 Texas
10/14/12 8:43 pm

Why don't we acknowledge the fact that there are two other candidates out there besides Romney and Obama?

Steve6453 Michigan
10/14/12 8:32 pm

no they're voting for the lesser of TWO evils. if they looked into other parties we wouldn't have an issue

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
10/14/12 8:13 pm

I want to think he's simply listening to America and taking a centrist-action attitude. He's not saying that he's in support if abortion, but that he won't fight to have it banned. At least that's what I hope... not because I'm for abortion, but because we need a social moderate fiscal conservative.

ryne2 Tennessee
10/14/12 7:39 pm

I don't like Obamacare, but more than likely for a different set of reasons than you

centexken Republic of Texas
10/14/12 7:31 pm

Hopefully Romney will repeal Obamacare! Hopefully if any Supreme Court judges retire Romney will replace them with conservatives.

ryne2 Tennessee
10/14/12 7:24 pm

How is Romney the lesser evil, in your opinion?

centexken Republic of Texas
10/14/12 7:23 pm

Romney is the lesser evil. I would be excited if Ron Paul was the Republican candidate.

ryne2 Tennessee
10/14/12 7:13 pm

Obama is the lesser evil, but still an evil nonetheless. Makes me disappointed to be a Democrat... :(

10/14/12 7:08 pm

What is there to be excited for? What has he done to get excited over? The economy is practically in a recession. Gas is $3.80 a gallon, Obama voted for the NDAA, labor participation rate is at its lowest ever.

10/14/12 6:59 pm

I didn't intend on bringing God into the subject. I was just pointing out that far too many people idolize someone who is just a human

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/14/12 6:25 pm

Exited about an unusually strong and electable third party candidate, while not liking his new party much. Of the major party candidates, it's a choice between BO and Reallystinky. If forced to choose, it would be hold my nose and vote against Stinky

10/14/12 6:19 pm

Romney is a socialist?? Now that's a first.