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Show Of Hands February 17th, 2012 12:00am

Which genetic lottery prize is more likely to lead to a better-than-average life: being born with supermodel beauty or with superstar athletic ability?

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nyc93xo New York
02/25/12 11:58 pm

being beautiful doesn't mean you have brains. athleticism is a highly praised attribute. just look at Michael Jordan, Pele, etc. World renown athletes known for being great at what they loved to do

02/25/12 8:54 am

Would I look like myself if I chose athleticism? Or some freak

mellnok Massachusetts
02/20/12 8:13 pm

Beautiful people have their lives made (as long as they don't have an IQ of 50). Here's an example: it's nighttime and raining, a person knocks on your door asking to use the telephone. How many would actually let quasimodo in, and how many would let a model in.

watermelon Minnesota
02/20/12 7:56 pm

There are a lot of pretty people, but only a few top pros.

02/20/12 6:50 pm

"I don't understand this math thing!"
Sister says," Doesn't matter, we can always marry rich."

"Yeah, I love that we always have that option."

spursnation Virginia
02/19/12 10:27 pm

Athleticism because pros make millions

StNik North Carolina
02/19/12 2:55 pm

Ha, neither. The most athletic and beautiful people I know are the biggest head cases I know.

02/19/12 10:20 am

I, fortunately, am blessed with both.

02/19/12 9:37 am

Although I think athleticism is much more important, beauty just seems to make you glide through life because so many people are head over heels for you.

peacenskis Alaska
02/19/12 3:04 am

Athleticism is a much more honorable attribute, but being beautiful makes your life easier. Just losing a little weight has qualified my feelings on this. Ridiculous, but so many more people (in an obviously higher social class than before) introduce themselves to me at the dog park. Crazy but true.

02/18/12 11:41 pm

in a civilized society looks. in the wild athletic.

02/18/12 7:12 pm

Just look at ivanka trunp

dlyliny1 New York
02/18/12 1:44 pm

Depends if ur male or female but if ur a female supermodel, u'd be able to attract pro athletes (ie Gisele + Tom Brady)). On avg, supermodels earn much more $ than most female pro athletes. If i were a guy, tho, the reverse would be true...on avg, male pro athletes earn much more than male models.

02/18/12 12:27 pm

I am an athlete. I go to the fields more often than I do anything, so this may sound weird but I would rather have supermodel looks!!!

Priceless Kentucky
02/18/12 11:03 am

this is a numbers question, more people born with outstanding good looks than athletic abilities AND over a lifetime, given the studies indicating hiring and other social traits, beauty wins out in the lottery results because humans value visual beauty over body movements.

Priceless Kentucky
02/18/12 11:03 am

this is a numbers question, more people born with outstanding good looks than athletic abilities AND over a lifetime, given the studies indicating hiring and other social traits, beauty wins out in the lottery results because humans value visual beauty over body movements.

vanguarde Kennesaw, GA
02/18/12 9:27 am

Every last comment on here is shallow.

wearetheworld Illinois
02/18/12 8:52 am

Just look at most people who are a big influence in our culture today. How many of them are pretty? How many are actually talented? Think about that..

02/18/12 7:10 am

everyone can see physical beauty, and will treat that person better. studies have shown given equal qualifications the better looking job applicant will be hired. sometimes even if the qualifications are less.

02/18/12 2:03 am

beauty opens more doors than athleticism.

HolyBabble Mississippi
02/18/12 1:46 am

Alaska and Nevada are the only States that answered correctly.

monkxo New York
02/17/12 9:41 pm

Look at the kardashians. Point. And. Case.

02/17/12 9:34 pm

*my school
Sorry ;-P

02/17/12 9:33 pm

HOLY CRAP!!!! Tony is psychic!!!:-O We were just talking about genetic engineering in science class at school!!!!! :-O

02/17/12 9:30 pm

@wertyio WTF?!?! O.o

02/17/12 8:48 pm

Careers in sports are for the very, very lucky, and athleticism is something you must nurture. Beauty is always visible and people treat you differently. Whether your a model or not.

02/17/12 8:46 pm

supermodel. in sports all it takes is one critical injury and your career is over. that could happen in high school.

RJ1969 SoCal
02/17/12 7:30 pm

I think it depends on gender.

KudosToYou California
02/17/12 7:18 pm

I'd like my body to be a bit more intact when I'm older. I'll go with the good looks.

02/17/12 5:56 pm

As long as your athletic ability involves football, basketball, or baseball, you'll be set. Get a lot of money, get a lot of fame, and get a lot of babes.

02/17/12 5:55 pm

Model... Who needs to work and get paid when you can marry someone who will work. Even better if they expect nothing other than looking good on thier arm when they go out. Athletes work to hard

Wert A picture of my junk
02/17/12 5:44 pm

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canecorso Las Vegas Nv
02/17/12 5:32 pm

I'm female but I'm saying athlete. Baseball player all the way!! Sign a 150 million 5 year contract and retire after five years and get a face lift to be beautiful!

02/17/12 5:08 pm

@Bella not if your a male.

02/17/12 4:55 pm

When you're all about supermodel beautyness, you will get tons of unwanted sexual attention.

02/17/12 4:53 pm

Are you kidding??? I was surprised there wasn't a huge majority.... Football players get payed like a zillion (exaggeration) dollars!!!!! Sports makes WAAAYYY more money!

02/17/12 4:49 pm

If you guys think pro athletes have such a great life, you guys need to look into it more. Most don't make all that much, can't adjust to life after retirement and some have serious brain injuries and die young.

02/17/12 4:47 pm

And I agree with nonono

02/17/12 4:47 pm

Pinkyyou I'm sorry but if you think people rape other based on looks think again. It's not an attraction thing it's a violence and domination thing.

02/17/12 4:44 pm

Definitely beauty- you'll be treated better in your career and be given more opportunities. And people will be more inclined to like you. You can be healthy and fit without being "genetically" athletic.

02/17/12 4:43 pm

neither, I vote for brains every time

02/17/12 4:38 pm

FLAT2LUX needs to get a life

02/17/12 4:38 pm

athleticism. you can always put make up on and look prettier

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/17/12 4:33 pm

only vaguely know what I'm talking about with this guy), he had bad morals. Performance doesn't matter in a situation like his. But back to the point, you are often forced to retire because of aging and hence decreased performance, you might still be good, but not as good as you oncewere.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/17/12 4:33 pm

plenty of pretty girls with good character. I've know plenty of reasonable athletes who constantly talk trash, and others who are smart, and their actions reflect such. Really, it gets down to personality, even in sports. Who was that guy Owen who got thrown out for some bad thing he did(Iobviously…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/17/12 4:33 pm

of what sport and what competitiveness level you want. I've heard of a 70 year old guy with arthritis doing an Ironman triathlon and getting cheered on by all the other folks even though he finished close to last place. I know plenty of gorgeous girls with awful thoughts, actions, speech, and…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/17/12 4:32 pm

@CS_Graham take Clarence Bass as an example. As a competitive weightlifter, he isn't as great as he used to be, but he still has a 6-pack and plenty of muscle to show at over 70 years of age. Barefoot Ken Bob is in his fifties or sixties and still runs reasonable marathons. It really is a matter…

02/17/12 4:22 pm

if you're good enough to be a pro athlete you can earn enough to save for a lifetime in a hurry

02/17/12 3:59 pm

Athletes! Make a killing playing- as much later when they retire!