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Show Of Hands December 1st, 2011 12:00am

Is it worse when strict voter ID requirements result in lower legitimate voter turnout, or when lenient ID reqs allow some fraudulent votes to get counted?

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12/08/11 4:55 pm

Intentional voter fraud is treason and should be punishable by death.

Think Lovin Life
12/06/11 10:19 pm

The true colors of Dems come thru ... they prefer fraud ... nothing more needs to be said.

12/05/11 5:56 am

So your saying nobody knows for sure. Got it. Also you can't just extrapolate a study to the entire country and state it as fact. Bottom line is that if a soldier can go to war and die for our right to vote, getting an I.D. seems like a reasonable thing to ask!

joey513 California
12/04/11 11:52 pm

And I said that many because the most conservative studies say 5 and the most liberal say 20.

joey513 California
12/04/11 11:51 pm

And that's based on if one half of Americans vote.

joey513 California
12/04/11 11:50 pm

It was a study done in Michigan for voter fraud. And Michigan is a state republicans claim is fraught with fraud. So that is the result. And the amount of people disenfranchised is based on the amount of voters who are out of state students, and the poor who don't have ID. Look it up.

12/04/11 7:29 pm

Oh wait it was a 15 million person gap, even better! No wonder you voted for Obama

12/04/11 7:28 pm

Does you ass hurt from pulling those big numbers out of it? Also, thanks for the specific 'number', only a range of 10 million people! Sounds legit to me

joey513 California
12/04/11 7:25 pm

Disenfranchising 3 percent of voters that could vote for Obama, since they are low income, is 1000 time worse than stopping fraud of .003 percent that could vote for Obama.

joey513 California
12/04/11 7:24 pm

There has been a .003 percent rate of voter fraud. Obama won by 7 percent. That's 3 out of every 100,000 votes. ID requirements disenfranchise around 5-20 million voters. That's 3-12 percent of the electorate. 3 percent of people not being able to vote is 1000 times worse than .003 percent.

12/04/11 12:42 pm

Instead of more strict voting laws how about we take a harder look at Diebold election systems? Now THAT is an actual problem.

12/04/11 12:40 pm

There have been nearly no incidents of voter fraud in this country in a very long time. Those that have been investigated were completely unable to change the course of any election, therefore stricter voting laws won't prevent fraud, they'll just prevent some voting. Why would we want that?

12/04/11 12:24 pm

Ntvtxn62 - huh? It is not shameful to deny a citizen the right to vote, in your opinion? Man up about what? Did I say something hateful toward you? I don't look dumb, by the way.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/03/11 7:29 pm

Your argument is flawed. If you live in a rural area where the DMV is open one day out of the year then you had better be there on that day or don't vote. Voter fraud has been proven to be much more prevalently used by Democrats than Republicans hence why so many more Dems want easy voting.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
12/03/11 7:22 pm

We all have to present our id's if we are pulled over or if we open a bank account, board a plane. Why should it not be required for all voters to provide a legitimate hard to counterfeit ID for one of our most important duties?

12/03/11 4:57 pm

and what about all the rural areas where the DMV is only open one day a month? it's nearly impossible for people there to get ID without major hassle. Should they be disenfranchised?

12/03/11 7:43 am

Ntvtx- you make no sense. Required ID is not the law in many places (if not most). The debate then is whether or not it should be law.

Don't call other people stupid if you don't even know the issue you're discussing.

12/03/11 2:54 am

@ mesl- you are dumber than you look! And the fact that you're too lazy or crooked or stupid to FOLLOW THE LAW doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

12/03/11 2:52 am

When is breaking the law good?! (I'm not talking common sense here people)
But come on!

12/02/11 10:36 pm

al gore is spelled witha Capitol D

12/02/11 9:18 pm

If voting means that much to somebody I think a 15 wait for a photo I.D would be worth it. Let me guess, they want me and other taxpayers to pay for their I.D is that why the don't do it themselves?

12/02/11 9:00 pm

Apparently denying a citizen he right to vote is better? This is shameful.

polarized Tennessee
12/02/11 4:16 pm

again republicans voting AGAINST small guys are funny

12/02/11 3:45 pm

Pathetic voter turnout has a lot to do with apathy.

ID, please!

12/02/11 3:13 pm

voter fraud rarely happens in the US, almost never, and measures being taken to counteract it are directly attacking low income individuals, the young, and minorities. this is damaging our already pathetic voter turnout, we should be getting more to the polls not less

12/02/11 3:09 pm

Yeah, he bilked em fo sho

12/02/11 12:58 pm

Jamesjelly, that idiot Gore couldn't even win his home state. Be happy for Al, he's bilked the world for millions with his global warming, or is it climate change now, scam.

12/02/11 12:51 pm

@leftofcenter @jamesjelly--we can hope someday that candidate will run

12/02/11 12:49 pm

@crqinones--I agree! ID, please!

one80 California
12/02/11 12:33 pm

It's 2011. In most cases, technology can make it possible to verify ID and check current legal voting status at the same time, without a govt issued ID.

12/02/11 11:55 am

very well said left o center!! that's exactly what I'm looking for... they don't exist!!

12/02/11 10:50 am

or they ca move to Puerto Rico and enjoy the benefits of taxation without representation :-p

12/02/11 10:49 am

if a person really wants to vote illegally, they can likely work the system, but if a normal "slacker" American is inconvenienced they may simply not vote

leftocentr Oregon
12/02/11 8:55 am

Lol. Jopat just read your comment. I am very conservative about certain things. Therefore, independent. Give me a pro-choice, harsh on immigration, small government, pro middle class, pro American infrastructure, not so religious candidate. Problem is, they don't exist.

spoiler Michigan
12/02/11 7:59 am

Strict is absolutely worse! We want everyone to vote in this country, so yea make it easier.

NYevo NY
12/02/11 5:58 am

Another example; We are innocent until proven guilty therefore some guilty slip folks through the cracks

NYevo NY
12/02/11 5:58 am

Typically "things" are made with enough leeway as not to screw up with those abiding by the rules; For example; subway card readers are not so overly sensitive as to be throw off by bends and nicks whereas forgers use bend and nicks to cheat.

one80 California
12/02/11 4:16 am

ho ever is running the election in the local area needs to be able to look up voters if they bring alt. ID & voter reg. card or something.

one80 California
12/02/11 3:46 am

I'd rather someone cast a fraudulent vote than someone be denied the ability to vote.

12/02/11 2:22 am

The real voting is done by money. Ballots allow you to believe you' re a participant

12/02/11 1:10 am

The driving laws are strict, but when they were lenient, everyone took advantage of them. And no one complains. Same thing here.

jwr053 Kentucky
12/01/11 11:54 pm

Voting is for citizens period. Citizens cary IDs. Show it and vote!

12/01/11 11:30 pm

SK- actually, statistically speaking, the opposite has been proven.

12/01/11 11:05 pm

Lenient is worse. People who really want to vote will take the steps prerequisite to legal voting. How hard is that?????

12/01/11 9:52 pm

isn't bush the one that stole the election from gore? I hate al gore but I'm just saying.... remember Florida recounts?

12/01/11 9:49 pm

Dems of course don't vote for lenient as much. Last election they had a lot of fraud

12/01/11 9:16 pm

I have to have an ID to drive, work, travel, get my kids off the bus, cash a check, use my credit card, get on welfare, buy alcohol, buy tobacco, get some medications, win big at bingo, and damn near everything else. You need an ID just to drive to your polling location. If you dont have one, to bad