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The average person receiving Food Stamps gets $5/day for groceries. How much do you spend on food per day?

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12/11/12 9:14 pm

And that's not counting the other 41% that report an earned income. The government is considering getting rid of the dollar bill in order to save 5 billion over THIRTY years... You think the 4 billion + a year going towards food stamps is nothing?

12/11/12 6:50 pm

Correction, *4* billion dollars a month. Typo...

12/11/12 6:49 pm

So take that times the $5 a day and you get a little over 141 million. A day. Yep, what's 141 million dollars a day? Take that times 30. Let's be fun and see what the government is paying out per month. You're at over 42 billion dollars a month. Right. Pocket change. No worries...

12/11/12 6:46 pm

Did you take math in high school? Or grade school for that matter? There are roughly 48 million people receiving food stamps. Since you're all hopped up on how many people work and receive SNAP at the same time, we'll take out the 41% who report an earned income. That leaves roughly 28, 320,000...

12/11/12 6:25 pm

Lmao, I'm "claiming" the food they feed their children with? What the hell does that even mean? Are you under the assumption that they don't use my tax dollars? What a moron. Go back to school, sweetie.

12/11/12 6:22 pm

How do they pay taxes? I'd really love to know this. And please don't spew your completely incorrect assumption that most recipient work... It's 41%. Deal with it.

12/11/12 6:15 pm

That's $5 per...a family of 5 have $750 a month. That goes a long way.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/11/12 6:26 am

It's supplemental nutrition assistance program. Not starve yourself to death program. $150 is NOTHING to the government. I'm not saying everyone apply now, but don't demonize those that do. Those that have families. Those that want to be able to eat a full meal for once.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/11/12 6:23 am

You seem more entitled than a food stamp person is. Always nice to know you're claiming the food they feed their children with. Dickhead. They pay taxes too.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/11/12 6:21 am

Damn those leeches taking $5 a day from the government.

Oh hey wall st guy getting millions dollars bonus paid for by us personally. Enjoy your hard fought tax cut!

12/10/12 1:11 am

Let me get this straight, $5 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You people still complain about people getting food stamps?! That's not a lot money. Can we turn our attention to oil subsidies and stop moaning about how dare we give poor food stamps. Jesus Christ... Look him up then try complaining.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
12/09/12 11:41 am

I spend a bunch more - but then again I earn all of my money.

monkeyballs Cuba City
12/08/12 11:17 pm

Yup it's official food stamps are so fucking sweet

12/08/12 7:50 pm

I spend as much as I want because I'm not leeching off the government!

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
12/08/12 5:11 am

If that was my sister and she called me I'd tell her get off the phone and work. And any kids over 16 in the house need to work too. That's a crazy amount when I know people with the same amount of kids and only get like $200 a month but they also hold a job too. And don't eat 3 meals a day.

12/08/12 3:03 am

I thought I'd try to see how much food I'd have to consume to reach the figure they gave above. (high estimates)
1gal milk=$5
1lbs bacon= $6
Two boxes of Corn pops=$7
See where I'm going here? Gov food programs should be basic staples and that's it. Don't remove the stigma, that's motivation.

12/08/12 2:57 am

I understand that, but there's a difference between expensive and $40 a meal expensive.
Some people have no grasp on how much or how little a meal, per person actually costs.

uglyfemme Colorado Springs
12/07/12 11:51 pm

I eat clean every day. It definitely costs me more than $5 a day.

12/07/12 10:06 pm

If they have the flexibility to feed themselves with money they "make up from elsewhere" then they shouldn't be on food stamps. I should not be paying for the food on the table of a lobster dinner host...

indygirl Oregon
12/07/12 8:54 pm

Independent contractor with literally feast or famine months? I'm in awe of your ability. As a kid, we had extended times when it was just rice and beans. To this day, I can barely tolerate beans. I feel for you.

indygirl Oregon
12/07/12 8:46 pm

All the groceries in Hawaii are expensive. Milk and bread are just examples. It's very difficult to eat cheaply there.

