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If the Supreme Court strikes down the requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance, should the other components of the law remain in place?

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centexken Republic of Texas
06/25/12 10:46 pm

Hey Cowboy! I just found this app. With 5 conservatives on the Supreme Court, Obamacare will be struck down this Thursday.

06/24/12 8:48 am

The death panel argument is not believable. However I do think that rationing is inevitable. Which may lead to some getting care, while others may not.

06/24/12 7:10 am

I would prefer all or NOTHING.

spoiler Michigan
06/24/12 6:42 am

Protesting against ur own interests has become common practice for so many. It's a travesty just how misguided so many have become

spoiler Michigan
06/24/12 6:42 am

lol death panels. The diarrhea that comes out of the mouths of some u is so absurd. Rush Limbaugh and others have seriously brainwashed a faction of our country to the point of destroying any reasonable debate about policy and matters that affect all Americans.

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/23/12 12:36 pm

I did Scott. They're definitely death panels. Thanks.

adalla Virginia
06/23/12 8:38 am

It was always called an "estate tax," far more appropriate given the current exemption of the first $10.25 million of your estate. Not a tax us 99% have to worry about

06/23/12 7:05 am

"Death panel" is misleading. They would perform consultations, not executions. "Death tax" is completely accurate. It's a tax your heirs are forced to pay because you died. It's a way of "spreading the wealth" to the collective instead of honoring your last will and testament.

scottstots Georgia
06/22/12 6:47 pm

The IPAB is not a death panel. Look it up.

adalla Virginia
06/22/12 11:59 am

As stupid a term as "death tax"

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/22/12 11:20 am

Come on Liberals. One denies that there are death panels, then another one admits it, but they're fine. Make up your minds. I know the death panels are in there and so do the House who voted to repeal the IPAB.

NYevo NY
06/22/12 11:08 am

Yup. "Death Panels" are consultations that people usually want and pay for. But lets call them death panels because it sounds scary and can be twisted to mean something that its not. Yay haters!

scottstots Georgia
06/22/12 9:16 am

It may be ruled unconstitutional, but you are still factually incorrect when it comes to death panels.

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/22/12 8:31 am

It won't matter anyway. The Supreme Court will find Obamacare unConstitutional next week.

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/22/12 8:17 am

@ScottsTots Because the Democrat-controlled Senate wouldn't even consider it. The panel is the IPAB and it has nothing to do with Palin. It's still in the bill.

06/21/12 9:08 pm

Some of them YES! But the one that counts insured stuff as Racine income needs to be taken out. Otherwise those w/ insurance are just getting screwed again. I say again- because ANYONE that pays taxes is getting screwed by a gov't that wants to waste $$.

scottstots Georgia
06/21/12 7:46 pm

@cowboy I do know about it. The term death panels came from Sarah Palin in a Facebook post about Medicare counseling for seniors. Even she said it shouldn't be taken literally. But, if we are to believe you and the House repealed the death panels, why are you still worried about them?

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/21/12 5:56 pm

@ScottsTots The house voted to repeal the death panels in the healthcare bill. So if they know about, why don't you?

scottstots Georgia
06/21/12 5:44 pm

@cowboy you're talk of death panels is inane. You don't think private insurance companies to that now? There is always going to be someone at insurance companies (government or otherwise) that tells what is acceptable. These are not death panels. Read some unbiased sources for once.

Googleplex Pennsylvania
06/21/12 4:21 pm

Technically it's not a mandate because there is no way to enforce read the law

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/21/12 4:06 pm

@LuTang Yes, really. Communism has been tried before. It would be a terrible atrocity for the government to control their citizen's healthcare. I'd rather go broke from a life-saving operation than be told I'm not viable enough for the operation by some death panel.

06/21/12 3:22 pm

Forced participation was their way of paying for it. It's unworkable without all that extra money from healthy 20-somethings who don't need it or want it.

06/21/12 2:36 pm

Cowboy. Terrible atrocity? Really? Health Care is atrocious, but not that insurance companies can deny you coverage for any reason, or you had to worry about going broke if you had an accident. Those aren't terrible atrocities but making a law to prevent health care from screwing their customer IS?

06/21/12 2:22 pm

The law was written without the clause to exclude a portion of law. Therefore, if it is struck down then it all goes

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/21/12 1:59 pm

I can't wait until the Supreme Court finds this unConstitutional law illegal. There's been entirely too much time spent talking about this terrible atrocity that this administration forced upon its people.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/21/12 8:29 am

@palindrome: Wow. Exactly, people seem to be so judgmental about something they haven't lived. Worker exploitation is a problem.

