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Do you think the U.S. does more harm or good in the world?

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pyromnt New York
05/20/12 9:04 pm

continued more: The A bomb saved lives by stopping a deadly invasion and prevented more possible conflict by keeping the Soviets out of Japan during the Cold War

pyromnt New York
05/20/12 9:04 pm

continued: In the meeting at Yalta, the Soviet Union and the US recognized that they had to invade Japan to end the war (this was before the definite success of the Manhattan Project). This invasion was estimated to have resulted in at least 1 million American casualties.

pyromnt New York
05/20/12 9:03 pm

beautiful?: I apologize but you are incorrect. The secret dealings with the Japanese were not going well. They would not have surrendered unconditionally which the allies demanded.

poq Utah
05/20/12 12:26 pm

That's a loaded question, in terms of charity and humanitarian aid no one holds a candle to the good US citizens do and give. If you're talking about our foreign policy and misguided operations around the world no. We're doing more harm than good and leave ourselves vulnerable to blowback and hatred

05/19/12 6:46 pm

Hiroshima, nagisaki. Wwii a ridiculous way to end the war! they were about to surrender but we had to go kill 60% of the population and give 39 percent lukemia!

05/19/12 6:52 am

Stop the madness, see things the way they really are or nothing will change.

We're destroying our own nation with these destructive actions.

Get it together, guys!

05/19/12 6:50 am

73% of SOH users aren't very results oriented.

Hello, buffoons, can't you SEE our damaging affect across the globe?

Jeezus, man!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/18/12 5:32 am

Granted, money spent on the border is at least better than some of the wasteful spending we do abroad.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/17/12 9:17 pm

@xczach: borders* and the border is fine. I don't think it gets anymore guarded unless you declare it a fucking war zone!

05/17/12 6:29 pm

@cowboy AGREED!!! Amen Brother! the only way we're gonna get any better is by practicing some isolationism and protecting our own boarders a little better!

rtwilly16 New Jersey
05/17/12 6:10 pm

All of what I said in the last three comments prove that the US involvement hurts the world. Saddam Hussein committed genocide to the Kurds of Northern-Iraq. Ayatollah Khomeini got missiles from us by taking hostages. Osama bin Laden killed so many innocent people on 9/11 and all over the world.

rtwilly16 New Jersey
05/17/12 6:05 pm

We put the Shah in power of Iran because he was the enemy of Communism and he wanted to build Iran into an industrial nation (benefits our economy). Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew him and took 90 hostages from the US Embassy. We got the hostages back by selling Iran missiles. That effects us now!!

rtwilly16 New Jersey
05/17/12 5:59 pm

We placed our troops in Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden's home country. They believe that no skin or body should be showing. He then went out against the US. In the Soviet-Afghan war, we aided the Afghans (led by Osama) because they were against Communism. He used our weapons and training for 9/11.

rtwilly16 New Jersey
05/17/12 5:40 pm

The Iran-Iraq war:

We aided Iraq because Iran was our enemy at the time. And "the enemy of our enemy is our friend" is what we were going by. We aided the Iraqi army and people, who were led by Saddam Hussein. After the war, we put Hussein in power and he became a Tyrannical Dictator.

cowboy Doors of Perception
05/17/12 5:28 pm

So much anti-Americanism here. No wonder we have an anti-American in the White House.

05/17/12 4:52 pm

if you are a tea bagger, you are sick!

beatlesrock Indiana
05/15/12 6:16 pm

And we need to catch up with the times

beatlesrock Indiana
05/15/12 6:15 pm

@bri-and I totally agree with you on that. We are one of the dumbest countries on the planet

beatlesrock Indiana
05/15/12 6:13 pm

I think the good and the bad are about equal.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/15/12 4:57 am

@jopat, you get sick with everything I and a few others say. And the population of Germany is around 60 million, and it's not the largest, to the best of my knowledge. And they have a booming economy, energy, national health care, GREAT transportation (at least compared to us)

05/14/12 1:09 pm

I think I might just be sick.......

BigUgly Texas
05/14/12 12:09 pm

XTieGuyX, We cause more harm than good because we don't help as much as we should? Might I ask how old you are?

