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Show Of Hands October 20th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever dated someone with significantly different religious beliefs than yours?

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10/23/12 12:19 am

I'm a Christian and my boyfriend is a Rasta. Makes for great discussions. :-)

like_a_bos Florida
10/22/12 2:08 pm

i dont think christan dating catholic counts so i put no

BadWolf The Library
10/22/12 1:38 pm

Really? If you can't get along with someone whose sole issue is different religion, then you have bigger issues

10/22/12 8:26 am

No problem unless they prosletize it

10/22/12 4:09 am

Aw, that's sweet.


10/22/12 1:55 am

No, but I wouldn't mind. As Long as she doesn't preach it to me.

10/22/12 12:16 am

It shouldn't matter, however Her family kept trying to take me to church. I'm an atheist so as you can tell it was a...difficult situation

emsies Seattle
10/21/12 11:25 pm

To clarify, it probably wouldn't work out with a born-again Christian or Orthodox Jew (even though I am Jewish), but as long as they're respectful and open, it'll be fine.

emsies Seattle
10/21/12 11:20 pm

Well that's sad. There are some wonderful, non-Christian people out there that you're just ignoring because they happen do have different beliefs than you.
What a loss.

emsies Seattle
10/21/12 11:19 pm

Haven't dated anyone, but I'd pretty much have to. The boys at my temple are freaking annoying. Judaism is not a large religion.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/21/12 10:48 pm

I don't see how being with someone who has different beliefs than you should matter. As long as you're both respectful about it, I fail to see how it should be an issue. I have no problem with others being religious until they try to force their beliefs on me or tell me I'm not a good person for it.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/21/12 10:45 pm

Things obviously didn't work out. However, with my current boyfriend, it's not an issue at all. Not even with his intensely catholic Mexican family. They loved me and could tell I'm a genuinely nice and good person before they found out about my beliefs. They still like me just as much. :)

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
10/21/12 10:43 pm

Yes, most of my exes were religious, and my current boyfriend is very catholic. I'm an atheist. It had never been an issue until one of my exes tried to convert me by telling me that I'm a horrible person just because I'm not religious. It was heartbreaking that he thought of me that way.

centexken Republic of Texas
10/21/12 9:32 pm

Nope. I'm not going to date someone that isn't Christian.

Terrence Utah
10/21/12 8:29 pm

Blackbenz, so sorry to hear that.

10/21/12 8:13 pm

My wife for 6 years and partner since 14 years old. Me and her are complete opposites in religious beliefs. Not a problem until trying to determine fair way to raise our daughter now 6 months old.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
10/21/12 8:03 pm

Hatsune: She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. He was under the influence of cocaine and went into a rage and stabbed her to death.

babycakeslove Minnesota
10/21/12 8:00 pm

Nope and I wouldn't because I would never marry someone with different beliefs.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
10/21/12 7:54 pm

Thank you all for your kind responses. It means a lot.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
10/21/12 7:16 pm

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captain12345 Tennessee
10/21/12 6:47 pm

I wouldn't mind if I dated a girl that had different religious stand points than me I'm just very blessed that my wife and I both have the same religious beliefs I wouldn't care if she didn't cause I love her with all my heart and soul

10/21/12 6:33 pm

@monkees19. Don't give them ammo, even sarcastically! Besides, they'll catch onto us and try to stop the Satanic pledges and baby sacrificing! Where's the fun in that?

10/21/12 6:23 pm

Candle worshippers?

Terrence Utah
10/21/12 5:50 pm

I would be fine if someone I dated someone didn't believe the same as me just hopefully they are respectful and respect what my faith says I can't do and things I have to do.

10/21/12 5:08 pm

Then you woke up

commonsense America isnt racist
10/21/12 4:52 pm

Do/did you go to church as well?

hippiedude fields of green
10/21/12 2:15 pm

I fucked a girl with completely different views than me. Uptight christian virgin with a great body and rack. She was phenomenal.

10/21/12 2:01 pm

Im a Wiccan so yeah...but most of the people I've dated were non guy after dating awhile told me he was satanic that threw me for a loop lol

Torfin Never Behind
10/21/12 1:50 pm

back in the day I dated Christians, muslims, and Wickins..the Wickins were the crazy ones!

10/21/12 1:22 pm

I'm an atheist married to a Catholic, so "yes." But we were both Southern Baptists when we started dating, so "kinda."

EarlyBird Portland
10/21/12 12:47 pm

Miss- There are atheists like that. I've even seen it on this app.
I am atheist but have a very open mind and respect those who believe.
Nice to see that you are open to differing religions.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
10/21/12 12:21 pm

I haven't dated someone with different beliefs, but i am friends with people of different beliefs. I don't judge! My fiancé and I believe in the same thing, but if he had a different view i wouldn't love him any less.

10/21/12 12:18 pm

being a conservative christian in high school i dated a girl that was into wicca...relationship didnt last long and she tried to get me killed when i broke it off...kinda freaky

10/21/12 9:54 am

I am Catholic and my fiancé is Hindu. It was difficult at first to integrate our customs, but that sharing just made our love for each other grow stronger. I had never thought I could love anyone other than a Catholic... But you can't help who you fall in love with. She is my soulmate! :-)

HGolightly California
10/21/12 9:44 am

With religion we can all find some common ground based on a higher power, peace, love, and unity. Unless of course it is someone who practices satanism or cult like fanaticism (Jones Town) ... That maybe another thing all together.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/21/12 9:29 am

Life without bacon is not much of a life!

10/21/12 9:22 am

I would if the person was tolerant of other religions and had a good set of morals.

GoldenRay On SSBB
10/21/12 9:07 am

Clearly, you fail to accept their opinions. Open your mind more, liberal.

10/21/12 8:43 am

I'm a atheist my wife is baptist. I let her take kids to church because the church she goes to teaches good morals.

10/21/12 8:31 am

I'm atheist he's catholic. We share the same values, just not the same beliefs.

10/21/12 8:30 am

I married him. :)

Cowboys Illinois
10/21/12 7:58 am

Yep. I've dated some slutty hos in my day. The kind you don't bring home to mama.


10/21/12 7:52 am

Disagree, their head isn't so far up their a** in arrogance that it would cause a problem.
I'd prefer to date only Christians but like I said personality comes first.

10/21/12 7:51 am

Because where I live, and people might be different elsewhere, the atheists are cruel and condescending towards the religious. They act like they're so much better than religious people and I'm sorry but that's not who I will tolerate. However, if someone's religious it means that even if I...