06/21/12 7:55 am

They WILL remain in place because the republicans know that a lot of the law is popular with the people, the not being denied for ore-existing conditions, and children being able to be on parents plans longer. It's just the forced purchase that is unconstitutional.

06/21/12 4:18 am

Maybe we find out today.

palindrome California
06/20/12 11:16 pm

It's happened and is happening everywhere. They cut more out from workers while their profits reach insane levels.

Blaming and demonizing poor people for demanding a living wage is sadistic. Wake up, you're being had. Big corps. take more out of our economy and taxes than the poor wish they could

palindrome California
06/20/12 11:12 pm

The rich, the owners of big industry, on the other hand, have cut costs everywhere they could- and that's not something anyone can deny w/a straight face. You can't. Jobs are outsourced to 3rd world countries. Health plans gutted. Retirements slashed. Hours cut. Pay stagnated and even cut sometimes

palindrome California
06/20/12 11:08 pm

able to go out, find a 9-5 job and support his whole family, save for the kids' college, save for retirement and STILL go on vacation.

That's a sick fantasy now. No sir, poor people aren't demanding more. They just want to keep up and not get dragged along

palindrome California
06/20/12 11:06 pm

vast majority of Americans has NOT kept up with prices for rent, fuel, food etc.
All most people want is for their buck to be worth what they work for it. People don't bust their ass in college or in 2, sometimes 3, jobs just so they can be broke. Someone who hadn't graduate high school used to be

palindrome California
06/20/12 11:04 pm

And I don't think it's that the poor are demanding more. I don't see people protesting and clamoring to be rich. I don't even see this "hatred for profit/success" that the right constantly paints them as having. What it is is very simple: the costs of living have gone up. Wages and income of the

palindrome California
06/20/12 11:02 pm

DaveL- idk. Either you're saying that the rich are getting more and more w/o even asking for it (the amount of wealth concentrated in their hands has increased dramatically over the past 40 years) or the rich are demanding more and more.

because South Dakota
06/20/12 11:00 pm

Dave l. gets up and gives you a standing ovation!

dae4dia Oregon
06/20/12 10:03 pm

Let's just all get Medicare and be done with it. And it wasn't about the recession. It was about the future of America, which the GOP doesn't seem to care about. And besides, this is the republican idea from the 90s. Dems would have done the above if It weren't for the filibuster. GOP=dysfunction

06/20/12 10:03 pm

@dgrants6724- the problem isn't that the rich continue to want more, it is that those who contribute the least continue to demand more. That is the real problem with America.

dgrant6724 Kentucky
06/20/12 9:41 pm

Let's just completely ignore the poor shall we? Let them die... They don't contribute anything to our wealthy society do they? Clearly their lives are not worth the same as ours. :-/ Listen to yourselves. Jesus.

dgrant6724 Kentucky
06/20/12 9:40 pm

You people aren't Americans. Your greedy and self-centered. Get off your golden thrones and try to understand that millions of people don't have insurance bc they either can't afford it or their job won't provide it. It's sad that we live in this great country and yet the rich continue to want more.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/20/12 9:35 pm

It's been how long now? And these same people STILL have no idea what the ACA stipulates....but they've got an opinion. They don't know...but they're convinced they do and they'll let you know all about it! Right roybiker?

06/20/12 8:47 pm

No mandate, no law. It's that simple. Hopefully the court realizes this is a failed attempt to bring us out of the recession

06/20/12 8:39 pm

I have an idea. Let's enact a law that will bankrupt our children but they won't understand until its too late.

06/20/12 8:31 pm

The government should not even be in the healthcare business. Period.

06/20/12 8:18 pm

For me, the bottom line is, will Obama, his healthcare plans and all, make for a better, more economically, less indebted, healthier country?

commonsenc District of Columbia
06/20/12 7:15 pm

The law is difuctinal without it we need to replace it with a smaller less imposing law

palindrome California
06/20/12 6:52 pm

come here come to our top-of-the-line hospitals like the Mayo clinic, sites that are in no way indicative of the average quality or type of care your typical American can expect.

palindrome California
06/20/12 6:51 pm

Blackrepub- what's with the dine and dash? You come here, shoot off and then disappear. Can I have that data saying that people who come from "socialized health care" countries like Canada or the UK FLOCK to our county general hospitals or our Kaiser's?

Or are you ready to admit that those who DO

palindrome California
06/20/12 6:49 pm

Miles- that's funny. But I'm pretty sure one of the major reasons the Eurozone is where it is is because its banks bought huge amounts of our crap loans. There problems are very much tied to ours. Our institutions weren't the only ones to get sucked up in the bubble.