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Show Of Hands January 20th, 2013 12:00am

When using your smart phone with one hand, do you hold it in your left or your right?

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Lookabunny Tyvvm for following me
01/24/13 2:51 am

If I'm texting or using the touchscreen I hold my phone in my left hand and use my right index finger to type. I hold the phone in my left hand when I'm conversing on it. If I'm using audio/video features I hold the phone in my right hand (unless I'm using the touchscreen). I am a "righty."

donyewest Georgia
01/23/13 10:49 pm

This. Turns out developers like righties more :(

01/23/13 4:36 pm

That's basicly asking if you're roght or left handed

caligrl21 Huntington Beach
01/22/13 5:57 pm

I actually hold it in both but when I use one hand I use right

hexin Wisconsin
01/22/13 4:35 pm

Both. Why is there no both option, boo.

01/22/13 4:26 pm

I am a lefty yet as I was reading the question my phone was only in my right hand. But I also play sports right handed. I only eat and write with my left.

01/22/13 1:07 am

I'm right handed and hold mine with my right hand. I type with my right thumb.

cherubrial San Francisco
01/22/13 12:02 am

It sure does... I hope there will be a blog about this one so we can see what it may correlate to.

01/21/13 7:44 pm

I hold my phone, a fork, and other things with my left. I write with, arm wrestle with, and do most with my right.

01/21/13 7:31 pm

I usually use my right hand but only when typing, if I'm scrolling down the page I use both.

Tony SOH Founder
01/21/13 5:59 pm

Austrian - yeah that's the risk, and it would definitely suck if people started flagging comments they don't agree with just to try to silence different opinions. I haven't seen that so far though. I'll keep an eye out though.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
01/21/13 5:53 pm

Tony, while I understand your reasoning, I hope that you at least filter the comments that are removed by this algorithm and unremove any that are being flagged just because they express unpopular opinions. Otherwise this app may lose its diversity of opinion.

Labranewf14 Georgia
01/21/13 4:56 pm

The age filter shows an interesting trend.

01/21/13 4:30 pm

im right handed but i put it in my left. it doesnt feel right in my right hand.

deathvalley Chicago native
01/21/13 3:44 pm

I'm right handed but as I was answering this question I was holding it in my left, I guess it's only right no pun intended that I answered left! =\

devinn Findlay, Ohio
01/21/13 3:42 pm

Mines pretty much equal. Whatever hand decides to grab it I guess.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
01/21/13 3:14 pm

Watching vids in left. Browsing with right.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
01/21/13 2:18 pm

When I'm on this app or texting someone, I hold my phone in my left and tap with my right. For anything else, it could go either way.

01/21/13 12:28 pm

It's gone now. I saw it earlier, but now, it has disappeared.

01/21/13 11:23 am

Those drummers can be a real pain sometimes. I proposed a drummer app once; it takes up more space than necessary, makes beer disappear and still can't keep time.

01/21/13 10:36 am

I voted right but it's probably 70/30 right hand/left hand

DrReid Ever present.
01/21/13 10:08 am

Please don't text and drive.

01/21/13 9:49 am

Exactly, gonzoboy. :)

gonzoboy Northern AZ
01/21/13 9:36 am

And THAT's the beauty of SoH! Everyone helping everyone else herein, figure out all the funny things we'll never need to know about ourselves! :)

01/21/13 9:22 am

Interesting. I voted right in the poll because at the time, I was holding my phone in my right hand. Makes sense, I am right handed.
Reading through the comments just now, I realized I was holding the phone in my left hand. I guess I do both. Funny the little things we don't notice about ourselves.

01/21/13 9:17 am

So which hand do you hold your phone in when holding it one-handed?

01/21/13 9:09 am

Depends if I'm trying to multi task in that case it would be left

Nerdz Texas
01/21/13 9:05 am

I use both hands, my phone is pretty big....

nanisoccer Virginia
01/21/13 8:57 am

Saying that my right hand is currently infected my left. Usually my right now it is VERY hard to write this

thatguy81 here
01/21/13 8:27 am

Bass player :) Also a little hard to hear from the right side

01/21/13 8:21 am

You must be either a drummer or bass player to know this.

01/21/13 8:21 am

Yeah, and I stood with the drummer on my right side so it was easier for us to communicate. It was mostly the cymbals that caused the damage. I now wear a wireless monitor with noise blocking memory foam. I can still hear everything, but now at a normal, level.

missbrazilianxx New Jersey
01/21/13 7:48 am

Future generation of arthritis in right-handed individuals :P

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
01/21/13 7:45 am

I think I misread the question.....hmmmm

01/21/13 7:38 am

Even though I'm right handed, I hold it with my left

halsnobordrgrl CT
01/21/13 7:12 am

usually with my left hand, but sometimes, depending on what I'm doing, I'll switch it up.

DavesNotHere where am I
01/21/13 6:38 am

Hold with right. I'm a southpaw. Baseball rules apply.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/21/13 6:21 am

You don't have to change everyone's minds. However, most of us like to understand where people are coming from. It helps us be more understanding and compassionate, even if we don't fully agree.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
01/21/13 6:18 am

Smart, most people are reasonable and put up with insults. Even if you suspect a skew, we still get to hear from everyone who wants to comment. The idea is that we learn from each other and clarify our thoughts and feelings along the way. We also think about unusual things that we take for granted

jmw7477 Indiana
01/21/13 6:00 am

I actually had to think about this one as I hardly ever use just one hand for anything other than talking.

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
01/21/13 5:33 am

I can see monitoring 24/7 would be unrealistic. A system is needed. However, given the skew towards republicans, it could create a situation where comments by others would be censored. Big picture, comments about politics will make you unlinked. Bigoted or sexual comments will get you fired.

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
01/21/13 5:22 am

And people were offended by stars. Values check...

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
01/21/13 5:21 am

It was one of the least offensive rants I've seen. It was so absurd it was funny. There are many more horrible statements still up and viewable.