BigUgly Texas
05/14/12 12:05 pm

bri-and, I'm with you on shaping up some areas that you mentioned but the nations you're comparing us to have the population of west Los Angeles. And the ones that are bigger are all but bankrupt and still heavily depend on us economically.

05/14/12 12:03 pm

other countries' business, if we aren't trying to topple their government. America needs to start redistributing money and helping true causes for freedom, not looking out for ourselves and interferring for our benefit.

05/14/12 12:00 pm

I vote more harm than good, because we can't replace the lives we destroyed or the general wrong we cause with money, no matter how mich it helps. The rest of the world is starving, in serious debt, or living on less than America, and we're busy thinking about ourselves, or even stepping in on

JAsher Fishers, IN
05/14/12 8:15 am

I think we do a lot of good globally, such as trying to help the Middle East get situated and find peace, helping in Haiti after the hurricanes, etc. However, I find that locally we like to sabotage our own nation by diving it in so many ways, it's hard to tell what's what and who's who.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/14/12 6:15 am

@cowboy, to be ignorant is. America is great, but it's statistically very far behind other countries in fields of general modernization, education, infrastructure, cleanliness, environmental protection and a score of other things. And FYI, those things don't get fixed by being cut...

cowboy Doors of Perception
05/14/12 4:27 am

So to be a patriot, I must be a hillbilly? So why do you hate America so much?

05/14/12 3:28 am

@cowboy-I can just picture a hillbilly saying, "oh ya america is number 1. All the other countries are stupid and worthless. We are the best!" no we r not, in fact those who say, "oh we have so much freedom compared to other countries," are wrong, so many others have the exact same amount if not mor

05/13/12 8:03 pm

cause we are probably the most selfish country on earth

05/13/12 8:03 pm

we're quick to start wars if we're provoked/angry and slow to enter those that are actually important. we only do things if it benefits us. don't get me wrong I love our concepts and freedom but we abuse our power. God bless America, but more importantly, God forgive us.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
05/13/12 7:12 pm

we're doing good, but I wish we would spend those resources here instead.

05/13/12 5:30 pm

@cowboy - I love America, but I am not blind. We are doing terrible things around the world and have to stop!

adalla Virginia
05/13/12 2:53 pm

Mrken - I was adding to the list :). Six wars started without any violence or provocation towards our country. At least the War of Jenkins Ear had a flimsy excuse. Very hard to make the case that we're a force for good when we initiate gratuitous violence. Heck, Hitler only invaded 5 countries lol

05/13/12 1:50 pm

Depends… American's citizens or American's government?

cowboy Doors of Perception
05/13/12 12:57 pm

I don't understand how Americans can grow up in the greatest country on Earth and still hate it.

kitten2cat Unknown
05/13/12 9:23 am

Through charities and relief funds, we are helping the world. We cause ourselves lots of harm though.

05/13/12 8:09 am

We're certainly harming ourselves by our foreign policy. We're trillions of $ in debt. The suicide rate of soldiers back from the middle east is 1 every 80 min!! More troops have killed themselves than have died over there. "Don't get involved in these wars, just bring our troops home!" -Ron Paul

05/13/12 8:00 am

74% of people aren't very smart. We are HATED around the world!! Not because we are rich and free, but because we just plain don't mind our own business and go into other people's countries, kill them, and mess up their governments.

05/13/12 7:39 am

And if we are sooooooo terrible why do soooooooo many want to come to this crap hole?

05/13/12 7:37 am

So what do we do that is soooooooo terrible all you USA haters?

05/13/12 3:43 am

Seriously, you had to ask?

Of COURSE we do more harm!


HolyBabble Mississippi
05/13/12 3:13 am

The U.S. is the most harmful nation on the planet. Fact!

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
05/12/12 9:33 pm

Good???? How can you say that!!! What have we done that is good? We take from others and use it in a negative way, a never ending cycle!

Bgrizzle70 Arizona
05/12/12 9:19 pm

75% of people that have commented on this question with a positive how many of you are going to vote for a man that has gone around the world apologizing for and putting the down the country he supposedly respects?

05/12/12 7:17 pm

Excellent discussion tonight good to see civility for a change, I won't ruin it but it does my heart good to see!