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Show Of Hands October 1st, 2012 12:00am

Do you think female dentists/hygienists are more thorough than male dentists/hygienists?

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Tony64 New Jersey
10/02/12 11:49 am

This sucks I accidentally ing noted u twice.

Wes28 CBus
10/02/12 11:47 am Tony having some sort of dental issue at home?

10/02/12 11:07 am

What the hell is with these dental questions?

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
10/02/12 10:59 am

I have never had a guy as a I wouldn't know..I've had a couple women who were pretty rough, but no guys

10/02/12 10:54 am

I said yes, but only to get to the comments. I've never had a male dental hygienist.

snafu Washington
10/02/12 10:46 am

My hygienist is a female and she rocks. I think gender doesn't matter when it comes to dentistry really.

10/02/12 9:27 am

Tony- are you prepping a lawsuit against your dentist?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/02/12 8:17 am

How thorough they are varies from person to person, not gender.

88Major Dallas, TX
10/02/12 7:40 am

I'm bias though. my mother is a dentist.

10/02/12 7:35 am

Never actually had a male hygienist.... I imagine it would be roughly the same though

sks289 Texas
10/02/12 6:47 am

It's the dentist! Gender doesn't matter. Both are more than capable of doing a thorough job.

10/02/12 6:35 am

Again with the dental questions?
How about...I'm an anti-dentite. Equal opportunity dental hater.

DavesNotHere where am I
10/02/12 5:39 am

Women are more thorough in everything, just a better breed

gonzoboy Arizona
10/02/12 4:53 am

Only by coincidence/happenstance, I've only had male dentists, and only female hygienists. (Actually, I can't recall ever seeing a male hygienist.) All have been conscientious and thorough!

LucentInsanity Seattle
10/02/12 4:38 am

I've actually never had a male hygienist, they've all been females. But I've had both for a dentist and the male was more understand of my pain.

10/02/12 3:52 am

There are male hygienists?

ZacharyFL FL
10/02/12 3:29 am

What kind of question is that?

10/02/12 12:18 am

Allow me to answer your question with another question. WHO CARES?!?!

emsies Seattle
10/01/12 11:10 pm

In my experiences, yes, but I don't think that's a fair generalization.

10/01/12 9:54 pm

He said once on Facebook that he gets 50+ questions per day, and that was several months ago. A bunch of new people have joined since then.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/01/12 9:50 pm

Not sure if you noticed, but there are differences between the sexes.

DaKernal Colorado
10/01/12 9:47 pm

Where in the world did this question come from and who cares?

Wert A picture of my junk
10/01/12 9:47 pm

You don't have to answer them, you know. And, two dentistry questions hardly constitute a deluge.

10/01/12 9:28 pm

Wtf is up with all the dentist questions? Are you having some "work" done Tony?

10/01/12 9:11 pm

No, not my own personal experience. My male dentist, which I had as a kid, would cause lots pain getting plaque out of the gums and crannies.

10/01/12 8:57 pm

New dentist debate going on in the casa?

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
10/01/12 8:50 pm

It's crazy how much people whine about this. He must get a dozen or more questions a day. If he just put them in order and posted them as they came your question's place in line would probably have 4 digits in it

Planoneck Guam
10/01/12 8:48 pm

Gender Dentist is a good band name.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
10/01/12 8:47 pm

Male dentists are more likely to have their head up their rears, so that would make them less thorough.

SouthernG Man Cave
10/01/12 8:38 pm

My questions don't get posted, but these dental ones do? Tony must have had some dental issues recently. :-)

10/01/12 8:37 pm

As a female dental hygienist I would have to say, it doesnt matter the gender :). And some of you need to be my patient-it is possible to be thorough and gentle!

Imjustaguy Massachusetts
10/01/12 7:56 pm

What is it lately with gender and dental hygiene?

10/01/12 7:53 pm

Why would either gender be different? Is something going on with dentists because this is the second question about genders of dentists

10/01/12 7:53 pm

I actually have never had a male hygienist...

KELLEVRA California
10/01/12 7:52 pm

With the things going on right now......who gives a rats ass!!!

10/01/12 7:45 pm

I never had any reason to believe there may be any difference between the two.

10/01/12 7:36 pm

why r people theses days so hyper-sensitive....i like to talk about differences in the sexes...i think God gave both sexes certain gifts.... both have benefits to society

FyndFyre Moon Base Alpha
10/01/12 7:28 pm

So why are you looking for a new dentist Tony?

Ratchet Ohio
10/01/12 7:21 pm

Mittens, I wanted to personally thank you for all the contributions you've made to my campaign. With the 47% video, "trickle down" economics, and shoot-first ask later comments you've made I'm sure to win! Thanks!

10/01/12 7:11 pm

I have a female hygienist and a male dentist. Both seem thorough enough to me.... I've never had an experience where a dentist is slacking in some areas.

FyndFyre Moon Base Alpha
10/01/12 7:10 pm

How do you know that if you've never been to a male hygienist? :|

10/01/12 7:10 pm

@Tony What's the pretense of these gender dentist questions?

madeit Houston Area
10/01/12 6:56 pm

Of course not. How is that even a question?

Zack100 Tatooine
10/01/12 6:54 pm

Probably no difference

because South Dakota
10/01/12 6:54 pm

I dunno. haven't been to a dentist in over 20 years

spudman Ohio
10/01/12 6:53 pm

I see what you did there.