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Show Of Hands October 11th, 2011 12:00am

The start of the NBA season is being delayed by at least two weeks due to a dispute between the player's union and the owners. Do you care?

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jake Nevada
10/19/11 12:05 pm

Seems like blacks like the nba better and whites like the ncaa better. So no , no one really does care about nba.

10/17/11 5:31 pm

Player's union? Theres only 0ne player? Grammar, people! Players'

10/17/11 5:11 pm

Hell yes I care!!! Its the only major sports team we have here!! Don't like baseball, and can watch NFL, but Basketball is my passion!

10/17/11 8:20 am

who likes NBA anyway

10/16/11 2:34 pm

i care, because it might be delayed longer. i wanna see some basketball :(

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/16/11 10:47 am

@kells103 - That is the word that they call themselves, how is it offensive?

Have you ever heard of the NAACP?

What do you think the C stands for?

10/16/11 12:36 am

I care. I like to watch over-payed, black male majority teams run up and down the court and make shots, and feed an undying steryotype. Honestly I could care less what anyone thinks of me

10/14/11 8:30 pm

@jessie74.. "colored"???? really? do you even realize that word is considered very offensive by the black community? Do you even care?

10/14/11 5:42 pm

Asking a bunch of nerds if they care about sports is like asking a bunch of lesbians if they care about penis size.

They're both afraid of penises and real men.

Sporter80 Oklahoma
10/13/11 8:27 pm

Not really, but I still have yet to go to my first Thunder game :)

10/13/11 3:22 pm

Since jordan left, THE NBA SUX!!!

Logan1980 Texas
10/13/11 11:21 am

Yup, I agree about the race filter. Should be required info along with the other info. People are so scared of the topic and it's so cowardly.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/13/11 10:28 am

There should be a race filter.

There's a political party filter, a sex filter, a income filter and age filter..... why no race filter. I would like to see that.

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/13/11 10:08 am

90% say no. Haha.

Must not be many colored people using SoH.

America Rhode Island
10/13/11 9:26 am

YEAH C's FANS! Players should fund a league, like the Summer Leagues -- get deals w/ arenas, Tv, Ads, etc- EASY. A League Of Their Own . Ha ha . No, but, yeah.

10/13/11 6:34 am

What's the mater your limo not long enough

10/13/11 1:54 am

Uh no. Look at the calendar. It says it's FOOTBALL season.

10/13/11 12:09 am

Go Celtics! Go KG #5! oh btw @soitgoes I am a 6 feet tall female baller

Punchy Michigan
10/12/11 10:18 pm

There are no truly great players anymore, they are all whinny asses. I hope there is no season at all.

puddingsux Massachusetts
10/12/11 9:43 pm


10/12/11 9:24 pm

I care not because of basketball, but because of those businesses (food vendors, gift shops, etc.) who make so much profit in the first 2 weeks of bball at the Q. That = no money for them which = they have to fire workers which leads to other really sucky things which = yeah this sucks.

bjl Indiana
10/12/11 8:06 pm

I care because of the effect it has on others, not because I like basketball

10/12/11 7:16 pm

9%, seriously? You people suck

10/12/11 4:13 pm

I'm 6'4" I hoop three days a week. I voted no.

10/12/11 4:03 pm

wow only 9% of the nation cares..... better wake up NBA lol

trenton Tennessee
10/12/11 2:56 pm

@Soitgoes I'm 14 and 5,11 but not a fan, quite frankly I suck at b-ball

trenton Tennessee
10/12/11 2:54 pm

Not really, now if it were MLB it would be a different story.

Soitgoes Missouri
10/12/11 1:26 pm

I wonder what the average height of the 9% is. I voted yes and I'm 6'7". Of course I'm going to like basketball!

cato Santa Barbara, California
10/12/11 1:09 pm

The NBA could strike forever and couldn't care less. Football is Americas game anyway.

10/12/11 12:11 pm

This is my favorite result so far. 91% don't care about NBA. Wonder what it would look like if MLB or NHL. I know NFL would be a lot higher.

10/12/11 11:35 am

Not only do I not care, I'm ecstatic. Freaking hate the NBA

dvx1 Montreal
10/12/11 10:31 am

Wow, what a sad commentary. The NBA is almost as unpopular as Congress!

10/12/11 9:56 am

there seem to be far less NBA fans than NFL fans

10/12/11 9:54 am

No basketball season would be fine with me.....

10/12/11 9:21 am

....not a huge fan of baseball either, but I'm much more likely to watch it than basketball...I find basketball to be too "delicate" to be my kind of sport.

10/12/11 9:19 am

veritas: I have played basketball, and admittedly, I suck....this is likely the foundation of my disdain for the game. however, having played, I can comfortably say that i find football, soccer, and boxing to be more fun to watch AND participate in.

10/12/11 7:48 am

ironic how the players are demanding a huge cut of the money when this lockout results in less revenue

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
10/12/11 7:43 am

Pittsburgh doesn't have a team. Why would I?

10/12/11 7:10 am

I care about the vendors and parking attendants and other non-players that will be impacted by fans not being at games.

aam Pennsylvania
10/12/11 6:58 am

Couldn't care less about overpaid athletes, I would rather watch a high school game.

shutugal Missouri
10/12/11 6:39 am

I love when millionaires complain about their millions like they are under paid for what they do.

burnsey89 Louisiana
10/12/11 6:26 am

If I was getting paid just league minimum, I'd be happy with that.

10/12/11 5:55 am

They should just get over themselves.

10/12/11 3:31 am

That's why I hate them damn unions. They have the throw the wrench in everything.