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Have you ever been hiking or climbing above 10,000 feet elevation? (UserQ)

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rugby90 Colorado
07/18/11 9:34 pm

In a sense I think it is safer then driving or walking across a street.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/17/11 5:51 pm

You are proberly right it might be safer than driving or crossing the street.

rugby90 Colorado
07/16/11 8:03 pm

Kenny, true but that's why its stupid to go hiking on your own. One of my best friends is a paramedic, who goes hiking with me. Plus I'm certified in FirstAid, it's called preparing. You take risks when you walk out your door. I'd just rather feel like I conquered something when I take my risks.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/16/11 7:21 pm

rugby90. Good for you when you drop dead up there rescue is along ways away.

sodadrinke South Dakota
07/16/11 10:47 am

These people are all lazy and fat that haven't hiked that high

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/14/11 5:53 pm

I live at 18 feet above sea level. On my walks I go yo 0 feet. we did go to Leadville CO worked did not hike.

rugby90 Colorado
07/14/11 2:48 pm

Kenny I live at over 10,100 feet and I hike the 14ers here in Colorado a lot. I'm still alive, in fact I feel better when I do hike, or climb....because I'm in the outdoors, not inside a cramped room.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/13/11 3:31 pm

@bearcat i suppose some people like to do that kind of thing,but it not safe and you risk your life doing that.I hope your life insurance man doesn't get a whiff of you climbing mtns. or iyour life ins could get cancelled

WildWeasel Texas
07/13/11 12:08 pm

@kenny12: 10,000 feet isn't that dangerous depending on the mountain, especially if you are hiking, not climbing. If you go somewhere like Alaska, I suppose cold would be a concern. So choose your mountain carefully, pack appropriately, and tell someone where you you are going, and bring a friend.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/13/11 7:11 am

Why would anyone in their right mind do such a stupid thing.they must have a death wish.

WildWeasel Texas
07/12/11 8:24 pm

Guys, I'm actually shocked. I hiked Mt. Lassen (10,500 ft. or so) at 11 (12 now). I would've thought more people would've been up 10,000 feet. By the way, it is Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park in California.

veritas1 Panda
07/11/11 11:52 am

I once "hiked" from my seat to the bathroom on a plane at 45,000'. So ya I have!

Jut347 Georgia
07/10/11 10:39 pm

I'm not sure I don't think so...

Jut347 Georgia
07/10/11 10:39 pm

Em414 it means 10000 ft above sea level. You could be on a flat plain and say yes.

em414 Pennsylvania
07/10/11 10:25 pm

I'm scared of heights. I wouldn't be able to move if I was that high up. O_o

07/10/11 6:59 pm

Mount McKinley in alaska woot

07/09/11 7:01 am


Wish Colorado bordered Virginia!

07/09/11 6:39 am

My backyard! Love it!

rugby90 Colorado
07/09/11 5:21 am

Gotta love the map with this question. I have a cabin in Leadville, Colorado which is above 10,000 ft.

07/08/11 9:05 pm

Laughed when I saw the map!

07/08/11 6:36 pm

Does running count? If it does then yup

07/08/11 6:10 pm

the map made me laugh out loud

07/08/11 4:30 pm

U can tell where th U.S. Is over 10,000ft lol

07/08/11 3:13 pm

Live in Wyoming. If you haven't hiked that high here or in the rockies (love the map) you really haven't lived here. Or visited honestly. YELLOWSTONE DOESN'T COUNT!

SirRevan Tennessee
07/08/11 12:27 pm

Lol everyone in the Rocky Mountain states said yes :)

07/08/11 11:16 am

This makes me miss MT and CO. Used to live there... Now have to stick to NC mtns. Beautiful, but not majestic. :)

07/08/11 10:24 am

I hike pretty high up but never 10,000 feet.

07/08/11 9:13 am

I love our mountains! Not so hard to get to 10,000 feet when home is a "Mile High".....people at sea level think they have it good! Lol

Piper? Texas
07/08/11 9:10 am

It follows the Rocky Mountains! lol

Yes when we went to Yellowstone a few years ago. We hiked all over the place. Stayed in Gardiener Wyoming... Not sure of the town name is spelled right. I think it had a "I" in it though...

07/08/11 4:53 am

I will be in about a week lol then I'll change my answer

07/08/11 4:40 am

The mountains I live by are just shy of 10k feet and I hike to the top of them all the time.

07/07/11 11:46 pm

Have you ever been "hiking," or...climber a mountain. Lol. How random.

07/07/11 11:38 pm

Winter is awesome. I love skinning up.

07/07/11 11:31 pm

The air is clean and thin that high. I love high elevations. I have a handheld altimeter.

striker59 Colorado
07/07/11 11:10 pm

I live close to 10 thousand feet I just gotta climb a few mountains to get there!

07/07/11 10:48 pm

Hell I've played basketball above 10,000! That should count for something ha

xtina Boston
07/07/11 10:42 pm

Chimney Rock in Colorado felt that tall but turns out it's only around 7600 feet.

07/07/11 10:05 pm

I don't no if the mountains in Tennessee count. hard to know. I don't keep track of sea level, unlike the average person....

Liebel michigan
07/07/11 10:05 pm

Hiking in the Alps, what a trip!