12/07/12 5:59 pm

Seriously!? You drink a gallon of milk a day?
What was your breakfast this morning, lunch today and what will your dinner be? We'll figure this out together.

12/07/12 5:32 pm

People get exactly what they work for. Worker and employer agree on terms of employment. What does that have to do with me? People can't afford insurance? We have Obamacare now, what's the next excuse?

flyberg Northern Kentucky
12/07/12 4:43 pm

Cue "but omg I saw someone get a lobster with food stamps once!" Guess what? They're now out that food money that month that they have to make up from elsewhere. Hospitality can be a strong moral value that people will sacrifice for.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/07/12 4:34 pm

If I eat at home every meal? Probably around $5. More if I eat out.

12/07/12 4:06 pm

So, being aware of one's food budget and knowing what one can and cannot afford to do is a stupid comment? Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black...

12/07/12 4:03 pm

41% is less than half... Nowhere even CLOSE to "almost everybody"...

12/07/12 4:02 pm

Bchstusa... You can't be more incorrect. You're arguing based on your feelings. You said, "that's why almost everybody on food stamps has a job...". The most recent study done that I could find showed that the USDA reports only 41% of households receiving SNAP benefits reported an earned income.

12/07/12 3:10 pm

I think some people are getting confused here... It says the average person (not family, not household) gets $5 a day in food stamps. So when you're comparing your family's budget, it would be $150 per person per month, on average.

12/07/12 3:06 pm

$5 per person per day... So $25 a day or $750 a month...

12/07/12 3:03 pm

Why do you say incorrect? If you have a disagreement with what peterseb said, then say it. Just saying incorrect is pointless. Mostly because what they said is accurate. It is an average of $5 a day per person, not per household or per family.

xoticdiva Hawaii
12/07/12 1:14 pm

I'm a resident of Hawaii where milk costs $5 a gal on sale and cheap bread is $3 a loaf. I spend way more then $5 a day. Approx 40-60 per meal.

truth1 Florida
12/07/12 12:42 pm

Quite possibly the most misleading and dishonest question I've ever seen on here...

12/07/12 9:28 am

The Senate Budget Committee, in a report dated yesterday (6 Dec 12) says we are spending $168 per day per household on welfare.

12/07/12 9:19 am

I was shocked no one had made a pointless comment relating to and disrespecting another political party.
I stand corrrected.

12/07/12 6:09 am

I spend far more than $5 a day on groceries but I spend MY money

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/07/12 5:48 am

Good point, that's why they decrease with a worker's increase in salary. However, benefits decrease and people can't cover what's left with their own money. It's a hole.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/07/12 5:44 am now people on food stamps, that can't afford basic necessities aren't in real need and don't deserve YOUR hard earned money. Guess what dipshit, they'd rather use THEIR hard earned money, it just doesn't add up to enough. Fuck off.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/07/12 5:42 am

...profits, their workers can't buy health insurance, food, life insurance, dental

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/07/12 5:41 am

Okay, I'll try and contain my anger here, but stop being so ignorant. People should get what they work for.... That's why almost everybody on food stamps has a job and STILL can't afford food for their families. They are definitely not getting what they work for. While businesses make record...

12/07/12 5:37 am

False argument. Food stamps supplement income. It is not the only choice. The poor in America would be rich in other countries.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
12/06/12 11:00 pm

My sister gets $1200...wait I'm sorry $1197/month of foodstamps. She has 7 kids but two of them are over 18. Each month around the 20th she's calling asking for money for food.

12/06/12 10:41 pm

Well u can obviously afford a smart phone because u r using this app

peterseb Idaho
12/06/12 10:15 pm

Poorly written question. I am sure it is $5/day per person. A family of 4 would get $600/month. I feed my family of 6 for less than $500/month and I feel like we eat well and I do not think of myself as poor.

equery Wisconsin
12/06/12 9:59 pm

We spend about $400 a month for two people - groceries from the local co-op, free-range, organic, local, etc.

equery Wisconsin
12/06/12 9:54 pm

The bigger the family the higher the food stamp budget. That person with two carts filled with food might have a family of 9..