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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/03/11 7:40 pm

And I say this with no discriminating intentions.


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/03/11 7:40 pm

@KDawg are you saying your twin is albino? I have only knowingly met one albino person, quite interesting DNA.


10/30/11 11:11 am

No, but I'm pregnant with them! :)

10/30/11 5:18 am

This sample is exactly representative of the population as a whole. Good news for accuracy! ... what dies this tell us?

10/29/11 9:55 am

Im not 1 but I kno sum twins tho...

10/28/11 5:59 am

And by the way, you probably wouldn't want to be a twin. My sisters hate being twins.

10/28/11 5:57 am

No, but I have younger siblings that are twins.

10/27/11 12:06 am

Wow, finally a poll that has the same number across the board.

10/26/11 10:32 am

Man if I had a twin ... We'd be fierce!!! Hmmm with that I'd prolly be the bad one :/ lol

10/25/11 11:48 am

Jessie: you do realize the state you live in practically invented inbreeding, right?

10/25/11 10:27 am

No, but my left nut is.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/25/11 1:00 am

@" anoymom I did the same thing. I miscarried very easily. Blessed to have three live births.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/24/11 9:26 pm

I think twins are rare amongst cousins that marry cousins. That means Southern Conservatives are less likely to have twins.

kst8r Iowa
10/24/11 9:01 pm

It would be really annoying to be an identical twin. Ppl would keep askin you which one u are. Happens all the time. It would b even worse if u dated a twin and u walked up to the other one and gave them a hug or something then u figure out they aren't who u think they are. Awks!

10/24/11 4:34 pm

@nana7 does that make you a chimera?

anonymom Virginia
10/24/11 3:58 pm

I think if you have a twin who dies you still count as a twin. :)

I conceived twins and miscarried one of them. The other is fine and healthy to this day. After this happened to me I read a lot about it and found that it's fairly common.

10/24/11 9:54 am

i have a white twin and im BLACKK!!

Adonis New York
10/24/11 6:19 am

A better question would be: Are you a naturally conceived multiple or a "scientifically created" multiple?

10/23/11 11:06 pm

I like the increase by age! Related to infertility treatments maybe?

polarized Tennessee
10/23/11 10:38 pm

increases in the percentage of twins in recent years?

10/23/11 9:34 pm


10/23/11 8:30 pm

I wish I was I hate being an only child
And if I have a younger sibling i wouldnt be able to talk to it about the things I talk about 

10/23/11 8:18 pm

I am a twin. Somehow the doctor says thou that my fetus absorbered hers/his or whatever and there for I have a chemical imbalance in my brain an will live a life on medication forever.

notthemomm Florida
10/23/11 7:41 pm

Im the daughter of a triplet tho

kandykane California
10/23/11 7:17 pm

Huh. I always assumed that twins were more common, I guess cuz I have a pair in my immediate family.

BJB1218 Georgia
10/23/11 7:05 pm

I was a twin, she was miscarried on the account of an car accident.

kitten2cat Unknown
10/23/11 6:50 pm

I know 4 sets of twins that live in my town.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/23/11 6:08 pm

Thank you my mother took DES when she was pregnant. I'm lucky to have had 3 live births. I had a double uterus.

CierraThom Maryland
10/23/11 5:55 pm

We Are Both Girls.......... I Am 2 Minutes Older. :)

10/23/11 5:44 pm

I think so too, Melissa745.

10/23/11 5:41 pm

Tops I'm so sorry to hear that honey - must be tough for you & yours...

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/23/11 5:15 pm

I miscarried my sons twin. He's always felt the loss.

10/23/11 3:38 pm

Not family I meant siblings

10/23/11 3:35 pm

I'm at least 8 years older than most of my family

10/23/11 3:29 pm

I imagine with the more common use of fertility drugs this quiz will look much different in 10 years.

10/23/11 2:57 pm

Odd that so few are twins since 2 out of 3 of my current sponsees are twins - 1 identical, 1 not. I thought twins were more common!

sarah3021 Alabama
10/23/11 2:47 pm

There are no twins in my family except my brother and I

10/23/11 1:39 pm

I am a twin to my brother Luke. We see each other all the time.

10/23/11 1:38 pm

No. I was a triplet but my brothers died shortly after birth. So I'm not actually a triplet

MdMom Maryland
10/23/11 1:23 pm

I am a twin and so is my Mom. Her grandmother had two sets of twins. In every generation of my family.

dancer3 Pennsylvania
10/23/11 12:20 pm

My best friend, my cousins, and two sophomore girls at my school are.