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Do you take offense when someone doesn't text you back within a few minutes?

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08/29/12 4:25 pm

I don't text anymore. Very damaging to my social life in the long run so I've given it up.

TheKilling New Jersey
08/28/12 9:45 pm

I don't but I have friends that do and it's annoying. It's like dude, I'm driving, I'm at work, I'm at the gym... Chill

BadWolf The Library
08/27/12 10:04 pm

It's a text. If its that important, make a phone call.

MekaNeck Kansas City
08/27/12 4:24 am

Depends on what we're talking about.

08/26/12 8:13 am

boyfriend doesnt text much so

08/25/12 10:27 pm

Really? No, it's just texting. Like others have surely mentioned, if it's important call the person.

nango13 Texas
08/25/12 1:41 am

Maybe I would if we were having a conversation, but if I had just sent them a text I would think they were napping or something.

08/24/12 10:13 pm

they get mad when i take ten years,but when THEY take ten years its like calm down
it makes me think they are thinking about the topic we r texting about but then i realize they dont give a ****

bornofashes Chicago, IL
08/24/12 4:57 pm

I dont text for this and many other reasons.

08/24/12 9:16 am

It's common etiquette

Homgrwn Lost
08/24/12 4:25 am

If I wanted a quick answer than I would just call.

thekid524 New York
08/23/12 9:15 pm

No, I'm very lazy when it comes to texting, so I don't care if someone else is too

08/23/12 4:52 pm

It would be very hypocritical of me to do that.

08/23/12 3:20 pm

Depends on the circumstance but usually no.

08/23/12 11:35 am

They're busy..but if they don't at all I get mad..I depend on someone for transportation, and if I don't hear back from them, I start going nuts..

amuseme This is for you
08/23/12 10:20 am

Within a few minutes: no
When they don't text back at all: Heck yeah!

snafu Washington
08/23/12 9:58 am

Sometimes I guess if I know my husband is within range and has his phone with him and I need something I might get pissey. Otherwise I'm a call screener and bad at returning texts myself.

08/23/12 8:18 am

When it's a really important message im waiting to receive then i get pretty annoyed but not offended.

gonzoboy Arizona
08/23/12 7:23 am

Offended: No.
Impatient: Totally!

08/23/12 6:55 am

People should understand that the people they are texting might be busy... If it is really important just call... And if you can't, then you have decent grounds for this argument

Alison Illinois
08/23/12 5:54 am

And wth dies your last sentence say? It makes absolutely no sense.

Alison Illinois
08/23/12 5:53 am

2katz, I only text people when absolutely necessary. I don't waste people's time with texts like "wyd" or "lol" or "k". If someone sends you an actual IMPORTANT text message, then you should answer it. I guess people like you think posting a pic of a sleeping cat on Facebook is a bigger priority.

08/23/12 5:46 am

No. It takes me days to respond to people sometimes (unless it's important).

08/23/12 4:46 am

Within a few minutes, no. Depending on the subject matter, I do start to get irritated when the minutes become days.

Rdub1987 South Carolina
08/23/12 4:16 am

if you answered yes, i'm glad i'm not your girlfriend.

kandykane California
08/23/12 2:52 am

No. Why would you? People have lives outside of you. I would only be offended if someone sent me an offensive message

08/23/12 2:48 am

Many cell phones now have a feature that allow you to actually talk to someone and hear their voice when communication speed is critical.

08/23/12 1:07 am

Jeez if you say yes to this question, take a chill pill and realize that people have lives outside of you.

08/23/12 1:02 am

I also hate Mott Romney

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
08/23/12 12:08 am

Only if I have been texting in a complete conversation and they randomly disappear.

08/22/12 11:25 pm

Irritated is a better word for me, esp. with my children. I only txt them when i cant call & i know they can respond but they act like the world is ending and I ignored their cries for help if I don't answer their txt right away.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
08/22/12 11:23 pm

No. I expect that the people I communicate with have a job, and/or a significant other, and/or children, and/or a social life.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/22/12 11:05 pm

Heaven help us. I hate cell phones. I don't call or text. I find it intrusive. I prefer email. Or Facebook even. No expectation to reply über fast.

uturn55 Florida
08/22/12 10:54 pm

I just wonder if the got it is all. Never offended, that is unless they answer back with. !@/'!&/" or something, then maybe. :)

08/22/12 10:49 pm

If its in the middle of a conversation, then yes. However I understand people are busy and can't always get back right away.

08/22/12 10:42 pm

The previous q about ADHD answers this . 14% carried over.

08/22/12 10:39 pm

Nope. It's called they are busy lol

08/22/12 10:37 pm

If I need an answer right away I'll call.

gonk In a psychology textbook
08/22/12 9:37 pm

Well, I'll admit that I am impatient and needy, but I wouldn't say I get offended. I get impatient, is all. But at the same time, I recognize that people have lives. So... No.

because South Dakota
08/22/12 9:21 pm

I've never texted before, so I gotta say no

08/22/12 9:18 pm

Could one of the 15% that said yes please explain why? I promise I won't try to argue with you, just curious about the other side......

blakestr San Diego
08/22/12 8:43 pm

Definitely the end of the world!