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swimguy Illinois
05/02/12 8:49 pm

For what? A private jet- no. Food- yes

EarlyBird Portland
05/02/12 3:13 pm

Gramps- you always make me smile :-). And no, I don't have enough money.

04/30/12 11:24 am

If you had enough money, would you still be working? I think I have enough. My needs are satisfied, my wants get fulfilled a bit at a time. We live frugally, mostly from what we grow & raise. Money isn't everything.

anonymous0 Nevada
04/30/12 10:01 am

and based on our influences most of us never feel like ok, ok it's enough.

anonymous0 Nevada
04/30/12 9:56 am

this is USA. we are influenced by our environment television and other media etc which mostly involves the value of being rich. ie- we ave word 'loser' in our language.

04/30/12 9:48 am

my bed is warm and my bowels move, so I'm good.

anonymous0 Nevada
04/29/12 2:18 pm

it depends on how long will I live. at death I don't care except give it to family etc. right now I need it.

04/29/12 8:54 am

I wonder how many of the 59% are confusing want and need...

uspatriot Oklahoma
04/29/12 6:04 am

If the gov would stop stealing it from me, I would!!

philmchawk Gaia Agia
04/28/12 11:39 pm

Hell nah. We don't make what we pay in a month, a lot of months. Thank science for a loving family, though I always feel like shit.

04/28/12 9:45 pm

definitely no, living paycheck to paycheck. after rent, food, medical bills, and utilities there's basically nothing left for savings. depressing :(

hexin Wisconsin
04/28/12 8:17 pm

Somehow I spend every cent I have no matter how many of them I have, so yes, I always have enough money. Unless I don't then I just sell something.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
04/28/12 9:31 am

I'm not rich, but I'm comfortable where I am in my life right now. I make enough to provide for my family. I don't drive a fancy car, live in a huge mansion, or own a jet, but I am still very happy with my current income. You've got to count your blessings, you don't have it as bad as u think.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
04/28/12 7:48 am

some really good advice in this one. I need to write some of these quotes down! there is hope

04/28/12 12:01 am

nope, FICO takes most of it

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
04/27/12 10:50 pm

Money is made to spend. When people get money, they spend it and then need more money to spend on more stuff, be it wants or needs. People would have enough money if they'd stop living beyond their means

musicfreak Loving Life
04/27/12 10:42 pm

funny how people who make 100grand don't have enough money but some people with under 50grand have enough.

04/27/12 9:54 pm

I was surprised at the results. Often I hear about ppl not having enough money, when really for most of us, if we control our spending HABITS we'd have a little less month at the end of our money.

Ajibawa La La Land
04/27/12 9:41 pm

6 months ago I would have said I have enough. Now we have too many medical bills and there isn't enough pay check to go around. Other than that I have never gone without something I "need."

chautime Illinois
04/27/12 8:40 pm

Content with what I have and am happy. Wouldn't turn down more.

nnayllek Cliffs of Insanity
04/27/12 7:56 pm

Hubby wants bright new shiny crap cause he works like a horse.
On the other hand, our kids need braces and I'm working with overTheShoulderBoulderHolders from '03.
What should my answer be?

04/27/12 5:04 pm

When you think that most people in the world survive on less than a dollar a day...yeah, then I do have enough money

04/27/12 4:11 pm

If think money is the solution, then you haven't found the problem.

04/27/12 3:03 pm

joapeanuts - bought my iPad to replace the 2001 IPhone :) not enough cash for that yet. enough to live on certanily...enough for all family ' wants' ... not in this lifetime! that's what keeps me working every day! :)' ...

KudosToYou California
04/27/12 12:55 pm

If you have an iPhone you got one when you had money or it was a gift.

04/27/12 12:34 pm

If you don't have enough money, then how the hell are you on this app? If you have an iPhone, you have enough money.

04/27/12 7:55 am

Yes- if obama doesn't kill the offshore drilling industry- if he does I'll go overseas!

faraway New York
04/27/12 6:57 am

Indeed money is about having enough to sustain your life if you work hard you should enjoy your excess money to a point buying nonsense just because you can is wasteful, donate it to provide others with what they need to sustain their lives.

04/27/12 6:49 am

Do you have enough food? Shelter? Clothes? You have "enough" money then.

04/27/12 5:40 am

in future the government is going to have to take lots more just to pay down the national debt.

2Bfree New York
04/27/12 3:51 am

I would if the government would stop stealing some.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/27/12 2:39 am

Meg scour. Lots of jobs out there. Look harder. I have two jobs. And get offers every other week. Get real.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/27/12 2:37 am

And my pot habit doesn't help either.

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
04/27/12 2:37 am

We make over 100k a year. It is barely. enough. We have three truck payments. Mortgage and a child. It gets tight. Not much going into savings.

indiareef Virginia
04/27/12 1:38 am

I have "enough". I could always use more though.....

04/27/12 1:29 am

Income filter tells it all :)

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
04/27/12 12:29 am

I'm happy with what I have. I don't want to win the lotto I want to earn my way.

Liberatheist Mustafar
04/26/12 11:42 pm

I'm my wallet? Yes

In the bank? No

Question is vague.

fendergirl Ohio
04/26/12 10:23 pm

I have no income right now (job hunt not going so well) so I have next to no money. So no.

04/26/12 9:59 pm

Maybe a bit less vague would have been to ask if you are content with your current living standard which is what most seem to answer.

snafu Washington
04/26/12 9:53 pm

Enough money to pay my car and house, buy food and pay bills but not enough to sleep peacefully at night or go on vacation to Hawaii or even Canada :(

04/26/12 9:50 pm

I'm sleeping in a bed tonight with a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Considering there are so many without that, I'd say I have more than enough.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
04/26/12 9:41 pm

Not even close. Daddy's only had a job for a few months after being unemployed for 2 years. We're still recovering from bankruptcy. Three kids, on in college, and i'll be going off to college next year. We can barely pay the bills as it is. It's a miracle we didn't lose our house and cars.

04/26/12 9:18 pm