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Is it more like you to be a member of the band or a solo performer? (UserQ)

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anonymous0 Nevada
04/29/12 1:45 pm

I grew up talented in bands in schools.. but I got irritated when some member or more would play too loud and doesnt cooperate to play as a unison as a whole, because there is a magic when the band play as a band (but of course the ones w the melody to come out.

04/28/12 3:07 pm

solo!!! I am a dancer so I can do both....I do some solos and I also do group numbers....solos win competitions most often!!!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
04/23/12 9:09 am

oh...this question was literal? I thought it was an allegory to the person's sex life...BAND, BAND, BAND!

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
04/22/12 8:07 pm

In hs, I was in choir, but I sang solo's quite a bit. I'd liked to have been lead singer in a band, tho. That would've been nice

monkeyy Ohio
04/22/12 1:07 pm

I play in a band and am don't do solos, so there you go.

GirlOnFire Ohio
04/22/12 11:57 am

In a band if u make a mistake hardly anyone notices. If you're doing a solo and you mess up it's more noticeable.

04/22/12 9:42 am

I'm a solo singer and might be on X FACTOR season 3

04/22/12 12:11 am

Solo! Audience feedback is much more rewarding than being in a group.

BadBadger Georgia
04/21/12 10:38 pm

On Saturday nights I go by Jasmine, and make more tips singing solo.

fendergirl Ohio
04/21/12 9:49 pm

Playing guitar in a band is way more fun for me than when I perform somewhere on my own, although small solo stuff can be a nice break from the stress that can come from being part of a group.

04/21/12 9:39 pm

the nature of my instrument is solo, but I often perform with others

Alison Illinois
04/21/12 7:53 pm

I have been a solo performer many times, but it's more fun to be a member of the band.

04/21/12 7:52 pm

I do more group things then solo things so group

Pre Michigan
04/21/12 6:22 pm

I'm a member of band but also do solo stuff.

chrismisen atlanta
04/21/12 4:34 pm

i wouldn't ever want to be on the stage by myself, but in most things in life, i like to be independent, mostly because i feel like others won't do things like i want them. lol.

04/21/12 3:20 pm

Solo. I've always been an independent person.

04/21/12 1:38 pm

i would play drums in a band

04/21/12 12:56 pm

I'd rather be the guitarist if I was musically inclined..they are the ones who have the attitude..and they're in the they don't have to sing..most of the time

04/21/12 12:54 pm

I hope this is a hypothetical question. If I sang, I'd scare the children and attract small animals PLUS raise the dead...

drcynic Pittsburgh, PA
04/21/12 12:19 pm

I'm a comedian which is usually better solo

hippiedude fields of green
04/21/12 11:37 am

Band. I cant ever get the exact sound I want without other people.

BadBadger Georgia
04/21/12 10:13 am

mahmann, that's sure the way I read it. Otherwise, the question assumes everyone reading it is musical. Perhaps the user who posed it could clarify.

katniss Dallas, TX
04/21/12 9:50 am

I think there is some confusion here: a solo artist is somebody who DOES have a band backing them up but is not defined by that band (like John Mayer or Taylor Swift are solo artists with a full band behind them) where a band is a group of people that backs themselves up (like the Beatles)

Happy2 California
04/21/12 9:48 am

I can only play the tambourine, not much call for soloists there :-)

04/21/12 9:38 am

Not sure if this is a metaphor or not....

cowboy Dawns Highway
04/21/12 9:32 am

I could do both. I play guitar, but I'd rather have a full band behind me backing me up with a full sound.

BadBadger Georgia
04/21/12 9:20 am

Most seem to read this question literally. As if it is asking a musical question.

katniss Dallas, TX
04/21/12 8:57 am

JOHNNY STIMSON IS A SWEET UP AND COMING SOLO MUSICIAN AND I LOVEEEEEEEEEE HIS MUSIC!!! It's not "teeny bopper" either! I've heard people my parents age and all my friends say they loveeee his music and have his merch and/or cd!

katniss Dallas, TX
04/21/12 8:56 am

I sing and play guitar and piano (among others). I think solo would be the way for me but that's just me. But while we're at it:


04/21/12 8:35 am

An earlier poll said that 25% are bosses and 75% are employees. I wonder if this has a correlation. Seems that 25%-30% of people are leaders vs followers.

Rosebud Ohio
04/21/12 8:30 am

Eg, not the most musically inclined. Although, I am in my church's sign team, where we sign to songs. I was just told I got a solo yesterday.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/21/12 8:26 am

With no discernible talent, neither would be the best choice. In rhetorical terms, I have the most respect for individual excellence and accountability, so solo is what I would aspire to.

04/21/12 8:23 am

I'm a solo singer and might be on x factor season 3 USA

04/21/12 8:17 am

A stand out in the band, but not a solo.

04/21/12 7:12 am


04/21/12 6:39 am

I'm not musical but if I were I would be solo. I prefer to work on my own. When I paint I don't like to be watched or talked to at all. I don't mind people if I'm just sketching but I need to be left alone when painting.

04/21/12 6:15 am


04/21/12 6:06 am

Ditto on BlackBenz's thoughts... I have not been part of a band, but I think in this case I would love being part of a group through the good, bad and the ugly. :0)

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
04/21/12 5:59 am

When it comes to making music and entertaining I would choose band. Typically I work best solo, but experience from being in garage bands when I was younger-- I had so much fun being in a band and collaborating together. So, band it is.

04/21/12 5:53 am

I don't play well with others. Lol.

pateach2 love my son
04/21/12 5:51 am

If we are actually talking about music I'd say band but if talking about life I'd say I like to ride solo.

04/21/12 5:31 am

Lol Barbear, I too sang in a choir and used to sing and play acoustic guitar as a solo act at bars & weddings. I chose Solo only because that was the more recent activity for me. I really enjoy both.